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Next Generation, Data-Driven Narrative Ownership for your Initiative

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Data in all variations, when properly harnessed and optimized via artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and science, can unleash a profoundly competitive edge and hyper-evolved level of strategy. The combination of AI optimized data and an algorithmically enhanced multipronged approach allow for psychographic targeting the right audience. Your initiative needs an intimate understanding of the wants, needs, necessities, anxieties, loves, loathes, and fears of your target audience.

Our data solutions are optimized via proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms, custom-designed to add speed of delivery and next-generation efficiency to our data. For every contact, our platform compares data at more than 10,000 endpoints and delivers clean, exact, and current contact information each time. Our database is dynamic and updates in real-time, our endpoint outreach is used to confirm data integrity and curate additional intelligence such as social media accounts, employment information, and more.

Our data solutions offer a deep dive into the lives of the audience you’re interested in communicating with and provide multiple vectors for which to interact. Most PR firms can’t pinpoint the elements of their practice that have made them less relevant among their peers and less able to meet the expectations of their clients. One of the most pronounced impediments, outside of utilizing legacy and archaic methods to engage the media and their target audience, is their lack of understanding as to the power and multifaceted use of data.

All Stitch Gov programs offer our clients instantaneous elevated levels of success, expediency, and potency due to our hyper-evolved foundation that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data science, and automation. This competitive edge alone allows us to utilize intelligent machines, each programmed for a unique purpose, that will outperform any public relations executive, and entire teams of PR specialists.

We see all successes of competing narratives as a treasure. And we put that treasure in its rightful place. The digitization of narrative ownership strategy requires a response that is potent and immediate. When we succeed in gaining an ownership position in the targeted narrative we are striving to influence, we create a fortress around it to protect that position, and we zero in on those necessary assets that still need ideological conversion and cultivation. The perpetuation and continuity of your initiative is only as strong as its weakest alliance and your audience’s last read or listened.

Successful campaigns require a continuous cycle of alliance-building, ideological conversions, convert cultivation, fresh and multipronged media coverage, and the immediate identification of your competitor’s victories. To defend a client’s position, the move must be offensive in strategy.

The goal here isn’t to keep your competition from achieving media attention. Instead, the goal is to identify each incremental victory and remove the air from it like a defused balloon. For example: Sure, we agree, it’s great news that your PR firm finally landed you coverage in that prized industry journal, but if our client is your competition, our platform will identify that and eliminate every granular layer of relevance or impact that this victory has had. In the end, it will be as if it never happened. We’ll apply machines to bury that coverage deep in Google’s algorithm so that it will take a team of engineers to find the link. And if you had your target audience’s attention this morning, congratulations, because this afternoon we’ll bombard your target audience with so many distractions that they won’t even remember your name, let alone the contents of the article.

There is a certain viciousness that has been made inescapable in the digitization of this space. With so many competing narratives and ideologies, the possibility of your information and ideas standing out are minimal at best. The idea is to hyper evolve messaging capabilities past those capabilities of competing narratives in your space. Narrative victory comes via the harnessing of next-gen technology, algorithm experts, big data science, artificial intelligence, and a willingness to take the game further and go harder as competing interests. So the next time you pre-qualify a public relations strategist or consultant, start the conversation by asking, “Tell me about your customized messaging algorithms, use of AI, digital tribe and chieftain conversion strategy and perhaps you could bring out your lead technologist to explain how you’re going to apply these capabilities to help us start gaining traction in the first 60 days?” In this game, everyone has a media contact list; everybody has a phone to pitch your initiative for traditional media interviews, everyone has a fancy suit and keywords they use to impress prospects. But none of this will help when you’re competing for a narrative in a battle to win hearts and minds. The time to elevate your game is now.

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