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Residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction today, and one of the most difficult to deal with since alcohol is available and acceptable socially.

In recent years, close to 30 percent of adults said that they had binge drank within the past month.

Knowing the line between being a social drinker and having a problem can be difficult. Once you do realize you need help, residential alcohol addiction treatment can be a tremendous option.

To learn more about this form of treatment, read on.

What is Residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

With residential alcohol addiction treatment, you’re staying at a center that will help you through detox and recovery. They’ll monitor you around the clock, and you’ll have access to an entire medical team that will assist you.

Since alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, you must get professional help in your recovery once you realize you’re addicted.

What You Need to Know About Residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Now that you know how residential alcohol addiction treatment works, you’ll need to learn what to expect from this treatment, and how to find the best clinic. Consider the following:

1. Get the Best Medical Detox Treatment

When going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you’ll experience flu-like symptoms, high fever, and chills, vomiting, seizures, and hallucinations. Because these symptoms are so severe, you’ll want the help of nurses and doctors by your side around the clock.

Because this is so important to your recovery, research the company that you’re deciding on and ask about their medical detox procedure. You’ll want to know you are in the care of the best and that you’re adequately monitored and hydrated while detoxifying your body of the alcohol.

2. Ask About Their Addiction and Recovery Philosophy

Each residential alcohol rehab center has its own set of philosophies and core principles.

For instance, some make behavioral therapy the most foundational part, while others focus on nutrition or spiritual aspects. A lot of treatment centers feature yoga classes because this practice is known for its ability to help with addiction recovery.

Find out precisely how your rehab center of choice views addiction and recovery so you can see which resonates with you.

3. Meet the Medical Director and Staff

It’s also important to personally meet the medical director and the lead doctors and nurses on the staff.

Aside from checking their background and credentials, be sure you’re choosing a facility that can specifically accommodate your needs. Every addiction case is different, so you’ll need to choose a clinic that has the right medical staff to prescribe the treatments that will be the most effective for you.

Be sure to ask them what goes into their treatment plans, and ask for an example of one of their programs. Make sure that their facilities are clean and well-kept, and that they have all of the medical technology and comforts you would expect.

4. Make Behavioral Therapy a Priority

Regardless of which alcohol rehab residence you choose, you’ll need one that makes behavioral therapy a priority. It is through different forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy programs that you will get to know the roots of your addiction.

In most cases, the addiction will have sprung from some trauma or coping mechanism. You’ll need ongoing therapy to help you process this evaluation and your day to day thinking.

Behavioral therapy will be especially important once you transition back into your healthy life, at which point you may also need family therapy. Handling the mental aspect of addiction recovery will be the true mark of success or failure, so make sure that the rehab center you choose has all the right resources.

5. Choose a Treatment Center That Focuses on Nutrition and Life Wellness

Any time you’re going into addiction recovery, the process will be centered around rewiring old habits with new ones. The best way to make these sorts of total body changes is to clean up your diet.

When you’re feeding your body the healthiest food that it needs and craves, you’ll have clear thinking and more emotional space to balance your life. This helps you keep addictions at bay and continuously make improvements.

It is for this reason that your rehab of choice should have a licensed and certified nutritionist guiding you through the nutrition therapy program. Research the program to make sure they pass nutritional information onto recovering patients. This will help you bring those healthy eating habits back home as you rebuild your life.

6. Consider the Cost of This Treatment

Of course, you’ll need always to consider the cost of alcohol rehab treatment. Since no two addiction cases are the same, this cost truly depends on a lot of different factors.

Some of these factors include the severity of your addiction and how long you’ll need residence, the types of medications involved, whether you need access to certain specialists, whether or not you have pre-existing illnesses or conditions, and a host of other factors.

Before receiving service, you’ll be given an overall evaluation that will also help you figure out how much the treatment will cost.

Recover From Your Alcohol Addiction

Residential alcohol addiction treatment can be a lifesaver if you have an alcohol problem. Reaching out to one of these facilities is a step past the addiction and getting your life back on track.

If you’re looking for help quitting alcohol, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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