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Top 4 Places to Go on An All-Inclusive Holiday: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey

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Top 4 Places for an All-Inclusive Holiday

Wanting to learn about where to go on an all-inclusive holiday? Check out these four gorgeous destinations: Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey.

Since their conception in 1957, the all-inclusive holiday has been one the most popular ways to spend a summer holiday.

That popularity continues to grow today.

The peace of mind they provide allows you to simply relax and enjoy one of the fantastic resort locations available. Many all-inclusive holidays require you to travel further afield to Mexico or the Caribbean, but there are also many great all-inclusive travel deals to be had right here in Europe.

Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal all have fantastic locations and resorts to offer for a once in a lifetime all-inclusive holiday experience.

Read on to take a dive into these four incredible Mediterranean locations and what you can expect to find at each. Then, if you can choose just one, start packing your suitcase for the holiday of dreams.


When you think of Greece as a holiday destination, two places spring to mind: Athens and the Greek Islands. Without a doubt, they are both spectacular locations and should absolutely be on your bucket list. However, when it comes to all-inclusive holidays, Greece has so much more to offer.

For example, nestled in the north of the Greek mainland is the beautiful coastal city of Thessaloniki. Named after the sister of Alexander the Great, this ancient city is chock full of history. From the Neolithic period to the Ottoman Empire, every great nation has taken its time to enjoy this picturesque setting.

If you decide to holiday in one of the fantastic all-inclusive beach hotels in Thessaloniki you will find there are plenty of activities to take part in. Sea sports are popular, and you can ski, sail and surf to your heart’s content just off the beach. Or just soak up the rays and enjoy the waves.

Take a day tour into the nearby province and visit some incredible sights, like the impressive Mount Athos. The Monastery of the Holy Trinity that sits atop this rocky outcrop became famous after it was used as the final location in the James Bond Movie For Your Eyes Only.


The Turquoise Coast or Turkish Riveria is a beach-laden stretch of land that reaches 1000km south across the western coast of Turkey. Not only does it have some incredible all-inclusive hotels and holiday offers, but it also boasts some magnificent golden sands, azure seas, and fun-packed adventures.

Turkey is an ancient country that many great nations have ruled, including the Hittites in the Bronze Age and the mighty Roman Empire itself. As such, it is steeped in historical sites and temples to amaze and inspire.

Aspendos, near the beautiful modern city of Antalya on the southern coast of the Turkish Riviera, is home to one of the best-preserved Roman theatres in the world today. It is still in use, so you can catch an incredible concert under the stars if you time your visit right. For example, their internationally famous Opera and Ballet Festival.

Turkey can offer you everything from unique all-inclusive holidays to spectacular beaches and ancient adventures. Turkey is not one to be missed in 2022.


If you are taking a holiday in Spain, you will likely be heading for one of the many incredible Costas the country has to offer. There are some fantastic, cheap all-inclusive holidays to be had in the country both inland and at the coast.

If you are heading to the coast, why not try some of the lesser-known Costas? Everyone is familiar with the golden sands of the Costa del Sol and the wild capes of the Costa Brava. However, there are many more beaches around Spain to explore.

The Costa Almeria is, a little unsurprisingly, the coast of the city of Almeria. The town is famous for its museums, pretty little squares, galleries and fantastic shopping. It is one of the more relaxed Spanish resorts, but you will not be short of things to do there.

The Costa Dorada is not far from the famous water and amusement park Port Aventura. It is a perfect place to spend an all-inclusive holiday with the whole family. Inland from the beaches lie pretty olive groves and vineyards, ideal for walks between the small towns on lazy days.

With so many beaches to choose from in Spain, choosing the best for your holiday can be challenging. However, whichever Costa you prefer, you can be sure that it will come with its own individual personality and charm.


The sometimes overlooked cousin of Spain, Portugal, is a magnificent location to take your all-inclusive holidays in 2022. An Atlantic coastline has given this country a rugged beauty with hidden capes and coves all along its coast.

If you love snorkelling or kayaking to hidden sea caves, then this is the destination for you. Inland the country has some beautiful national parks where you can spot some natural birdlife, including royal eagles and vultures.

Portugal is also a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to wine growing. Their vineyards are some of the oldest in Europe. The Alta Duoro Wine Region, where the famous Porto wines come from, is a UNESCO-protected Heritage Site.

The beaches in Portugal are mostly comprised of delicate, white-gold sand. The sea breezes are often gentle and provide a cooling respite from the heat of the sun. You can find some wilder beaches barely visited by tourists that can feel like your own private playground.

Portugal is a fantastic holiday location for individuals, couples and families alike. You can find something for everyone whether you are there to relax, have an adventure or indulge in its fine wines.

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