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Need to Implement New IT Policies? Now is the time.

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A fresh start and a new year is the perfect time to implement new policies in your business, including IT policies. Odds are, if you’re thinking about implementing a new policy, you’ve been thinking about it for a while; and it’s probably caused problems with your employees. Actually creating and implementing a new policy can be difficult for a company of any size, but especially in a small business. Your employees are more likely to be used to their ways and unwilling to change them very much. However, implementing new IT policies are usually the right action if there’s a need for them.

The first step after identifying the need is determining what the policy should say exactly; the wording is very important. Using terms such as “generally”, “typically”, “usually”, and “may” is a good way to keep the company safe in the event of the policy backfiring in any way.

Not only does the policy need to be written in clear, concise language, it needs to be announced in a clear and concise way. Providing employees with a detailed memo is a great way to distribute the information and any other specifications. Give your employees a firm date that the policy goes into effect and list your contact information in case they have questions.

Some other components of a new policy to consider are a glossary, in case your employees are not all super-tech savvy, a purpose statement to give a bit of reasoning, and an implementation section. Put yourself in the shoes of your employees before writing a policy or the coordinating memo; it can really help to give yourself a direction with the policy.

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