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Tips on Moving with Kids

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We as human beings love the familiar for the most part and dislike constant change, so our kids are very much like us too. They suddenly find out they have to abandon the school they are so used to, their friends and places they enjoy visiting and hanging out at. Many of them would become anxious and won’t take the news very well. A new home can be a very stressful thing for them, depending on the way they see the world. Here are some tips for moving with kids. We will see how to take the pressure off them and to help them move forward without worrying about the change of lifestyle:

  • Be straight about it

Don’t leave the news for the last moment – give your children time to adapt and get used to the news. Let them know the details about it and why you have chosen to make that decision.

  • Try to see things through their own eyes

Check out the new place and consider what they would like about it, look for anything which would have attracted your attention as a kid, though don’t forget about the difference in generations and interests. Perhaps parks and hiking trips, museums or sports events would be something they’d enjoy about the new place or maybe something you’re not even aware of yet. Ask them what they would like to see in the new place if that was possible for them.

  • Knowing your child’s hobbies helps

Does your kid like chess? Basketball? Martial arts or something else? Knowing those start looking for opportunities to find these in the new town or city so you could have a relatively seamless transition between the old and the new for both your children and yourself.

  • Look up a new school

Starting at a new school can be hard.  When moving with kids, visit the new school so you can minimize the stress of the first day and worry less by planning ahead.

  • Take some time to explain about letting go of belongings

We all loved our toys when we were kids, and that was just how life was. During a move, we often have to downsize our household so we can fit everything we own into our new place. Sometimes the reasons for our move are less than ideal and we have to move into a smaller house, so kids often have to live together even if they had separate rooms before. Try to explain this in a logical fashion so they can accept what is coming.

  • Give your kids a chance to say goodbye

Let them have their chance to spend some time with their favorite friends, let them vent their frustration and do your best to organize a farewell party where your kids can enjoy everything they did during their stay here. Be supportive and understanding while moving with kids and they will have a much easier time adapting.

  •  Have the children help you with the packing

It doesn’t have to be anything special, just have them help you with the packing of the boxes and small things, so they can feel a part of what is happening. Doing so will make them feel less isolated and instead involved in making decisions and feeling valuable to you.

Children are much smarter than we believe most of the time, so don’t shy away from relying on them. Always communicating is key to a great relationship and a great time. You’ll be surprised how they beam from ear to ear when asked to help the removalists you’ve hired, even if in a small way.

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