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Top 10 Home Locks to Secure Your Home or Business

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Are you looking to update your locks at home? Or are you hunting for a reliable set that you can use for your office space?

Since the start of the pandemic, certain areas in the United States reported a spike in home break-ins. Thus, the need for reliable home locks and commercial security products is a must.

With different door lock types available, how do you find the right ones for your property? Continue reading below for 10 of the best locks for home or business properties.

1. Conventional Deadbolts

One of the favorite home locks for quite some time already is the conventional deadbolts. Some also consider it as one of the standards in home locks. Conventional deadbolts generally feature a single-cylinder as their main mechanism.

Opening a deadbolt lock requires a key that you turn on the outside. There is also a thumb turn on the inside of the lock.

If you live in a relatively peaceful community and you want additional peace of mind, investing in a conventional deadbolt lock should do the trick. It covers all the basics with simplicity.

2. Smart Locks

Smart door locks come in different forms. Some feature remote control access while others use voice command technology.

You can also find smart locks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. The best thing these locks offer is convenience. Since they use a certain kind of technology, they generally don’t require any manual locking.

Some of the best smart locks for home also connect with your smartphone. This allows you to open doors with a single tap using your device.

3. Handlesets

Do you want something that looks classy but still gives you a decent level of security? Then a handleset lock is an excellent choice to consider. Its distinct feature is the handle on the external side.

It also comes with a twist knob or a keyed opening on the internal portion, which completes the locking motion. Instead of a spring bolt, it uses a deadbolt for a higher level of security.

Even if handlesets serve the same purpose as regular doorknobs, they take things a notch higher in terms of appeal and aesthetics.

4. Electronic Locks With Keypad

If an average deadbolt is something that doesn’t fit your style, you can go for an electronic lock with a keypad as an alternative. This type of lock comes with many features. It doesn’t require any physical keys.

Instead, it uses a keypad where you can input your passcode to open the door. This means you don’t need to worry about losing any keys or misplacing them.

When it comes to the passcode, you can personalize and assign them to each member of the family. The same thing goes if you’re planning to install electronic locks in your workplace. You can give personalized passcodes and limit them to authorized personnel.

These may seem overwhelming at first, but a reputable commercial locksmith in Kansas can guide you with the setup.

5. Fingerprint and Retinal Scan Locks

Fingerprint door locks offer many benefits. For starters, they combine top-notch security and convenience.

Only a verified person can get access to the door through his registered fingerprints. This means burglars will have second thoughts of breaking into your office, at least through the main door.

When it comes to access, you don’t need to use any keys. You also don’t need to punch any codes or passwords. All you need is your fingerprint to open the door.

6. Chain Locks

Technically, chain locks don’t serve as your main lock at home. However, they still do a remarkable job of fortifying your main lock. Chain locks use the main locking assembly on the door, as well as a catch on the door frame.

Its function resembles a barrel bolt. However, instead of a cylinder piece, it uses a chain to perform the locking function.

The good thing about chain locks is that they give you a chance to see who’s behind the door. You can do so without having to open the door completely. It also doesn’t leave enough space for the person to enter.

Alternatively, you can use bars instead of a chain. A trusted residential locksmith in Kansas City can install this supplemental lock with ease.

7. Mortise Lock

This is a traditional type of lock that combines the features of a deadbolt and a doorknob. It is also one of the favorites for commercial properties and businesses due to its design.

Even if it traces its roots back to the 18th century, its intricate parts offer remarkable performance. This lock is one of the strongest and most reliable, thanks to its dual device construction.

8. Electromagnetic Locks

If you own a commercial property and you want to secure different kinds of doors, an electromagnetic lock is worth checking out. This type of lock works by holding the door to the frame.

It uses a combination of an electrically charged plate and some magnets. Electromagnetic locks work best on exterior glass doors, automatic doors, swinging doors, and emergency exits.

9. Cylindrical Lever Locks

Are you looking for something similar to deadbolt locks but is more flexible and easy to use? Give the cylindrical level lock a try.

It features a lever as its main knob. This means it works best on larger doors because of the space the lever occupies. Though it may not be a favorite for residential use, it does a fairly good job of securing exterior doors in small offices and large buildings.

10. Electric Strike Locks

Last but not least is the electric strike lock. It is a type of lock that also serves as a fail-secure device. It locks the door and keeps it so whenever a power outage occurs.

However, people from the inside can open it by using a doorknob. As for the ones outside, they won’t be able to open the door. This lock is a common choice for securing doors in high-security areas.

Install the Best Commercial and Home Locks

By investing in reliable home locks, you can frustrate burglars and protect your valuables in the process. Apart from choosing the right type of locks, you also need a trusted locksmith to install them. Thankfully, you came to the right place.

Connect with us today and tell us more about your lock-related concerns. We offer comprehensive locksmith services for homes and businesses alike.

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