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Top 5 Mobile Games to Play for Real Prizes

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Real prize mobile games are becoming more popular in today’s work-from-home, meet-by-zoom society. There are many factors that play into this trend including social factors, increasing financial burdens, and widespread stress and mental health challenges that have bubbled up in the new and uncertain world to which we are all still adapting. Real prize mobile games are a great way to get your daily dose of joy, find much-needed relaxation, and enhance your overall life. The opportunity to win real prizes offers the excitement and adventure so many of us have been craving, while offering the safety, comfort, and convenience of being able to play and win anytime, anywhere.

Here are our top 10 OS mobile games for real prizes!


Blackout Bingo

First on the list: Blackout Bingo. Easy to play and easy to win! Featuring Chelsea, a “globetrotter”, who travels internationally through the world of Bingo. Join her as you take control of the board. You’re able to use special boosts to improve your score on the quick 2-minute games, while winning cash prizes!

With gorgeous graphics and fun social features, it’s no wonder people are in love with this game!


Solitaire Cash

Next, we’ve got a card game classic. Solitaire Cash brings a digital twist to a classic with a chance to win real prizes! Solitaire is a very easy game to play, so it’s no surprise it’s earned so many loyal fans.


Reel Stakes Casino: Win Prizes

Besides its gorgeous graphics, cool neon effects, and groovy soundtrack, Reel Stakes Casino puts luck on your side.Players can choose between poker and blackjack, building winning card hands to fill the Bonus Slots Spin Meter. Filling the meter earns players free slot machine spins where they can collect prize entry tickets for a chance at real cash gift cards ranging from $5, $15, $75, and last but not least, the Big Shot prize of $500. The slots also feature a progressive jackpot worth thousands, even millions of chips.

The game offers a variety of daily mini challenges that let players earn entry tickets to increase their chances of winning a prize! The deck is also stacked with random bonus cards that boost winnings or invite players to participate in the Big Ticket Grab event, where they’ll spin the prize wheel and test their skills for a chance to win up to 25 entry tickets! Go all in with the fun here at the Apple App Store.


21 Blitz

Improve your 21 and Solitaire skills. Similar to Reel Stakes Casino, 21 Blitz also gives you the option to choose between two games. Race against the clock to claim your prize! With new social additions, you’re able to compete and play with other players!


Cube Cube

Wanting something more cognitive or pattern-based? Cube Cube is the way to go. A twist on the arcade classic, Tetris, Cube Cube makes cognitive, positive. Match and clear out rows as fast as you can while getting bonuses, so you can come out on top! Play tournaments with other players and win some gnarly real cash prizes!

Not only are these games great for relaxation, but earning real cash prizes can give you that extra excitement we all crave. Games like Reel Stakes Casino: Win Prizes, and the others on this list, are giving players thrilling and safe ways to spice up their downtime without the stress or expense that comes with planning a weekend getaway to a casino. Players like you really do win! To claim your shot at becoming a real prize winner, download Reel Stakes Casino now the Apple App Store or stay tuned for the Google Play version, coming soon!

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