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Urban Safety Solutions Security Tips for Women

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According to research carried out by UN Women and WHO, approximately 40% of women worldwide have faced overt violence. Women aged 15-49 are particularly vulnerable to violence, especially from men.

Worse still, many of these violent instances are carried out by family and friends. Moreover, a significant part of violence against women cases happen in public places. These statistics point to the grim reality of women’s security.

One of the recommended ways to be safe at all times is to invest in personal security devices for women. These security devices can help you get out of an attack, whether in a private or public place. Since men are generally faster and stronger, you may not always have the time to escape or the tools to defend yourself. Fortunately, with Urban Safety Solutions security tips  for women, you can gain the upper hand.

In most cases, the difference between surviving an attack and becoming a victim is the reaction time. Within a few moments, you can turn the tables on your attacker and give yourself precious time to formulate your next move. Black owned self-defense kits have become rather popular today and have saved countless lives from violent attacks.

The most unfortunate bit about female violence is most attackers don’t plan on leaving any evidence. As a result, they are likely to attack you when you’re either alone or vulnerable. Additionally, most criminals will go to the extent of killing their victims just to wipe any evidence of their wrongdoing.

Because of this, if you’re ever in an altercation and feel unsafe, you should start working out your top options of avoiding an attack. There are multiple occasions where a woman leaves a potentially volatile situation, only to be followed and attacked. In such a scenario, having your own black owned self-defense kit can come in handy. Every female should at least possess their own personal safety devices for urban women because an attack can happen at any time or place.

Understating your strengths is a great way to prepare for any attack. If you have your black owned self-defense kit, it’s easier to get out of the most quarrelsome situation. For instance, it’s generally easier to draw attention to yourself, which will drive the perpetrator away on most occasions. Having realized this, most criminals will attack you when there’s no one in sight. You might be walking home from the club, leaving school, or even living alone. All these are ideal situations when a criminal can isolate and target you.

So, if you’re going to invest in personal safety products for women, it’s only appropriate to approach the decision wholesomely. For example, while you can be prepared for an assault when you’re alone walking on the road, you should also consider other situations. For example, what can you do to protect yourself if a burglar breaks into your college apartment and your pepper spray is in your bag? Getting to the pepper spray on time may not be the most realistic solution. With a wholesome approach, however, you can protect yourself at all times. In this instance, you can also get a door stop alarm to stop the burglar from breaking into your house in the first place.

When you have complete personal safety products for females, you know you’re better prepared for any scenario. So, even when the perpetrator does manage to isolate you, you’re well aware of your next move. In several instances, even brandishing Urban Safety Solutions spike stun gun can scare away the perpetrator. Get your complete personal safety products for girls from and increase your self-defense tools and strategy. Most self-defense devices from UrbanSafetySolutions self defense kit and products are easy to conceal, and you can walk around with them almost anywhere. This way, you can be safe round the clock.

Are you considering getting the ultimate Urban Safety Solutions but don’t know where to start? has you sorted. You can now choose from an expansive array of protection devices suited just for you.

Aspects that determine the best self-protection devices for you


As mentioned above, UrbanSafetySolutions boasts great variety when it comes to self-protection kits. However, knowing where to start and what to go for can be a bit difficult and overwhelming. outlines specific features that should help you decide on what ideally suits you.

Some of the top factors you should consider when buying an Urban Safety Solutions kit or device include;

1. Ease of use and female-friendliness of the product


While modern self-protection devices have been around for a while now, most women found them hard to use and impractical in practical situations. One of the biggest hindrances is a majority of these products were made for men.

A great example is the Taser gun. While you’ve likely seen them around for several decades, most women complained they were difficult to use. Yes, a Taser gun is a simple gadget for many, but once you start considering the size, you’ll soon realize why most women found them impractical.

For starters, these traditional Taser guns are really hard to conceal. Since they are large and bulky, you’ll alert the perpetrator where the device is. If they can easily reach it, they’ll likely use the gadget against you. Moreover, their large size made it impossible for most women to wrap their hands around them, and even removing them from the bag could prove tricky.

Fortunately, modern Taser guns, such as those found at, are easy to conceal and fit well within the palm. You can easily conceal Taser guns from UrbanSafetySolutions, and when you choose to use them, you can reach in your bag or pocket without the criminal noticing.

So, before you choose your ideal self-defense weapon from, check whether you can easily use the device. Moreover, you have a range of options in different sizes and colors, making them easy to conceal and use with little-to-no effort.

2. Legal restrictions and public use


The other major problem with self-defense kits is they may not be permitted everywhere. The very essence of having a self-protection device is you can use it whenever you wish.

To illustrate better, you can consider the case of a firearm. Yes, firearms are practical as they will most likely neutralize the situation and give you time to work out your strategy. However, carrying a firearm is not permitted in many places, including most campuses. So, while they can be efficient criminal deterrents, you may not be allowed to have them with you at all times.

To remedy this, you can get a strong pepper spray at A pepper spray can is not only effective, but you can carry it with you in your bag or pocket. And when the situation calls for it, you can easily remove and use it without causing suspicion. And since pepper sprays from are hot and can debilitate the attack for up to an hour, you’ll have enough time to either get away or go and get help.

When it comes to the subject of self-defense weapons for women, it’s better to go with something you can safely and legally use. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation where the gun jams or needs bullets which may be far away. With a pepper spray can, you’re pretty much set to defend yourself at a moment’s notice.

That’s not to say a firearm is not an ideal or practical self-defense tool. While guns may be on the extreme end, if you’re in an unsafe location, and the local and federal laws allow you to access a gun, then you can get one use it when extremely necessary. But then you have to put up with displaying when walking into government buildings or when passing through a metal detector.

Moreover, guns may not be the safest item to travel with. In some cases, you could be denied a service because of possessing the firearm. For example, when boarding a flight, you’ll be subjected to a security check and could miss out on your flight based on the self-defense device of choice.

3. Can you surprise the attacker with the self-defense gadget?


Most criminals use the element of surprise when attacking females. This strategy is very effective as it robs from you the opportunity to act at once. If the perpetrator manages to stun you, they’ll likely have control over the situation.

On the flip side, if you can surprise the attacker with your self-defense weapon, you stand the chance of taking control of the situation and deciding what to do next. For instance, if the attacker starts following you, you can calmly pull out your stun gun from and wait for them to get close. When they are within striking distance, you can stun them and leave them immobile for several minutes.

In the above situation, your choice of being proactive and reactive may end up saving your life. The truth is, many criminals don’t expect you to fight back. When you do, you not only mess up with their plan, you also put several hindrances between you and the attacker and get yourself one step closer to safety.

Surprising the attacker could also stop them from carrying out illegal activities near your area. If a perpetrator is attacked once around a certain campus, they’re likely not going to target the same place again. So, even with a simple self-defense product, you could help improve the safety and security of your local area. As mentioned earlier, almost all criminals are afraid of getting caught or having their identity revealed. Get your ultimate self-protection kit and help create a safer environment and society for everyone.

What are the best self-protection gadgets for women?


From the section above, finding a suitable self-defense device is your best bet to fending off an attacker. With that in mind, you may be asking which self-defense gadget you should go for. To aid your self-protection endeavor, here are the most effective and practical devices for you to choose from.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for one device. Each self-defense gadget is ideal for several scenarios and situations. To ensure you’re safe at all times, you should consider getting a few to cover different aspects of your life. This way, you can live free and enjoy your life knowing you’re appropriately equipped for any attacker and situation.

1. Stun guns


According to various independent researchers, stun guns are amongst the most commonly used self-defense products. Their rise and popularity have been birthed by their efficacy at all times.

The stun gun is an ideal weapon in almost any scenario. Whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or even in public, a stun gun is easy to use and will leave the attacker in insurmountable pain for quite a while.

There are several advantages to using a stun gun as a self-defense weapon. First, most modern stun guns come in unique shapes and styles. This makes them easy to conceal and pull out without your attacker knowing. Moreover, since they are rather small, they can perfectly fit in your hand, making them an effective weapon.

The Spike stun gun also has two sharp spikes at the front end. These spikes can be used to create maximum contact with the attacker, thereby increasing the charge delivered. The sharp spikes can also be used directly on the attacker. Ideally, you want to make direct skin contact, and when aiming at the neck, eyes, stomach, or thighs, you can inflict more damage from the force and electric charge.

Urban Safety Solutions has some of the most advanced stun guns in the market. You can adjust the lethal settings, charge them with a USB cable, and safely store them in small pockets and bags.

2. Personal alarms


You can deescalate most compromising situations by drawing attention to yourself. Since the attacker won’t want to be recognized, they’ll likely run away when other people notice their misdeeds.

One effective way to draw attention to the situation is by creating noise to alert others. While screaming or shouting will do, you also want something more audible and reliable. Even if the attacker manages to muffle or gag you, you can use a personal alarm to get the attention of others.

Personal alarms are light and can be carried anywhere. Moreover, with more than 100dB of sound, you’ll alert anyone within close range and scare the attacker away. You can carry a personal alarm in your bag or attach it to your keys, wallet, rucksack, or laptop bag. At a moment’s notice, simply press one button to sound the alarm.

3. Pepper spray and pepper gel


Pepper sprays remain one of the simplest yet most effective self-defense weapons for any woman. While they don’t cause permanent damage, a can of pepper spray or gel will leave the criminal reeling in pain for close to an hour.

Made with the hottest peppers and measuring well over 2 million units on the Scoville Heat Units (SHUs), every woman should have a can of pepper gel or spray at all times. One of the major benefits of using pepper spray is you can direct the can on a specific target from quite some distanceUrban Safety Solutions pepper sprays and gels come equipped with a UV dye that can identify the criminal even after the effects wear off.

3. Door alarms


Most self-protection kits and devices focus on personal security. While this is a great approach, you need to ensure all facets of your life are safe and secure. Burglars have been known to target college apartments, dorms, and houses with ladies.

Even when you’re asleep, you ought to look out for your security, and one great way to do that is with a super door stop alarm. Door alarms are a great way to deter criminals from breaking into your house.

Wedged against the door, a door alarm reinforces the door and makes it next to impossible for a burglar to break in. Additionally, door alarms are equipped with a 120dB sound alarm, which you can set to various sensitivity adjustments. Whenever the criminals try to toggle with your door, the alarm will go off, notifying both you and anyone within close proximity.

Door alarms are lightweight and can fit in your purse, bag, or travel suitcase. You can bring them along to improve your security whenever you’re traveling or staying in a hotel.

4. Window alarms


Burglars are always looking for clever ways to illegally gain access to your house. Since they know most doors are locked, they could try to break in through the window.

To safeguard your belongings and increase safety in your house, you should get a burglar-proof window alarm. These inexpensive gadgets are highly effective and work by feeling any vibrational disturbance.

Place the alarm on your window and set it on. If anyone tries to wedge the window, the alarm will go off for about 30 seconds. The alarms then quickly reset in anticipation of a repeat offender. These alarms are versatile and can be placed on windows, TVs, cabinets, computers, and more.

5. Home alarms


In keeping with a wholesome self-defense and protection approach, a home alarm is a girl’s best friend in terms of security. Even if a burglar is clever enough to bypass or avoid any of the other alarms at the house’s entrances and exits, they can still be detected by a home alarm. home alarms work by detecting motion from a range of about 25 feet and a scope of 110 degrees. Whenever the alarm is on, a criminal trying to break into your house will set off the alarm.

Home alarms use up little power but are powerful at picking event faint movements within the range. If a burglar triggers the alarm, the system automatically activates the RF signal, which then sounds the alarm. Whenever you’re leaving the house or have to be away for school or other business, you can activate your alarm and leave it to secure your house. Thieves will think twice before trying to break into your apartment again.

6Xtreme Urban Survival Kit


You can get the abovementioned devices in the black owned urban survival kit. This wholesome kit houses some of the most prominently featured products and gadgets above, including the super door stop alarm, a 20-million-volt spike gun, a 2 million SHUs pepper spray, and sticky pepper gel.

Together, these single female protection devices combine to offer you round-the-clock protection. Whether you’re planning on being indoors, outdoors, or even traveling, you can always improve your safety with the Xtreme urban college self-defense kit.

You can get this kit for your safety or gift it to a special someone in your life. For example, if you have a female relative about to join college or go on a trip, the XTREME urban female survival kit will come in handy. Since most violent attacks happen around schools or near tourist destinations, the xtreme urban self-defense package will more than likely come in handy.

The xtreme urban college safety kit works well as you can carry these products with you wherever you are. Now, you can choose how safe you want to be with this kit and eliminate any chances of being attacked or taken by surprise.

Why choose Urban Safety Solutions female protection kit?


Most of the generic self-defense tools available in the market are ineffective and impractical in a real-life scenario. When choosing your self-protection products, always take some time to review the brand behind these products.

A quick look into Urban Safety Solutions will reveal a brand that holds your needs dear. These self-defense gadgets are not only practical; they are female-friendly and very easy and effortless to use. Based on your weapon of choice, you can select multiple designs, most of which are easy to conceal and blend with your everyday lifestyle and fashion options. is a top-rated female personal safety and protection package with a proven track record. Moreover, you can purchase these products and have them delivered right to you, and you can enjoy various discount options for different items.

Ultimately, when it comes to female violence cases, it’s more a matter of when and not if. Choose your security by getting the market’s top-rated self-defense products today.

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