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Top Whistle Engineer Helps Slayer Calls Defeat Top Duck Whistle Issues

Slayer Calls defies industry standards with the release of its first duck whistle, the Whistler’s Mother 4-in-1.


EAGLE, Idaho, December 13, 2022 — Designed with an expert to be loud and easy to use, the Whistler’s Mother 4-in-1 duck whistle from Slayer Calls launched online Tuesday.

Most hunters likely don’t associate “loud” and “easy to use” with duck whistles — including the waterfowlers at Slayer Calls. The lack of quality duck whistle options on the market is why Slayer partnered with one of the top whistle engineers in the country to create the company’s first duck whistle.

CEO Bill Ayer and the Slayer team worked tirelessly to find out what it takes to make quality whistles. They put their learning to use, creating a new duck whistle that’s actually worth buying.

“We designed Whistler’s Mother to solve two main issues that most every duck whistle on the market has in common. One, none of them are loud enough in the field to be heard past 50 yards. Two, they all need an owner’s manual to operate,” Ayer said. “Whistler’s Mother solves both of these problems while producing some of the most realistic duck sounds.”

The Whistler’s Mother produces realistic vocalizations for four types of ducks: drake mallards, pintails, wigeons and teals. The duck whistle’s body is made of durable Delrin®, so it can take a beating in the field. Its unique design features a hole on the right and on the left that callers cover while they blow the whistle — no complicated memorization or sleight of hand required.

Duck whistles are generally quicker to master than a traditional single- or double-reed duck call, making them a great gift for new hunters. Whistling adds another layer of complexity for experienced hunters, who can add vocalizations to their calling to draw birds into their spread.

“If you’re looking to be more successful slaying whistling ducks, the Whistler’s Mother is a necessity on your lanyard,” Ayer said.

The Whistler’s Mother duck whistle is available on Slayer Calls for $35. Holiday shoppers can order the Whistler’s Mother with expedited shipping to take delivery in as little as two days.

About Slayer Calls: CEO Bill Ayer founded Slayer Calls in 2018 in Eagle, Idaho. The longtime hunters and expert callers at Slayer are obsessed with crafting the best duck, goose, turkey and elk calls, all made in America. Slayer gives back to conservation and preservation efforts by donating 10% of every purchase.

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