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The Ultimate Guide To Showing That You Care’

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In the time of global health concerns, our psyche has been rocked. What we took for granted in our lives has had to morph into a new normal. At the beginning of the year, you were probably planning for your summer vacation and looking forward to spending some time with family and friends. This has now been brought into doubt because of the health crisis. This means that we have all had to reflect on our priorities and what is important to us. Whereas before, you were concerned about having a swanky car that turned heads parked up on your driveway and you were something of a workaholic, you now care more about being able to see your parents, spending time with the kids to see them grow up, and spending time in the great outdoors.

What the global health has brought into focus is what we really care about. Sure, material things can help to make our lives easier or more efficient, but they don’t give us that human connection that we are lacking at the moment. Everyone has been touched by this crisis in some way and it is making everyone across the globe consider what they want out of life. Nothing now can be taken for granted. In your new reflective mood, you might be more keen than ever to show the people that you love just how much you appreciate them. Take a look at this guide to find out how you can demonstrate just how much you care.

Going Out

Heading to the movies or going out for dinner is not as easy as it once was. As the lockdown is easing, businesses including restaurants and cinemas are introducing measures to allow potential customers and diners to shop, view movies, and eat in confidence. People have spent a long time in the comfort of their own homes and many are eager to head out once again. If your loved one is feeling a little claustrophobic indoors, why not take them out? Investigate those eateries in your local area that have excellent Crisis-secure policies. Check out the latest reviews online and see whether the waiting staff wear masks, look at the social distancing measures they have in place, and take note of face-covering advice.

For many, going out again for the first time on a date night can be daunting. Just a few short months ago, you would have ventured to the theatre or hot-footed it to your favourite chain restaurant without worrying about a thing. Now, there is so much more to consider. If the tables are too close together or the waitress is coughing all over the food, you are not going to feel confident when eating your meal.

Rather than heading out, you can choose to remain indoors but do something a little different to recreate the vibe of a date night. Think about cooking a three course meal for your soulmate. Rustle up some of their favourite dishes, decorate the dining room, and light some candles. A romantic dinner for two can really show the person that you love just how much you care. You don’t have to put too much pressure on venturing out and about just yet, if you prefer to stay at home for a little longer.

The Little Things

If your nearest and dearest loves nothing more than the scent of roses or the blossoming bouquets of lilies, why not think about securing the services of an online flower delivery service. Ordering online flowers is easy and doesn’t require you to go out. You can head to an online florist rather than a physical equivalent during this crisis. The choice of flowers is vast and your wife or girlfriend will be over the moon that you have thought about them and created a bespoke bouquet for them. Flowers are great mood lifters just to say thank you and your loved one will adore them.

Other little things that you can do to show you care include making breakfast in bed, making all of the cups of tea for a day, doing the washing up, picking up the hoover without being asked, and offering to pick the kids up from school. As more people are working from home and being forced to spend time together, more arguments can occur. This is simply because you aren’t used to being in one another’s pockets so much. It’s ok to give yourself and your love some breathing space. One of the most pleasant little things that you can do to show your soulmate that you care is to offer to head out for an afternoon to give your girlfriend or wife some much-needed time to herself.

Make Something

If you are watching the purse strings and you don’t fancy spending a small fortune on a gift to show how much you care, consider making something. This might result in something that looks like a ten year old made it, but it really is the thought that counts. Think about creating a picture frame or making a photo scrapbook. By putting some of your photographs together, you can relive the memories of your wedding day, your trip of a lifetime to Japan, or you could chart your relationship from your first photo to your last. This will raise a smile or provoke a tear, but it will show your loved one just how much you appreciate them and care.

Personal and more bespoke gifts show a lot more thought than a box of chocolates or a generic necklace from a jeweller. Handcrafting something also adds a touch of care and thought that a shop-bought gift simply doesn’t have.

Pay Attention

The easiest way to show that you care is to pay attention to your spouse or girlfriend. How many times has she asked you whether she looks nice only for you to say yes without lifting your head or tearing yourself away from your favourite box set on Newflix? It’s time to begin listening a little more and paying attention to what your loved one is saying and doing. Pay her compliments regularly and enjoy telling her how much you love her. 

If your girlfriend has had a particularly rough virtual meeting with a colleague or client and she wants to vent, let her. Don’t switch off and simply nod and uh-huh in all of the right places. Show that you care by offering up some useful advice, and be a shoulder to cry on or a sounding board to vent at. Ask if they are ok and take an interest in what they are saying even if you don’t find the topic or subject interesting!

During these difficult times, it is more important than ever to show the people that you love just how much you care. People across the globe are having to deal with relatives and friends succumbing to illnesses which can be devastating. If you are fortunate to have escaped the direct impact of the health crisis, it’s time to consider how you can adjust to the new normal. This doesn’t just mean the practical things like washing hands more, working from home more often, wearing a face-covering in public, and spending more time in the garden. You need to consider how you approach life, think about what is important to you, and consider how you want to spend your days on this planet. Follow this guide and you can show your nearest and dearest just how much you care.

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