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Top Signs You Need to Hire a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney

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More than 41,000 people were injured in car crashes in Arizona in 2020. If you were injured in a car accident, you may be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney. Keep reading for the top signs you need a Phoenix car accident attorney on your side to win your case.

Disputed Liability

If you were in an accident and the insurance company is disputing liability, you need to talk to an auto accident lawyer. Proving liability on your own can be difficult and insurance companies will try everything they can to trip you up.

Experienced attorneys know how to conduct an investigation and collect evidence to prove your case. Insurance companies will know you mean business when you are represented by an attorney.

Each state has its own laws for determining compensation based on liability. Arizona is a pure comparative negligence state. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try to assign you a percentage of the fault for the accident, even if you did nothing wrong.

They will then unfairly reduce your compensation. Even if you did contribute to the accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

As you can see, things can get complicated when it comes to determining percentages of liability. Whether you had no fault in the accident or there were multiple parties at fault, a good car accident lawyer can make sure you get what you deserve.

Low Settlement Offers

If you have been offered an unfair settlement by an insurance company, you need to hire a Phoenix car accident attorney. You should never accept a settlement of less than you deserve.

One of the most prominent strategies that insurance companies use is to pressure victims to accept low ball settlement offers quickly to make the claim go away. They know you are injured and struggling financially, so they hope you will take anything and go away.

You can’t afford to accept an unfair settlement. A good auto accident lawyer will fight for you.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know the tactics that insurance companies use and won’t bend to their pressure. They will take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to pay you the fair value of your case.

The best part is that car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if they don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay them.

Your Injuries are Serious

If you were hospitalized after your accident, you may be facing astronomical medical bills.

You’ll likely have missed work and need ongoing care. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you manage these expenses and recover compensation to pay for them.

If your injuries are permanent, your case is too complicated to handle yourself. Proving permanent disability and impairment is challenging and you need an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney.

If you’ve been permanently injured, you deserve more compensation than an insurance company is likely to offer you. Chances are, you won’t even understand the true value of your case without talking to an attorney.

Permanent and long-lasting injuries can change your life and lead to continued financial hardship. You may lose your job or ability to work or even need to modify your home and vehicle to accommodate your injuries. Lost income is made more difficult by mounting medical expenses.

Luckily, meeting with an auto accident lawyer is easy and free.

There Were Multiple Victims

Cases with multiple victims and parties are particularly complex.

This is because multiple parties will be conducting investigations and testifying in their own claims and that evidence may be relevant to your case.

When you hire a Phoenix car accident attorney, your lawyer and their team will track all relevant claims to protect your interests.

The Defendant is a Corporation

If the vehicle that caused your accident was owned by a business, you need to hire a lawyer.

When a company-owned vehicle is involved, the corporation and the driver may be held responsible. The corporation is certain to hire its own lawyers to minimize its liability.

You can’t afford to go up against them alone. Hiring your own attorney will level the playing field.

Evidence is Contradictory

Personal injury cases rely heavily on documentation like police reports, insurance information, and medical records. Unfortunately, these reports don’t always paint a crystal clear picture.

If there are any discrepancies in the evidence for your case, the insurance company(s) will use them to devalue or completely deny your case. You have to remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money by paying as little as possible. They also represent their client, not your best interests.

Errors in records are not uncommon. After all, humans create the records we rely on and we all make mistakes. To protect your own interests, you need to be one step ahead.

Experienced auto accident lawyers know what to look for and how to get mistakes corrected, which is not always easy.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, they will investigate your accident. They will gather evidence that can be used to counter incorrect narratives of what happened and get you the compensation you are owed.

Emotional Trauma

When most people think of car accident injuries, they think of broken bones or damaged soft tissue. While these injuries can be severe, they aren’t the only kind of injury that happens in car accidents.

Emotional and psychological trauma are some of the most common and persistent injuries we see following car accidents. In the legal world, emotional trauma is called pain and suffering. If you were the victim of a car accident, you have the right to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, including your emotional trauma and distress.

Many car accident victims don’t realize that their accident was a traumatic experience and that they may benefit from treating their emotional injuries as well as their physical ones. Even passengers and bystanders can experience trauma from a car accident.

Some of the signs of emotional distress that you may experience after a car accident include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anguish
  • Nightmares
  • Fearfulness
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

These issues can have a significant impact on your livelihood. Your symptoms may even impact your ability to function on a daily basis. There are steps you can take and professionals standing by to help you cope.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring an auto accident attorney can help ensure you get the support you need and the compensation you deserve.

Injury Occurred Because of Unsafe Roads

If your injury occurred on government property and happened because of an unsafe condition, you need a personal injury lawyer. You have the right to file an administrative claim against a government entity.

Unsafe road conditions are a leading cause of car accidents with injuries. And sometimes, the government is at fault for neglecting the roads and creating unsafe conditions.

Examples of unsafe conditions on public roads include:

  • Potholes, uneven pavement, cracks in the road
  • Poorly designed roads leading to standing water
  • Poorly designed or constructed bridges and overpasses
  • Confusing or inadequate signage
  • Unmarked roads
  • Poor lighting
  • Debris, obstructions, foliage
  • Dangerous curves that obstruct sight
  • Missing or broken guardrails or protective barriers
  • Missing or broken traffic signals
  • Dangerous shoulders/drop-offs

Unfortunately, suing the government isn’t easy. Each state has its own laws that determine how much you can recover in a lawsuit against a government entity. The process is complicated and very difficult to complete without a car accident lawyer on your side.

You have to be aware of numerous deadlines and requirements when filing a claim against the government. The process is different than a regular personal injury claim. If you fail to meet the required deadlines, you will lose your right to pursue your claim.

This is why it’s so important to consult with an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney right away if you are in a car accident where unsafe conditions may have been a factor in the crash.

Do You Need a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney?

If you were in an accident and any of these scenarios sound familiar, you need a Phoenix car accident attorney.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers are experts in handling complex car accident cases. We would love to tell you more about how we can help you get compensation for your damages.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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