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5 Event Advertising Tips for Your Next Outdoor Event

Approximately 1.62 billion users visit the social media platform Facebook every day. When you have a great event that needs some traction, use the free marketing tools out there, like social media, to reach billions of people. 

Your great idea can turn quickly into a great flop without proper event advertising. Here are some event marketing tips that can turn your idea into a reality beyond your wildest dreams. 

1. Use Local Event Advertising Sites

While you can reach billions of people through social media, your local event marketing groups will help you reach the right people. The majority of urban event-goers will go to neighborhood guides when they’re looking for something fun to attend on the weekends. 

You can reach the right people with local guides such as these. A bright, eye-catching ad on a local paper or a discovery site like Eventful, Bandsintown, Spotify, and yes, even Facebook Events, will attract the people you want at your event.  

2. Make Ticket Buying Simple

Once you’ve hooked interested parties, you can reel them in with a simple ticket-buying platform. Use a native platform so people do not have to click over to another site to buy their tickets.

An individual is more likely to buy a ticket for your event if they can do it just by clicking on the advertisement or original site where they found you.

Outdoor event marketing succeeds when a ticket buyer isn’t distracted by a slow-loading site or other advertisements during checkout. 

3. Cash Into Multimedia

Sounds and sites draw people in. Cash into the multimedia available to make your event known. Here are a few ideas: 

Video Interviews

Create and post simple video interviews of your speakers, bands, or important individuals at the events. Both Google Hangouts and Skype can help you create simple videos that you can post on your social media. 

Youtube Channel

Launch a Youtube channel for your event. Right after Google, Youtube is the biggest search engine in the world. 

Use Youtube Live to film sneak peeks, insights for what your participants might gain, introductions to sponsors or speakers, and practical tips on how to prepare for the event. 


Millions of Americans listen to podcasts every month. You need simple equipment to launch a podcast, and you give yourself a platform to speak about your event and cause. 

If you’re wary about starting a podcast, look for a podcast in which you can become a sponsor or volunteer as a guest speaker. Look for a podcast with a target audience similar to what you want for your event. 

4. Partner Up

Give your sponsors, partners, and speakers information about the event so they can advertise it as well. Empower them with scripts and blurbs they can share on their social media. Include pictures or images that will bring their followers back to your event. 

5. Reward Loyal Supporters

Your grassroots supporters deserve recognition. You may not be able to offer them exclusive rights to the luxury porta potty at the event, but you can reward them with a digital badge or icon they can put on social media or their own site. Link the icon back to your event page so anyone who sees it can easily find your awesome event. 

Stay Personal, Think Big

The best event advertising and outdoor event marketing will be innovative and personal while attempting to reach the world. 

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