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M12X Pro Negative-Ion Supersonic™ Leafless Hair Dryer For Hair Care (20% Off with 20OFF code)

You will agree with me that using the traditional version of the hairdryer for hair care at home can be so tiring and time-consuming, right! What if I tell you that there is an alternative means that is easier and faster? Well! The majority of us possess a simple hairdryer. Glad to tell you this! With the advent of technology, it has come a long way in the hair-styling industry. Previously, the hairdryer was designed basically as a heating device that blew out hot air to help dry hair after washing.

Right now, the hairdryer is now capable of doing much more using Ionic Technology. The developments in hair-drying technology may have made choosing a hairdryer overwhelming. For easy hair care at home, kindly continue reading this article to find out more information.

What is “Ionic Technology”?

Ionic devices operate by interacting with what’s on your hair rather than the hair itself just to provide you better results. Naturally, there is a presence of ions in your hair and their positive charge may cause frizz and volume. In order to assist with this, MUTTUS hairdryers feature ionic technology that delivers additional positively charged ions for volume and negatively charged ions for a sleek, and shiny salon look.

Frizzled hair is mainly caused by the unsealed cuticle and positive ionic charge of the hair follicle. To balance the frizz, the addition of negatively charged ions neutralizes the effect and gives you a brighter appearance.

How a Muttus M12x Pro Negative-ion Supersonic Leafless Hairdryer Does Operate?

Although simple hair dryers usually blow hot air to dry your hair, the Muttus supersonic leafless hair dryers have a powerful built-in ionic jet technology that generates 5 million ions/cm3, speeding up the drying and styling process.  Because ionic technology breaks down water molecules, the hair becomes damp and less likely to wrap and frizz.

Water molecules moisturize the hair by penetrating the hair shaft. Therefore, the negative ions help to seal and soften the hair cuticles and lock in the moisture for a lighter, smoother result.  This will also eliminate static charge and thus reduces fly-a-ways and the accompanying frizz.

Benefits of Muttus Negative-ion Supersonic Leafless Hairdryer

The supersonic leafless hairdryer will give your silky hair a salon touch. The Muttus ionic hair dryers are prepared with a powerful and very advanced air circulation motor that supports the fast drying of hair and reduces heat damage. It is Dual-wind-tunnel designed, including 3 air volume modes, 3 inter-chargeable nozzles, 4D airflow amplifier, and providing controlled high-velocity jet of air for fast drying and 19M/Sec airflow.

Some of the benefits of using Ionic hairdryers are listed below:


In case your hair is liable to static charges, the negative ions will neutralize the static charges and reduce fly-a-ways by 61%.


Negative ions usually assist in moisture-locking, making your hair softer and more hydrated. Therefore, it makes it easy to style your hair and produce a smooth, elegant finish.


Contrary to a regular hairdryer, the supersonic leafless hair dryer is equipped with ionic technology which uses less heat to dry hair. The reduced drying time reduces the possibility of your hair getting damaged.


Generally, the ionic dryer breaks down water molecules in the hair, resulting in faster evaporation and speeds up the drying process

In case you are reconsidering your hair-styling options, do not forget to check out the MUTTUS hair dryer area. If you have never used a hairdryer, it will be advisable to consider all the benefits of an ionic hairdryer.

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