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Moving to the UK? A Foreigner’s Guide to Finding Work in London

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Moving to a new country can be a thrilling experience, but it can also feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re in need of a job.

If you’re planning to move to the UK, finding work in London can feel like a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin.

This helpful guide will explain how you can find a job in London and how to use the resources available to you, so read on to learn more for a successful career abroad.

Profitable Industries

London is considered the main economic hub of the UK, so there’s plenty of incredible jobs to go around. If you have a strong resume and ample experience, there are several industries that offer employees a decent salary.

The financial services sector is strong in London, so if you’re into numbers, this is a good place to start. Careers like accountants, financial managers, and traders are all lucrative options for those with a background in finance.

With its colourful and dynamic population, London is also known as a creative place. If you consider yourself a creative, this is where to start when you’re finding work in London.

Creative jobs can be anything from video producers or web content creators. Even fashion designers and artists stand to do quite well in this vibrant city. Tap into your own personal talents and create a portfolio to help you land your dream job in the creative field.

Since London is quite popular with tourists, it’s no surprise that it also has plenty of jobs available in the hospitality sector. Hotels are always in need of qualified personnel from the front desk and customer service to cleaning. The restaurant industry is also constantly in need of good, experienced staff.

Between creative and media endeavours to financial jobs, these industries are the most popular. That means it’s easiest to find work within these fields if you’re looking for quick employment.


Finding Work in London: How to Land Your Dream Job

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferred job type, it’s time to get ready to submit your resume and CV. Make sure you look over this information carefully and check for any errors.

Keep your resume neat and put a focus on the things you have experience with, and how they can help you get hired at your new career. Your cover letter should be warm and engaging, and each letter needs to be tailored to each company individually.

Remember that London is a large city, so many companies get dozens or maybe even hundreds of applicants per day. You can stand out from the crowd by using keywords and well-thought-out content that will pique employers’ interest.

Even if you’ve worked in the same sector for many years, remember that things change rapidly. Try to adjust your CV to reflect on how you can contribute to the industry you know in a new, fresh way.

A paper resume and cover letter aren’t enough these days, so you’ll also need to establish a solid online presence. If you have a LinkedIn account, make sure it’s up to date and features all of your pertinent information.

Use your online resume to promote yourself and include a link to it in your email signature. If you have a website, check to make sure it’s updated and that it showcases your talents and abilities.

For those in the creative sector, be sure your online website showcases your current portfolio. The more material you have to show, the better the odds are that a company will like what they see.


Try an Unconventional Approach

You’re not limited to emails, websites, and social media resumes when you’re finding work in London. Word of mouth is still a tried and true method that just might get you hired.

Start building a personal network of friends who will get to know more about you and your talents. They might just have the inside scoop on some London companies who are hiring.

Another unconventional way to get hired is to simply walk into a place you’d like to work. Let them know you’ve recently moved here to work abroad and you’re interested in finding out more about any open positions.

A more personal approach to employment can actually serve you quite well. Put your best foot forward and use your confidence and friendly demeanour to help you get hired.

Make sure you tailor every contact to the unique company you’re reaching out to. This not only shows effort, but it also shows a genuine interest in working for that specific business.

Combine your skills, your desires, and your talents together to make something that will help you stand out among a sea of London applicants. With some persistence, you can find the perfect job for you so that you can enjoy your time and your new career abroad.


Start a New Adventure

Once you’ve mastered the art of finding work in London, you’ll be able to find the perfect job that suits your needs. Whether you plan to work with numbers or show off your creative talents, London is a city filled with endless opportunities.

Keep track of the places you apply and continually work on your resume and CV for a good outcome. With some persistence and a good network, you can find the right job for you as you live and work abroad.

Visit our website for career advice and a current list of jobs in London, and if you are looking to hire contact us today with any questions you have so we can set you up for success.

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