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10 Labor Day Gifts Your Employees Will Love

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Want to honor your employees this Labor Day? Try getting them one of these Labor Day gifts, which they are sure to appreciate.

Are you ready for Labor Day? Have you figured out the best ways to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work?

Labor Day gifts are a great tradition, but it’s time to switch things up a bit. Instead of handing out the same gifts as last year, why not try to find something unique and fun?

Koozies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re useful and last for years. Plus, they’re customizable, letting you get the exact design you want for your employees.

Not sure what’s available? Keep reading for some gifting inspiration!

1. Collapsible Koozie

This fabric collapsible koozie is a great accessory for anyone wanting extra protection for their drinks while on the go. It folds right up into a small size and fits in pockets and purses with no trouble at all.

It makes for a creative gift for your employees since they’ll have no trouble bringing this to and from work every day.

The fabric feels smooth to the touch, and it’s available in many different colors. With your own custom design added on top, this is a gift for everyone.

2. Hard Foam Coolie

If a soft fabric isn’t the style you’re looking for, then this hardened foam variety is sure to be a winner. What you lose in collapsibility you gain in versatility with this cooler option.

The hardened foam stands wherever you place it, letting it double as a miniature bowl or centerpiece when not in use as a cooler. Perfect for collecting pens or other accessories on an office desk!

With the added option to get these foam coolers in a wide variety of colors and designs, it’s a great choice for any office gift.

3. Bottle Koozie

Looking for something even more unique than a standard foam cooler? This Labor Day, encourage your employees to drink more water with the help of a bottle cooler.

It gives a snug fit around standard plastic water bottles, retaining a cool temperature (and a cool style!) for many hours at a time. Who doesn’t love having cold water available at all times?

4. Fabric Bottle Cooler

This kind of bottle cooler is an upgrade from the last one. Made of smooth fabric, it slips right over most bottle sizes.

With the addition of a drawstring, this coolie sits snug without ever falling off. It makes it even easier to carry around from one place to another by doubling as a handle.

On top of that, the bottom of this cooler comes with extra piping, helping it to stand on its own.

5. Unique Jersey Coolie

A smile lights up the face of anyone who sees one of these jersey coolers. Why not give that same kind of gift to your employees?

Jersey coolies are quirky and they’re fun. It looks very much the bottle is wearing a real jersey, complete with your own design and color choice.

The little sleeves are the best part of a jersey cooler design, flapping this way and that. It’s certain to be amusing to see these creative Labor Day gifts around the office!

6. Coffee Sleeve

A good cup of coffee is hard to resist with its energizing deliciousness. Sometimes those containers are dangerous to touch, but who wants to wait for cold coffee?

With the help of a custom coffee sleeve, you’ll ensure that your employees always have extra protection against coffee burns. It also works to keep the drink warmer for longer, letting your employees enjoy their cup of coffee at the optimal temperature.

And with the option of any color imaginable, what’s not to love about these useful sleeves?

7. Tall Can Koozie

Energy drinks are a necessity for some people after a bad night’s sleep. The problem is that these drinks always come in those tall cans, but normal coolers don’t work well with that size.

That’s where these specific coolers come into play.

They’re designed to fit those super tall cans with ease. The best part is that there are three sizes available: 8 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz. This gives you the option to fit even more drinks into a customized cooler of your choice.

8. Solo Cups with Koozies

What office party is complete without a bunch of solo cups sitting in the hands of each person attending? Instead of going with the same old solo cups, give your next party an upgrade.

These cups come with their own coolers attached, giving these favorite red plastic cups a bit of a fun makeover.

9. Handle Coolers

Get rid of the chance that a drink might slip out of an employee’s hand and spill all over expensive equipment. A cooler with a built-in handle is the best way to keep that from happening. It’s sturdy and comforting to hold no matter what drink is inside.

Plus, being able to choose your own design for this cooler gives you a lot of different options to incorporate that handle in creative ways!

10. Custom Coasters

Sometimes employees prefer to have their drinks without an extra sleeve. The problem with this option is that the condensation on the drink’s edge ends up damaging certain office desks if they’re not careful.

By giving them a customized coaster this Labor Day, your employees get a cool gift while eliminating the possibility of a ruined desk. It saves you money in the long run so it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

Give Your Employees Unique Labor Day Gifts This Year

Gone are the days when Labor Day gifts consisted of common company pens or planners. Sure, Gary keeps losing all of his, but the rest of your employees might appreciate something different.

Instead, give your employees something fun and quirky. Something that’s useful and comes with a unique design they won’t find anywhere else. Something they’ll want to use every day.

Plus, it’s an enjoyable process to pick out these creative Labor Day gifts when there are so many possibilities available. It’s a win-win situation!

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