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The Top 10 Website Design Trends We’re Going to Be Seeing A Lot Of In 2019

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48% of internet users cite website design as the number one factor they consider when determining a business’s credibility while 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website whose layout looks unattractive.

Your website is the representation of your business in the online business world. As such, you need to ensure it portrays your company in the best light possible.

‘Plain but informative’ will not take you very far in this age. Internet users are demanding more in terms of aesthetics and functionality. This article will discuss the top 10 website design trends to look out for in 2019.

Top Website Design Trends

As the battle to give users the best online experience rages on, designers are pushing the envelope more and more.

2018 saw to the breakout of innovative designs such as colorful gradients, grid-breaking layouts, unique illustrations, and captivating motions.

Here is what to expect in 2019.

1. Flat Design

As internet users’ need for fast-loading websites continues to increase, the flat design is becoming increasingly popular.

This design is a minimalist approach that features the use of clean and open space, simple two-dimensional illustrations, and bright colors.

These features make the website less data-heavy, thus resulting in overall quick loading time.

While it started off as just another trend, the flat design has quickly become the standard design for optimal websites.

You can, therefore, expect to see more and more sites utilizing this design in a bid to enhance their visitors’ experience.

2. Animated GIFs

In today’s world of ‘instant gratification’, website visitors are looking to get what they are looking for in your site instantly.

As such, the implication is that you have just a few seconds to not only capture their attention but also to give them what they have come looking for.

It is in this area that animated GIFs prove their worth.

GIFs can be incredibly helpful when you are looking to convey complex concepts in a short time in addition to being entertaining while at it.

Another benefit to using GIFs is that they hardly take up any data thus making them friendly on both desktop and mobile browsers.

3. Machine Learning and Conversational Bots

Artificial intelligence has been on the rise over the past few years and has quickly found its use in websites.

Today, you will find that most reputable websites feature a chatbot to help the visitor during their experience on the site.

As technology evolves, however, chatbots are becoming increasingly adept at their capabilities.

While in the past you could easily tell it was a robot on the other side due to nuances of communication, chatbots today are conversational and use everyday language.

This makes the user experience a lot better since it feels authentic.

4. Sketch is Becoming the Go-to Design Tool

When it comes to technology, there will always be a debate regarding which platform is the best. This can be seen in the cases of Android vs. Apple, JIF v. GIF, and Mac vs. PC.

The web design field is no different. The most utilized tools are Photoshop and Sketch, with both having diehards proclaiming that either is the ultimate web design software.

Nevertheless, Photoshop has been the go-to web design tool for years. In recent times, however, Sketch has been steadily gaining ground on Photoshop.

This is because Sketch is a tool that is specifically built for web design thus it covers almost the entire design process; from creating and prototyping to presentation.

In addition to its capability to handle most aspects of the design process, Sketch also has a powerful open-source library of plugins that are very useful to designers. You can expect more and more web designers to use this tool in 2019.

5. Split-Screen Design

For businesses that have more than one primary focus on their site, a split-screen layout allows you to visually explain your ideas without risking overwhelming the user with too much content.

This is why careful consideration should be taken when utilizing this design.

Nonetheless, you can expect to see more of it this year.

6. More Video

Using video can boost conversion by 80%. This can be attributed to people’s decreasing attention spans. Video offers them all the information they need without having to scroll down through endless pages.

In fact, findings reveal that businesses that utilize videos grow their earnings 49 percent faster than those that do not.

In light of these findings, look forward to video being incorporated more and more in web design.

7. Responsive Designs

More people than ever before are using mobile devices to browse the internet today.

As such, websites need to be optimized for mobile browsers. Failure to do so results in a high bounce rate (visitors not spending more than a few seconds on the site) due to incompatibility.

This ultimately affects your search rankings as search engine algorithms favor responsive designs. Compatibility with mobile is an important element of optimizing your web design for SEO.

8. Use of Organic Shapes

For a long time, websites have been using geometry shapes with sharp edges in a bid to show stability. While such shapes bring a trustworthy essence in designing, they feel too machine-like.

Lately, the trend has been organic rounded shapes as they give a sense of accessibility and comfort. Curves give a feeling of movement thus bringing life to web design elements.

9. One Page Applications

For e-commerce sites, it is the norm to take a customer through many pages in their purchase journey.

However, this method is giving way to the one-page application where a customer can execute their entire transaction on one form. This makes for a more streamlined purchasing process.

10. Data Visualization

This allows for the representation of infographics in dynamic and entertaining ways. Designers will start using data visualization techniques to bring data to life using shapes and animations.

This makes for improved customer experience.

Looking Forward

Website design will continue to evolve in order to meet the ever-changing user needs. A good browsing experience makes for a happy user.

A happy user is easier to convert into a customer. Consider the above website design trends if you are looking to upgrade.

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