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How Is The Scorpio Man And Leo Woman In Love?

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Can The Scorpio Man and Leo Woman Be In Love?

The Scorpio man is born between October 23rd and November 21st.  He is recognized by the picture of the scorpion.  He is known to be a “stinger” when it comes to crossing him.  Most zodiac signs know that you don’t cross a Scorpio zodiac sign.

If you do cross a scorpio man, you may experience a counterattack that you never saw coming.

In love, Scorpion tends to be strong willed.  He knows what he wants.  Scorpio is a hard worker that doesn’t like to be controlled, dominated over or told what to do.

Leo woman is born between July 23rd and August 22nd. She is a strong woman as well.  A Leo woman is represented by the lion.  Often, she is referred to as “Leo the lion”.  She is also a strong and hard worker. The Libra woman goes after what she wants.

A Leo woman knows how to keep a Scorpio man happy because they have similar traits in many regards.  Since they both have rather stronger personalities, they tend to both want to be in control.  In order to make the relationship work, one must be slightly more passive than the other.  Usually, the Leo woman will be more passive in order to let her man take charge.

However, many Scorpio men today are more passive and tend to let the Leo woman take charge.  It’s important to find out early in the relationship who will be the boss most of the time.

If not talked about, the Scorpio man and Leo woman will more than likely clash on a regular basis.  Their fights will not be calm by any means.  When a Scorpio man and Leo woman argue, they tend to fight like “cats and dogs”.

Are Scorpio Male And Leo Female Twin Flames?

It is true that the love connection between the Scorpio man and Leo woman are a twin flame connection.  Some may even call them soulmates.  You will not find a better couple than these two because they want to give love and get it back in return.

If the Scorpio man thinks that he can get away with not telling the Leo woman the whole truth in what he feels, he is sadly mistaken.  The Leo woman is often tapped into the personality of her Scorpio man before he even realizes it.  She is often checking his cell phone for texts that may be coming from another woman.

If the Scorpio man gets caught lying to his Leo lover, he may find that she is willing to end the relationship or give him a piece of her mind like he has never gotten before.

The Leo woman always demands loyalty and respect.  Otherwise, you will see the lioness coming out of her.  She doesn’t like friends that are flirtatious around her man either.

How Is The Scorpio Man And Leo Woman In Love?

If she senses a friend of hers flirting with her guy, she is more than likely to tell the other woman to hit the road.  When it comes to love, she tends to choose her lover over her friendships.

“Are Scorpio Men Sociable With Friends and Family?”

Scorpio men tend to be more sociable with friends and family.  They tend to like their alone time with the people that are most important to them in their life.

The Leo woman may find that he is often spending more time with them than he is with her. The main reason for this is because he doesn’t trust you entirely.

Once a Scorpio man gets burned by another woman, he is often on his guard for life.  He usually does not let a woman close enough to his heart in order to have it become broken again.

Scorpios know what its like to go through pain and suffering after getting cheated on or lied to.  Unfortunately, many of the other zodiac signs are not as loyal to Scorpio as he would like them to be.

It is important to continuously tell him that you are not going to be like those other women that have broken his heart in the past.  In fact, Scorpio needs to be reminded of this by giving him greeting cards for birthdays, holidays and occasions that tell him what your true intentions are.

The good news is that most Scorpio men are not mama boys.  They are often to strong willed to listen to what their mother has to say all the time to them about what kind of women he should be seeing.

You will often find that his mother respects his decisions but may feel bad for you because she knows how tough her son can be in relationships.  Mama is not blinded by the fact that he is strong willed and doesn’t play games with love.

Are Scorpio Men True To Their Words?

He is true to his words and needs to have a strong and committed women. At times, she will have a sit-down talk with you and hear your complaints about how things are going between you and her son.

Do not expect her to take your side verbally even though she knows where you are coming from. She knows better than to cross her own Scorpio son.  He can go for weeks without wanting to talk to anyone that crosses him.  Scorpio men can be stubborn and into ignoring games if you piss him off enough.

The Leo woman should keep in mind that Scorpio men like to talk about their day at work.  You may have to listen to his boring work stories throughout the day before you get to talking about what interests you.  Keep in mind that talking to him may seem repetitive at times.


He often doesn’t like to keep the conversation passive.  If Scorpio is having a rough day with someone at work, he will tell you about it.  Some women say that the Scorpio man has no real filter as to saying what is on his mind. He tends to let his emotions lead the way without having to worry about the consequences.

Scorpio tends to make his Leo woman feel like she can talk to him about anything as well.  He is very psychic and intuitive. He can usually read people well and know what they want.

Do Scorpio Men Cheat?

Many Scorpio men are known to cheat.  They often go after what they want and find ways to get it.  You can show him who’s boss by laying down the rules at the beginning of the relationship.

The Leo woman needs to make it clear what her intentions are and how often she wants to speak with him.  If you need to speak to him more than once a day, its best to make your desires clear from the start.

If you are not as needy, you may be okay with seeing or hearing from him only a few times a week.  If your Scorpio man doesn’t want to get a text message from you throughout the day, he will make it known by not answering you or simply saying that he is to busy to talk.

When he says that, its best to leave him alone.  Try not to force anything in your relationship.  Make sure that you know what you are talking about before telling him how you feel.

Never assume anything with a Scorpio. If you are wrong, he will let you know it loud and clear. He will also tell you after every argument about what you did in the past.  You may find that you do the same thing to him.  Even though its hard, try leaving the past behind you.  If he screwed up, don’t keep on reminding him. It will only infuriate him and not make him want to connect with you often.

When a Scorpio man is being unfaithful, you will often sense a woman around him.  He may not say what is on his mind and the Leo woman will often feel that something is wrong.  You will probably feel that he is involved with another woman.

However, don’t say anything just yet. Instead, learn how to spy on him without getting caught. See what your man is up to before making any quick assumptions.

Should You Backup What You Say to a Scorpio?

Scorpio men want to know that you have proof.  If you are right, he will surprise you with a gift of flowers.  If you are wrong, expect him to start raising his voice to you in frustration.  The easiest way to end a relationship with a Scorpio man is to accuse him of something that he is not doing.


A Leo woman needs to understand that her friends will always have something to say about her man.  Yes, Scorpio men are strong willed and don’t mess around. Your friends may want more of a passive man.

Most other zodiac signs cannot tolerate a Scorpio man because he may be to “manly” for her.  However, Leo women often want to feel like her guy is protecting her and giving her the security that she needs in life.

A Leo woman often wants to feel like her man is the head of the relationship even though she wants to show her power as well.

Scorpio men make great fathers.  They are great financial providers for their families and often stay at home on their days of to spend time with them.  He is often the first person to say, “lets have a family night out at the movies or go out for dinner together.”

What You Should Know About a Scorpio Man and a Leo Woman…

The Scorpio man needs to know that the Leo woman is not to be played with either.  The Leo woman needs to be pampered as though she was the queen of England.  She expects you to remember her birthday and important events and holidays.

Your mind should be more like a computer.  If you can’t remember important dates, write them down.  The Leo woman will get extremely hurt and angry if you forget an important date such as a birthday.  You can expect her to remind you if you forget something important.

The Leo woman is no fool. She knows that she must be an independent woman today that knows how to take care of herself.  She knows that a man may not be there forever, and she is often an educated woman.  She is a woman that may have gone through college or trade school to obtain a skill that makes her good money.

You may find that when you are speaking to her, she can see right through you.  She may be trying to give you a psychic reading without you even knowing it.  She is a strong and sensual woman.

Do Leo Woman Like to Feel Important?

The Leo woman knows that she wants to spend her time with a man that makes her feel important. It’s important to not bring up your ex-girlfriends to her.

Make sure that you don’t start comparing her to your ex.  Even if you think that she has similar traits to your ex, you may find that the lioness inside of her starts to come out a lot stronger.

Make sure that you see her as an individual and not a someone that you have met before. Remember, no two people are ever completely alike.

The Leo woman often wants marriage, commitment and children.  As I said before, not every Leo woman is the same. However, most Leo women demand this.

They don’t want to date you for five years before an engagement happens (unless you are in high school). She expects you to have your stuff together before she comes into your life. She doesn’t want to hear that you are just trying to save money to have a wedding someday.

Believe it or not, she wouldn’t mind helping pay for the wedding or getting her folks to help pay for some of it as well. Remember, she is a strong and often powerful women.

She knows how to put her resources together.  She just wants to know that you would like to spend your life with her. The minute that she knows that you are real, she will become more submissive to you and let you have more control.

Leo Woman Don’t Want You to Always Be the Boss

Remember, you will never be the boss completely, but she will let you in a little bit more knowing that you are willing to give her a lifelong commitment.  With a Leo woman, actions speak louder than words.  If you are playing with her, she is going to bust you sooner or later.  Remember to tell her what is really on your mind.

The Scorpio Man will find the Leo woman to be very sensitive to his needs. You will need to find it inside of your heart to get to the next level emotionally with her as well.

Leo women tend to feel like the world is often working against her. However, her strong will often keeps her alive and well. She is often trying to understand people.

A Leo woman is often someone that knows what she is up against and wants to be able to figure out ways to become a lot more understanding to those around her as well.  It looks like her mindset is to create change for the better.

Do All Leo Women Think Alike?

It is important to know that not all Leo women are the same.  Most are strong natured, but there is a flip side to a Leo.  When she is feeling more trust towards you, she has the tendency to allow you to come into her heart to see a lot more.

There tends to be a mindset inside of her that says she wants to be able to be a lot more giving of herself.  She tends to want to go after what belongs to her.  No matter what, she will find it inside of herself to give you both her time and love.

With time, the Leo woman will be able to have a slow and steady progress with her love life. She will want to show you that there is a lot more going on inside of her than what may appear on the outside.

If you think that you have strong will as a Scorpio, be sure to find out how loving her sides are as well.  If you are someone that thinks that you can figure her out, you may have another thing coming.  You may in fact have to see on your own what you can do in order to find your own path.

Are Leo Women Spiritual?

Leo women tend to be highly spiritual.  She is often practicing a major religion such as Christianity, Buddhism or another well known faith.  She is known to have strong business skills. Leo women often take on jobs as managers or leaders in different industries.

She doesn’t like to feel that she is not chosen for a job when she applies for one.  A Leo woman often believes that she will get the job that she sets her mind out to do.  It’s her hope to be able to land what she sets her mind to.  It goes the same for her in love.

In her mind, she has already envisioned what her wedding is going to be like.  She may also have a planned honeymoon going on inside of her as well.  It’s important to see that she has enough going on inside of her to become something different.

You should know that a Leo woman needs her alone time as well.  She may need to take a day out with the girls.  You should allow her to have her own free time and space as needed. This helps her to relax and to find deeper meaning inside of her love life with you.

Leo women want to know your heart and therefore giving her a love letter is the best way to show her what you are feeling.  I know, Scorpio men are not so “touchy feely” with their emotions.

However, you need to dig a bit deeper if you want to impress your Leo lover.  You need to ask yourself what is important in your life and in hers. Once she begins seeing your true heart from what you write to her, she will become a lot more affectionate with you.

Leo women believe that they can get into the minds of her family and friends. She often thinks that she can figure you out to. Encourage her when she is onto something that you are feeling.  If you often give her a smile when you want to show her a frown, encourage her when she says that you are sad.  Leo women can often see right through the person that they are loving.

Do Leo Women Love Their Baths?

Leo women tend to take warm baths when they have time.  This allows her to feel calm, relaxed and ready to forget all her troubles.  Getting her into the bathtub with you will allow a romantic gesture on your part. Allow her to see that she doesn’t have to do much to impress you.  In fact, its best to let her see how much you are going to give to her through these romantic encounters.

Leo women are also into perfumes that are popular.  You may find that buying her the newest Mariah Carey perfume or Versace perfume is what she is craving. It will often be the best $50.00 to $100.00 that you will ever spend.  Sometimes you must think using your romantic side first.

As you get closer to the Leo woman, she will want to see how much you know about her.  She will often ask you questions on a regular basis that are repeated.  She may ask you if you love her several times a week. Another question that she may have is if you ever see yourself getting married to her.  She will ask you many questions and hope that you can give her answers.  In time, you will come to see that she wants to get reassurance from you.

The dating world is tough these days.  You have both met your perfect match in one another. It’s best to put everything else behind you and focus in on what matters the most.

Forget about all your exes that have hurt you from the past. The Leo and Scorpio connection are a good love match. If you are curious about learning more from your zodiac sign, I encourage you to read astrology books by Linda Goodman.

She was a well-known astrologer in the 20th century. She wrote best selling astrology books.  She is one of the best astrologers of all time.  One of my favorite books that she wrote is entitled, “Love Signs.”  Now that you have learned more about one another, we encourage you to find a way to make your relationship better.

 Does A Scorpio Man and Leo Woman Have a Crush On One Another?

If you are in a state of mind in which you are not in love, but rather have a crush, then it will evolve rather quickly for the two of you.  Scorpio men like to feel wanted.  They often want to know how you feel for them.  If the Leo woman gets “flirty” with him, he is going to know. He is going to feel that you have something to offer him on a much larger scale.

Give him a wink or a smile to let him know that you are crushing on him. If he returns the same, you will know that he is eyeing you.  Some Scorpio men are more outgoing with asking you out on a date. However, there are still some shy Scorpio men floating around.

If you are the Scorpio man that has a crush on the Leo woman, its okay to tell her how you feel.  Leo woman are often blunt when it comes to letting you know if she is attracted to you as well.  Out of the 12 zodiac signs, you have a good chance of winning in love.  Few people know that this relationship is winning.  Take your time with hanging out with one another. You will soon find that when the both of you are hanging out, you have tons to talk about.

If you find that he is being stubborn about asking you out on a date, you may as well go ahead and do the initial breakthrough.  The longer that the two of you wait to go on a date, the scarier it becomes.

Do Leo Male Scorpios And Females Have Demanding Personality Traits?

Leo males often want something to happen right now. If they don’t get their way, they may try to enforce it.  They often want to have control over situations and do what they feel is right.  In the long run, they both want to feel that they can accomplish what they are set out to do.

Scorpio females have the tendency to be controlling if she is not getting what she wants. At times, she may try to force her Leo man to do what she wants.  This can be a deal breaker in the relationship.  Leos and Scorpios often have strong personalities.  They both like to have their ways and tend to fight for what they want.

Are Scorpio Male And Leo Females Cheaters?

Both Scorpio males and Leo females tend to not cheat.  They often enjoy investing their time and energy into someone that is going to be their future soulmate.

If they have a crush on someone outside of their relationship, they often exercise good self-control. They often want to let everyone else around them know where they stand.  They are often the first to say that they get tempted, but don’t act out on their temptations.

At some point in their dating history, both the Scorpio and Leo have had their hearts broken due to someone cheating on them. Unfortunately, its something that they have had to live with.

The universe has brought these two zodiac signs together so that they don’t have to worry so much about their heart being broken again.  This time around, you will have faith in your relationship.

What Is The Leo Man And Scorpio Woman Initial Attraction?

Leo men are into beautiful features on a woman. He is often attracted to slender women that tend to work out and build an attractive body. At times he can be rather superficial.  The Scorpio women often likes to see her man having six pack abs or at least a well worked out body.  If they don’t find one another physically attractive, it can be a deal breaker.

The Leo man often wants to see is Leo woman looking at him with passion.  He likes to feel that she is always attracted to him and doesn’t find anyone else as appealing.  This is not always easy for the Scorpio woman to show. She sometimes likes to hold back how she feels. Her words are often shown out of action.

The best ways that a Leo man shows you that he has an attraction for you is by his smile.  His smile is often bright and large. If he finds you to be appealing, he begins to show you what’s inside of his heart.  The love that he has for you is unique and powerful.

How Is Leo Woman And Scorpio Man in Bed?

These two zodiac signs often move to quickly in the bedroom. When a Leo woman wants “it”, she will often rub her Scorpio man on the leg or whisper something into his ear. He will often jump to it and give her the passion that he desires for her.  It is not uncommon for these two to jump into bed with one another when they get home from work.  When the lights are off, these two will often be passionate with one another.

Leo women and Scorpio men enjoy cuddling the next morning. Therefore, on their days off; they tend to find that snuggling is something that you do for a couple of hours before you get up.  It’s probably one of the best traits that the two of you have with each other.

How Is The Leo Woman Dating Scorpio Man?

If you are at the stage of dating, know that your connection is high and so that Scorpio man will often want to take dating rather quickly.  He is trying to decide on where the relationship is going to be headed later down the road.

Since the moon is the fastest moving planet, we see Scorpio moving fast.  Scorpios are known for aligning themselves with the planet of love Venus.  If Scorpio doesn’t feel love at first sight feelings for you, he can be a bit fickle. This is often because he has either just gotten out of a relationship with someone else or because he doesn’t know if you are good enough for him.

Scorpio men will often date many different women in order to find out who is the perfect match for him. He is someone that doesn’t like to waste time.  If he seems a bit fickle to you, then its not a surprise.

Leo women hold onto past exes at times. If she was dating someone that hurt her, she will often not talk about it.  She often holds her secret love affairs of the past inside of her heart.  In order to make her talk about how she feels, its best to tell her that you know something is on her mind.

Leo women tend to love hard. They don’t expect a breakup to happen. She often wonders why a guy would choose another woman over her. It can be devastating for her to feel like she is second best.  It’s important for the Scorpio man to reassure her that she is not second best and worthy of his time.

How Is Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Politics?

The Leo man and Scorpio woman are compatible with politics.  They often have similar beliefs with the environment, abortion, religious rights and work equality.  They are not known for fighting about who is going to win the next election.  You will find that the two of you talk openly about topics that most people argue about.

It often stimulates the Leo man to hear what you have to say about important topics.  He will often tell you who the next President of the United States should be or who he thinks should be thrown out of office.

Scorpio women often have no problem bringing up these kinds of topics because it intrigues her.  It makes her feel that she can be in good fellowship.

These two zodiac signs are known for standing up for one another. If you are having an argument with one of them, be sure that the other will stand up for them.  They will want to show you that they want things to happen at the right moment in time.

A List of Leo Woman and Scorpio Man in Love Basic Things to Remember

  • Always make time for one another even if work is busy.

Always say positive things about your partner to your family and friends.

Don’t let others say anything negative about the person that you love. It will come back to haunt you later.

Know that when a relationship problem arises, you must deal with it quickly. Don’t let problems linger.

Tell one another where you believe the relationship is headed.  You should always agree.

Read books together.  You will both find that you have peace in the home when reading together.

Don’t talk about past relationships.  They have nothing to do with your present relationship.

Learn to let go of small fights.  They are often meaningless and lead to no resolution in the end.

When working, don’t text. Instead, talk only when you have free time at work or on your days off.

Keeping one another up to date on your daily affairs will often cause the relationship to have more fun. In this way, neither one of you feels brushed aside. You will both feel like something amazing is happening in your relationship.  It’s always best to talk about what you know and what can happen with you along the way.

When you think that things in the relationship can’t get any worse, think and know that it’s going to improve. Its rare that a Leo woman and Scorpio man stay angry forever. Often, the two make up in just a few hours.

The two of you need quality time together.  When you are with one another, you both need to have time to talk and have love.  You both need to figure out what the future is going to have in store for you. Over time, you will begin to sense that you can have a much happier time with learning more about who you are as a person.

It’s important to not be bossy with one another.  If you feel like you are resulting to controlling behaviors, you are going to have to stop it or else your relationship will be headed for trouble.

You both have the power to express what you feel and to say what is on your mind. You will always have this kind of inner knowing that the universe sent the two of you close together in order to get to know one another.  You may find that your inner peace and feelings of love do work because of what you have both put into the relationship.

Taking walks throughout the day helps you to clear your mind. It’s important for you to say that you want to experience something new for a change.  Often, the mind is not as open to receiving what we want. We often must look for answers from within.

When we do this, we begin to stay focused on something that makes complete and total sense to us.  Always stay focused on the fact that you may not know everything that is put in front of you. Sometimes you must be your own detective when figuring out problems within the relationship.

Leo male and Scorpio female compatibility work similar as you can see.  Now that you have a rough idea of what makes your relationship work, you can now choose if you believe that your love relationship is worth hanging onto. In my opinion, the relationship is worth it if the two of you believe that you are having a purpose for the future.

As you grow in life, you will be able to see that you have a great way of looking at the world. You can often teach other zodiac signs on how to be faithfully and committed as the two of you are.  You are both leaders when it comes to love and relationship.

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