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Garage conversion in Long Beach, CA

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Garage Conversion Contractor in Long Beach

Recently, there has been a big push for ADU’s in Long Beach, CA and we are going to cover the garage conversions we have successfully done in Long Beach, CA.  if you are thinking of converting your garage, pay attention to the following:

Permits Process:

The permit process with the city of Long Beach has been a pleasant experience for us and our clients. As of right now you have the option to submit architectural plans online or in person. Be sure to convert your garage legally as this will add value to your property and if you ever decide to sell your home, you will be rewarded greatly. Great place to start in all this process is by interviewing a few architects. Not all architects are built the same.

A good way of interviewing them is just seeing how responsive they are. If they are not responsive to your email or phone call  from the get go, odds are the won’t be when your project is going.

Long Beach Garage Conversion:

This is by far the “easiest way” when thinking of building an ADU. You can build an ADU completely new in your backyard but it does come with added cost compared to a garage conversion. The most you can build into one of these is a studio or tiny 1 bedroom Apartment. One thing most contractors won’t tell you is the amount of work that will go into converting a garage. From making sure you have good new foundation to running a new sewer line all the way out to front of the existing house. This is not to scare you away but to inform you of what is to come if you are thinking of moving forward with converting your garage. Permits and plans can run you from $6,000-$11,000. Just a fair warning, be patient with the process and your architect. There are times it takes weeks, if not months to hear back from the city.

Uses for Garage Conversions:

Depending what area in Long Beach, CA you live in an ADU studio or 1 bedroom can rent out for $1500-$1900 a month. This is great for anyone looking to for passive income or another source of income to help with the mortgage. Rentals are a great way to supplement your income and help out the community.

These garage conversion are  great for families who want to stay close to each other. If your children are growing and they live in the area this might be a great resource to have and build.

Esco Builders Inc specializes in architectural plans and building ADU’s. We create a stress free environment to still allow you to have functionality in your home while constructions is going on for your ADU. Want to learn more about the day to day with garage conversions? follow us on Instagram

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