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CFA New Point of Sale 3-D Displays

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CFA and Stackawraps a London Based innovation Company have created a new, innovative proprietary process for creating a stunning 3-D point of sale displays, using corrugated card stock, that is sustainable and affordable.

Though cardboard is a better and more sustainable choice when it comes to point of sales displays, the corrugated industry has been stagnant with very little in the area of fresh ideas and innovation in the past few years. Therefore, CFA is excited to share a game-changing innovation that is designed to shake-up the industry and bring a proprietary process to the world of retail sales displays and promotions.

What Are Point of Sale (POS) Displays?

Point-of-sale (POS) displays are powerful marketing tools that set any product apart from the competition to increase sales or display products for special promotions. These marketing items are placed on top of promoted merchandise, hung from ceilings or consist of a display that shelve or hangs a product within retail stores. Strategically located throughout a retail establishment, POS displays are typically featured in high traffic areas on the sales floor, or near checkout lanes.

Point-of-sales materials and displays are oftentimes made of plastic or heavy cardboard. Our POS displays are made in a 100% solar-powered plant with recyclable material.


How POS Displays Help Your Business


The point of sale is when the key elements of a retail sale – your motivated consumer, their money, and the product – all align. With POS displays, manufacturers and retailers can influence a consumer’s buying decision with strategically placed, eye-catching promotional materials and displays. The main purpose of any POS display is to:

  1. Increase Brand Awareness. POS displays serve an important role in highlighting and promoting specific merchandise in a store filled with thousands of products. Rather than being merchandised on a shelf with its competitors, a product being promoted with a POS display stands out from the rest. POS displays can effectively promote new products, highlight specific product information and features of new or current products or advertise a contest or sweepstakes promotion hosted by the product brand.
  2. Increase Impulse Buying. Consumers typically have a purchasing plan for specific items when they enter a store. One goal of POS displays is to encourage customers to deviate from that plan and purchase a product on impulse. A well-executed POS display can influence consumer’s decisions, get them excited about a product and get them to pick up that product and buy it even though it wasn’t on their shopping list.

What Makes CFA Promo’s POS Displays Stand Out?


Here at CFA, our displays and advertising materials are a sustainable, affordable solution to expensive vac-form, plastic displays. CFA uses Pana-Wrapping, a groundbreaking technique developed to convert 2-dimensional images into 3-D graphical embellishments. We take a 2D image file, keeping full photographic realism without distortion and generate technical print and cut files for output to be made into 3D products to add to your displays.

Beautifully created with corrugated cardstock, our partner’s patent-pending designed POS displays are sustainable and recyclable, ship flat, store flat and are more affordable than other designs that use bulky, plastic materials. The old-school materials take far too much space to store, are expensive to ship and difficult to assemble not to mention taking far too much of your advertising budget.

CFA New Point of Sales 3-D Displays

Types of POS Displays

CFA offers several types of point of sales displays and materials. All of which are made with our partner’s proprietary software and Pana-Wrapping technique to create stunning, colorful advertising and promotional displays.

Ceiling Danglers

Ceiling danglers are 2 or 3 sided promotional signs that are made to be hung from the ceiling and “dangling” at eye-level, or just above the products or area of the store to which you want to bring attention. These inexpensive modes of advertising are perfect for smaller retail establishments, boutiques, restaurants, and bars.


Our Standees are free-standing displays that can be multi-sided and feature a product or promotion or be used to be hung from a ceiling. With the flexibility to be placed just about anywhere within a retail establishment, standees are a very popular choice to make a big impact and bring attention to specific products or special promotions. Standees are often fashioned with spokespeople or a large-scale photo of a product.

Case Stackers

Case stacker displays are for bigger, heavier items that are bulk stacked on each other. Case stacker displays wrap around the product and are emblazoned with messaging and imagery for additional marketing power. Bulk stacks are usually placed in center isles and in the storefronts to make a huge impact on shoppers.

Smaller versions of case stackers can be custom designed to fit smaller bulk items inside (see top photos) or made with shelves to display smaller boxed products. The addition of a case stacker can provide shoppers with additional information on the products or sweepstakes in connection with the product.

Header Cards

Header cards are a piece of card stock that is printed with your product information, logos, and graphics. Often, they are die-cut to allow for hanging from hooks and shelves on store displays. Header cards can also be folded over the top of a polybag and stapled, securing your product in the bag and clearly displaying your beautiful product logo and information.

Pole Toppers

Pole toppers are poles with promotional advertising signs on top. Pole toppers are perfect for placing inside bulk stacked displays or attached to case stacker displays to grab a shopper’s attention. Pole toppers can be as large or as small as you desire and can be designed with colorful logos, product photos or promotional information.

Why Our Displays are Unique

CFA has created the world’s first & only commercialized solution to digitally convert flat art files into a 3D shape, without any distortion or stretching of the original image. The shapes are printed on high-density card stock using new, proprietary software-managed die-cut & printing techniques to create 3D shapes on retail POS materials.

Our new one-sheet 3D printing system delivers a cost-effective alternative to complex three-dimensional POS applications.

In addition, our POS signs, standees and displays:

  • Are printed using HD inks on Matte or Gloss laminate.
  • Have a photo-quality finish.  Featured image/product package POPS off the background.
  • Print die-cut backgrounds up to 8’-wide on one piece for a clean, seamless look.
  • Protects packaging integrity.  No distortion of the original branded package image.
  • Precision die-cut panels fold together to push out a panoramic model.
  • Featuring inter-locking tab system holds panels in place.
  • Have a flat pack design, are modular and are efficient & easy to ship and assemble.
  • Quick, easy and foolproof setup.
  • Collapses flat when not in use allowing for easy storage. Durable – reusable.

We Love Our Planet

At CFA we are environmentally conscious and we love our planet. That’s why our exclusive point of sales materials are sustainable & efficient, replacing plastic vac-form molds with environmentally-friendly card stock. In addition, our production plant is 100% solar-powered. Just one more reason why you will love our products, our top-notch customer service and the personalized treatment we give to each and every client. Contact us today at 617-335-6937 or [email protected] and see what we can do to make your business and products stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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