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TimeTrakGO Introduces a Game-Changer in Workforce Management Dashboard

TimeTrakGO is excited to introduce the Total View Dashboard. This is a groundbreaking addition to its suite of workforce management solutions. As a trusted leader in the industry, the company constantly strives to innovate and provide its clients with cutting-edge tools to enhance their workforce management processes.


Port Huron, MI, June 20, 2023— TimeTrakGO, a leading innovative workforce management solutions provider, is delighted to unveil its groundbreaking Total View Dashboard. The company has set this cutting-edge feature to revolutionize how businesses handle employee time tracking in the office and remotely.

With the ever-evolving dynamics of the modern workplace, organizations require comprehensive and streamlined solutions to manage their workforce effectively. TimeTrakGO’s Total View Dashboard offers an unparalleled level of visibility and control. TimeTrakGO empowers businesses to optimize their operations through this control as no other organization has before.

The company’s powerful employee time clock software is at the core of TimeTrakGO’s Total View Dashboard. This advanced technology gives businesses a centralized hub for managing and monitoring employee attendance, ensuring accurate time tracking, and promoting a productive work environment.

One of the standout features of the Total View Dashboard is its seamless integration of remote employee time tracking. Since remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent, businesses need a solution that bridges the gap between in-office and remote teams. TimeTrakGO’s Total View Dashboard offers real-time visibility into remote employee time tracking. This feature enables managers to effortlessly track hours worked, monitor PTO (Paid Time Off), and maintain productivity across all teams regardless of location.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Total View Dashboard, a true game-changer in workforce management,” said Chris Rice, Vice President of Sales. “Our goal is to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution that caters to their evolving needs. With our innovative employee time tracking capabilities and seamless integration of remote workforce management, we are confident that TimeTrakGO will significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in any organization.”

The Total View Dashboard’s user-friendly interface and customizable features make it easy for businesses of all sizes to tailor the software to their specific requirements. The Total View Dashboard offers a complete suite of tools to simplify workforce management. This ranges from generating detailed reports to managing employee schedules.

A team of dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional customer support and continuous product enhancements work together with TimeTrakGO’s Total View Dashboard. TimeTrakGO ensures businesses can access a reliable and future-proof solution for managing their workforce effectively with their expertise and industry-leading technology.

About TimeTrak Systems:

We offer straightforward, web-based solutions for employee time tracking and scheduling. Our primary goal is to simplify the process and provide businesses with efficient tools to manage their workforce effectively. With our innovative graphical employee time cards, we have revolutionized the way companies handle payrolls. This is because we ensure accuracy while saving valuable time and resources. Our user-friendly platform guarantees streamlined operations and helps businesses achieve optimal results in their workforce management endeavors.

Contact Information:

Organization: TimeTrak Systems

Contact Person: Chris Rice, Vice President of Sales

Phone Number: 888-321-9922

Address: 933 Pine Grove Avenue


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