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Help your kids to sleep well with these tips.

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Children are notoriously known for not sleeping for a few years, and when you have a baby you expect to not sleep for a little while. You expect that your baby will wake up for feeds and changes, and you know that they will wake up while you are trying to sleep. Quality sleep is so important for grown ups, but children need it, too. Experts say that children need 13-15 hours of sleep, lowering to 12 hours of sleep as they get older. They grow while they sleep, and for that to happen without issue, your children need to have a comfortable space to relax.

Your children can have a good night of sleep and whether you buy new divan beds to help them with this, or you choose to add new blankets and dark shades, you can create a space that promotes happy and safe sleep for your children. You need your children to have quality sleep, and that starts with ensuring that their space is comfortable. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can get your children sleeping well.


  • Cultivate a good routine. Children need to have a consistent sleep and wake time and the best thing to do for this one is to ensure that your child is getting to sleep around two hours after their tired signals start up. You can consider a good routine with their bedtime to be a way to relax your kids. They’ll know what’s coming with bedtime if you’re sticking to the same times and options each day.
  • Think about the environment. If you consider that one child needs a night light but the other needs total darkness, you might think about splitting the kids into different rooms. Create routines and environments that suit each individual child. So, adding blackout blinds in one room and nightlights in another will help you to get your children sleeping well. You want to do things that will help them to sleep, and that differs for each child.
  • Reduce their stress. Yes, they may be children, but they can still be stressed. High stress levels lead to cortisol production, and that ensures that your children have a hard time relaxing enough to go to sleep. Help them to practice deeper breathing and listening to calm music, and then create message times for your children. Relaxing baths can help, and you can send them to sleep feeling secure and ready for the day.
  • Say goodbye to the Boogeyman. Children feel more vulnerable before they go to sleep, so ensuring that you alleviate their fears can help. Create Monster Spray with edible glitter and water and ask them to spray it in the corners of the room where they see monsters. It’ll help them to feel as if they are in control of the monsters.
  • Ask the kids what they need. If your children are old enough to tell you, ask them to tell you what will make their bedroom a comfortable and calm space. They can get involved in the planning, which will help you to decide what’s best for their bedroom with them. The element of control you give them will make a difference to their sleep in a positive way, too.
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