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Top 5 Interior Design Blogs in 2020

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Are you getting tired of the way your home looks?

Having fresh ideas for your home allows you to express yourself through decorating and keep your home looking beautiful!

Top 5 Interior Design Blogs in 2020

You may be wondering how you can stay on top of the latest home design trends. Looking in books can help, but blogs can provide you with the most recent trends and the best ways to achieve the look you want!

Here are five interior design blogs you can use to find inspiration for your home!

  1. Mario Mangone Architect

If you prefer a home with a look that was inspired by the Italian Renaissance, has a lot for you to look at! From beautiful outdoor design to intricate interiors, getting inspiration from this site will be easy!

Mario Mangone can also design your house if you’re in the Jupiter, Florida area! Choose from a variety of styles including Mediterranean, Anglo-Caribbean, and Contemporary.

  1. Apartment Therapy

Whether you need design tips specific to a room or a home type, Apartment Therapy allows you to narrow it down! You can search through their collection of living room photos or read about how to bring some personality to an otherwise drab apartment.

Daily articles can also ensure that you stay on top of the latest trends for interior design in 2020!

The blog even has how-to’s on painting, cleaning, and DIY projects to help you maintain your living space long after you move in!

  1. Design Hunter

There’s nothing more zen than a minimalist lifestyle, but it can be difficult to figure out how to decorate for it. Minimalism is taking the design world by storm, and it’s no wonder why with the simple, yet elegant feel it can bring to any home.

Design Hunter does a great job of giving design tips and making recommendations for how you can achieve the minimalist look! They even touch on topics like fashion and health if you want to bring minimalism into more areas of your life.

  1. Style By Emily Henderson

If you’re wondering about unwritten design rules and how you can follow them with your own home, Style By Emily Henderson can help you out! This blog also gives detailed accounts on how to decorate each room in your home!

This blog is a great source of how-to’s for each room of your house. Emily is constantly working on new projects for her home and she takes detailed accounts of each of them to show you her progress. Before and after photos can inspire you to make some changes, too!

  1. Hunted Interior

If you have a unique sense of style and love creating your own pieces, Hunted Interior is a great resource that encourages you to find your own style without going over your budget!

An abundance of bold before, after, and during photos from the blog owner’s own house are sure to encourage you to step up your game!

Interior Design Blogs for Current Trends

Now that you have a few interior design blogs to choose from, you’ll be able to bring your home into 2020! Get ready to take on a new project and make your home reflect yourself!

Be sure to check back regularly for more home design tips!

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