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Have You Heard of This Cool Mac Feature? 6 Hidden Features to Try

You’re lucky! You get the pleasure of living in a time where all technological devices and inventions are pushing the envelope like never before.

A time where your phone and laptop hold apps for every aspect of your life. There’s an app for budgeting, games, car insurance, song playlists, the list goes on and on!

However, one of the greatest inventions of this generation is the Macintosh: a computer that changed the game forever.

There are Mac features being added to every software update, and it’s always beneficial to the customer.

Here are several features you probably didn’t know you had, and how they can help you during the everyday grind!

1. Split Screen

Long has there been a struggle among laptop and desktop users of splitting screens in order to increase productivity.

Whether you’re writing a project or just jotting down some quick statistics on your notepad, it’s a hassle to switch from Safari to Microsoft Word, then back to Safari again.

Nevermind the fact that your OCD may kick in from the lack of evenness on your cluttered screen.

Gone are the days of taking 2-3 minutes to evenly distribute your open windows…

Your Mac now takes that trouble out of your hands, thanks to its split-screen feature.

Simply hold down on the green enlarged screen button (top left of any open window). After a few seconds, it will automatically split that window evenly among one half of your screen.

Then it will wait for you to click the other window that you want to split the screen with. Click the other window and ta-da, you have a 50/50 workspace.

If you need more instructions, click here for how to do split screen on Mac.

2. Custom Screenshots

Screenshots: everyone finds them helpful, yet painstaking at the same time. Every time you take a screenshot, you’re left with trying to trim out all the parts you don’t want people to see.

That typically forces you to use Paint, paste the screenshot to it, and crop out every detail you don’t want to be saved… what a headache!

Now, thanks to Mac, you don’t need to do that. You can choose what you want screenshotted (yes, that’s a real word) before you take the shot.

To do a full screenshot you just need to hit command → control → shift→ 3. To do a custom screenshot, press command → control → shift→ 4, then you can highlight everything you want to take a photo of.

3. Come to the Dark Side

Tired of your eyes burning after staring at a Mac’s screen for hours on end? There has to be a simpler way… right?

There sure is, it’s called “Dark Mode” and its new all-encompassing mode is available on the latest version of Mojave.

Everything on your Mac such as your windows, desktop, and App bar will adhere to the dark mode. You’ll be able to type in peace without rehydrating your eyes.

The dark mode has proved to be less straining on your eyes. That means reduced headaches and higher productivity throughout your day… what a lethal combination!

4. Just a Peek!

There are most likely hundreds of documents and files on your Mac, especially if you use it on a daily basis.

Because of that, it can be easy to forget which file is which. How else are you supposed to know the difference between the files “My Final Resume” and “My Official Resume” without opening them entirely?

Thanks to the new quick look feature, you can do so without ever having to open up the document and close it only seconds later.

It’s also a great feature for adding quick notes and writing certain things to a document without opening the app itself.

Now you can grade your student’s papers without having 22 different documents open to do so. Just make a few notes and you’re off to the races!

5. Stack It Higher and Higher!

As previously mentioned, you probably have too many documents to count that are currently floating on your desktop.

The entire home page fills up faster than you can say “Macintosh”. So many different documents are being sent, edited, and saved throughout the day.

It can be hard to find the time to go through your documents and organize them according to relevancy and topic. Not to mention, you just may not feel like doing that at all.

Luckily, you no longer have to. Mojave recently introduced its “Stack” feature that can organize your files and documents into a select few folders. All you have to do is click on these folders and it will show off all documents like neatly-stacked cards.

Now when you save something to your desktop, it will automatically be organized in the proper stack for you. Then you’ll always know where to find it at the exact time that you need it!

6. Mojave Is on Lock Down

Possibly the most comforting feature of Mojave is how it adds to the already impressive security features.

You now control all of the cookies and intel that your device gives to websites you come across. Mojave doesn’t let them in without your permission to do so.

Now, what was once out of your control is within your grasp. You can play around with security settings to find what fits you best.

The Perfect Mac Feature: An X-Factor for Your Daily Routine

Ultimately, these mac features grant you an expedited process for your day to day operations.

Use them to your benefit and think of all the ways it can rid your day of unnecessary hassles. Now you can focus on what truly matters.

Be sure to check back with Must Tech News often for all the latest updates on technology, it’s changing every day!

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