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Tips on How to Solve Delivery Challenges

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Nowadays, everyone wants same-day or next-day delivery but they remain a nightmare for businesses due to the complicated logistics involved in the process. Sellers are struggling to find ways to overcome delivery challenges in an effort to keep their customers happy.

Studies have revealed that up to 55 percent of customers will switch to a competitor without blinking an eye if they offer a better delivery service. Meeting the accelerated delivery demands has never been more important to retain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Every company, from global enterprise down to small e-commerce sellers are focused on meeting the delivery demands of their customers and optimizing their business performance. However, last mile delivery will continue to present very real challenges but there are ways to cover the most common problems.

High Cost

Last mile delivery costs account for 53 percent of all operational costs. Expenses like fuel, vehicle labor, warehousing, and maintenance all have to be factored into the total. Other high costs that many don’t mention is the money paid for failed delivery, extra stops, or complex routes which can easily double the delivery cost.

At this time, the only solution to minimize the high cost is to use effective software so you can track, organize, and plan every delivery. You can use the software to detail a cost effective approach so you can reduce your delivery operation expenses.

Late Deliveries

A late delivery will quickly cause customer dissatisfaction. Customers want to know an acceptable and prompt delivery time frame. A delivery delay will damage your company’s reputation and credibility.

You must guarantee that your last mile delivery system will deliver on time. To achieve this, you must maintain communication, route planning, and collaboration during all aspects of the delivery process, so your customers stay satisfied by enjoying on time deliveries.

Customer Errors

When a customer provides the wrong details, such as an incorrect address, then things can grind to a halt quickly in the last mile delivery process. The best way to overcome this problem is to keep your customers updated on the delivery every step of the way. Notify them when the item has shipped, is in transit, and when it will be delivered and the address where it will arrive.


Last mile delivery service is challenging but with the latest technology and automation tools, you can overcome the hurdles to ensure your customers have a premium experience.

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