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Sarasota Website Design: 4 Important Website Design Trends for 2022

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Have you been analyzing your website statistics and realizing that your bounce rate is increasing and your traffic is decreasing? Something’s not right then, and it may be your website layout and design.

With 2022 comes new Sarasota website design trends that you have to stay up with. Here are a few designs that people are loving in 2022. Once you read through this, you’ll want to implement them in no time to boost your traffic again!

1. Minimalism

Keeping things simple is one of the biggest website design tips we have for 2022. When you overdo a Sarasota website design, it can be too much for the website visitor to go through.

Instead, keeping it simple with only the most important things in the website layout can make the user experience much better.

To do this:

  • Use neutral colors
  • Add a header menu to keep the design simple
  • Get rid of the sidebar
  • Use fonts that are easy to read

There are so many other ways to create a minimalistic website, but these tips will help you get started!

2. Oversized Typography

This trend is a great thing to keep in mind when building a website. If you are trying to make a statement with a smaller text, you can oversize the font to make sure the reader’s attention goes to it.

This is beneficial on a home page of a website or in the header section of the website as well.

3. Visual Storytelling

These days, everyone loves a good visual. Having too much text on your website can be overwhelming for the visitor, and they will most likely navigate away in just a few seconds.

Using images, photos, short videos, graphics, infographics, and other visual design elements can enhance the user experience.

4. Using Light and Dark Modes

How many times are you on a website while in bed and squinting because the bright white background is just too bright in your dark room? If that sounds like something you’ve been through before, then when designing your website, you will want to keep this in mind.

Creating the ability to toggle back and forth between light and dark modes can help the overall user experience. Whether the user simply likes looking at the Internet with a dark mode at all times or to help people change modes with different types of lighting around them, it is a trending design element to add to your website.

2022 Website Design Trends

You don’t want to miss these website design trends of 2022. Whether you implement just one of the trends or try to use a few of them, you’ll be enhancing your ability to create a beautiful website with an amazing website layout design.

But creating and designing a Sarasota website is not always easy. Here at Karma Marketing + Media in Sarasota, we’ve been helping businesses create beautiful web designs for almost 20 years.


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