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Help Jessica in his recovery

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Please Help Bring Jessica Home!

Our beautiful friend, Jessica Drouin, suffered a horrific accident in Phuket, Thailand on August 20, 2021. She was in a terrible It was a hit and run, and we couldn’t find the driver. accident while returning home to her apartment. The villagers nearby found her on a remote road, alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding. Without their help, she surely would have died.


Jessica is currently in a coma at a hospital in Phuket. She has suffered a traumatic brain injury along with multiple other serious injuries. It has been a challenge to communicate with the hospital staff due to the immense language barrier. Jessica is fighting for her life!


Jessica is a US citizen, born and grown up in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated with a degree in International Business Management and set off to travel the world. 3years later, she has visited over 40 countries and built friendships all around the world.

Due to strict Pandemic restrictions, The thailand government has denied her family’s repeated requests to travel to Phuket to be with Jessica. Thankfully, Jessica has many loving friends who are by her side in Phuket and are providing the family with updates around the clock. The family is doing everything they can to get to Phuket.

Although Jessica was smart to buy international medical insurance, the insurance company has refused to pay for the cost to evacuate her to New York. The costs to evacuate her using an experienced international medevac company, such as Air Med or International SOS, are extremely daunting. Due to the distance and COVID-related border closures, it is estimated that the cost will be approx. $150,000 US Dollars. The family has found a major trauma hospital in New York that is able to accept and care for her.

Help bring Jessica home! Jessica needs her family by her side. 100% of your donations will be used to assist in evacuating Jessica to New York and to help pay for her care. Any donations not used for her care will be donated to a nonprofit that assists patients with traumatic brain injuries and their families.

Please donate if you can and share with your friends and family if you are not in a position to do so. No amount is too small. Thank You!



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