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The Top 6 Invisalign Myths, Busted

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Across the country, 28% of people try to avoid smiling so they don’t have to show off their teeth to others. That’s a real problem! Everyone should feel comfortable enough with their smile to laugh and enjoy their lives.

The good news is there are so many options available to make changes to teeth and the alignment to ease these insecurities. One of the best options is Invisalign, a system that uses clear retainers to systematically move the teeth into a new, straighter position.

Invisalign has been around for years and has done wonders for many people but there are so many misconceptions surrounding the technique. And that’s why we’ve debunked the six most common Invisalign myths for you today!

1. Can’t Handle Tough Cases

Being able to remedy crooked teeth with severe misalignment with a retainer-like system seems too good to be true. Many people haven’t even looked to get Invisalign because they don’t think the system will work for them and their difficult problems.

The truth is the Invisalign system can work for even some of the worst cases.

This is mainly because of the paced, methodic way the teeth are moved. Your orthodontist works to create a plan that is specifically tailored to your smile and the changes you’d like to see. The personalized approach allows for minor adjustments to be made along the way if needed to get the best results.

2. Ends Up Costing More

When using Invisalign to get straight teeth, you’ll be chaining out the invisible braces aligners every few weeks as the teeth move. This is why most people think this method will end up being much more expensive than a traditional orthodontic approach. It seems like there would be more overhead cost you’d have to cover with changing equipment so often.

In reality, it all depends on your specific situation and what work will need to be done to get you the smile you want.

For some, Invisalign is a much more affordable option than the traditional route. The best part is before you even begin your orthodontic journey, your orthodontist can lay out the plan for you and give you an outline of what the whole system will cost so you can make the most informed decision.

3. Always Have Unsightly Stains

One of the biggest Invisalign benefits is that the aligners are clear and can go unnoticed throughout your treatment. Many people would prefer this option to avoid any extra attention traditional braces may bring. But many worry that the aligners will easily stain and then be extra noticeable to others.

Fortunately, if taken care of properly, this shouldn’t be the case for anyone with Invisalign aligners.

The most important thing to remember is to take the aligners out while you’re eating or drinking anything but water. This keeps them from interacting with anything that could change their color. Then make sure to brush your teeth well before replacing them. Making sure there’s no interaction with leftover food keeps them crystal clear.

4. For Adults Only

As this type of system was becoming a relevant option in orthodontics, it seemed adults were the only ones to get Invisalign. So it sometimes has the reputation for only being available to adults who don’t want the traditional look of orthodontics.

But the good news is, Invisalign can work for most orthodontic patients!

Traditional orthodontic practices are generally used for children who are still in the development phase. Those procedures require more hardware and are often more complex systems. That’s why most orthodontists recommend Invisalign for teenagers and adults.

The key to knowing if your teenager can handle Invisalign is if they can be responsible to take care of them. They’ll need to properly care for them as well as keep on top of knowing when to change them to the next set in order to really see the results you’re looking for.

5. Takes Much Longer

The systematic way that Invisalign works of changing the teeth’ positioning a little at a time can make it seem like it would take much longer than a traditional route. But for many patients, it’s actually the opposite and Invisalign can work much faster.

This obviously depends on your individual treatment plan and how severe your misalignment case is. But you can work with your orthodontist to come up with your customized plan and see what your options are with the potential timeline. You’ll go into any treatment plan knowing what to expect which can bring a lot of confidence.

6. Change the Way You Talk

A concern many people have about starting an Invisalign treatment is that they’ll develop a lisp when using the aligners. The truth is this is a possibility when you get any kind of orthodontic treatment.

As you change the alignment of your teeth, your tongue will hit different places and that might cause you to sound a little bit different. It may also change the way you chew and eat your food depending on how much has to change within your mouth. But the good news is these changes are often very temporary.

Once you and your brain have gotten used to the new formation of your mouth, your speech patterns and eating habits can go back to normal. You’ll sound the way you always did with no lasting, permanent changes!

The Truth About Invisalign

Straightening a smile is a great way to not only improve the way you look and feel about yourself but also your overall health. There are so many aspects of wellness that are connected to our smiles, it’s an important investment to make.

But getting braces or other orthodontic procedures done can seem scary and overwhelming. We hope that by learning a little bit more about the Invisalign process, you can feel confident that there is the right option available to you and you can get the smile you’ve always wanted!

If you’re interested in learning more about the process and what your results could be, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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