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These Bad Habits Are Harming Your Kid’s Health

We’ve all got bad habits, but some are worse than others. If a bad habit only harms yourself, then it’s up to you whether or not you pack it in. But, when your habits start harming your children, then you definitely need to stop.

So, here are some terrible habits that are damaging your kid’s health, and how you can kick them:


Clearly, smoking is terrible for your health – and the health of those around you. The effects of second-hand smoke are well-known, and you run the risk of giving your children lung problems for life. They could develop asthma – or worse, get lung cancer.

With that in mind, you need to kick this bad habit for good. The most effective way of doing so is by swapping out cigarettes for something similar – like vaping. The feeling is similar to that of smoking, but it doesn’t carry the same health concerns. Plus, you can get vape mods that alter the experience and make it more enjoyable for you. As such, this helps you stay away from cigarettes as you find vaping far more pleasing.

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Binge Eating

Your eating habits can have a direct and indirect effect on your children. For one, if you only eat fast food, and you pack your fridge and cupboards full of fatty and sugary treats, then what will your children eat? They’ll have whatever you’ve bought, meaning they can gain weight and be at risk of childhood obesity.

Secondly, kids copy their parents. If you bring them up while binge eating and not being healthy, then what do you think they’ll do?! They follow the same path, leading to a life of health problems. So, quit this habit by getting rid of the junk food in your home. Buy healthier alternatives, start cooking nutritious meals, and cut down on the takeaways. Lead by example, eat healthily, and your children will follow suit.


That’s right, your habit of being lazy can harm your children’s health. Firstly, if you’re lazy, then you’ll take the easy way out all the time. You drive your kids to school, rather than walking with them. This means they miss out on physical activity, and they also become lazy.

Also, you’re less inclined to go out and play with them, which encourages them to fall into lazy habits – like staying in and watching TV all day. Plus, they follow your example and will probably grow up to be lazy and inactive. Children need to be active, and you should do your best to lead by example again. Walk to school instead of driving, go out on bike rides, play with them in a park. Do whatever you can to get yourself off the sofa and be more active. As a result, your kids will naturally be more active as well.


See, some of your bad habits don’t just affect you. As a parent, you have a responsibility to let your children grow up healthy. Quit these bad habits, and you ensure that your children aren’t the victims of health issues caused by your behaviour.

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