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The Top 10 Best Kids Clear Glasses and Sunglasses

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It might still be summer break, but your kid can still be the coolest one in class!

Whether they’re apprehensive about wearing colored frames or just want to embrace this minimalist, modern trend, clear glasses are ideal.

These frames give you all of the benefits of designer eyewear, but allow your child’s beautiful eyes to take center stage!

Not sure which brands to shop? Today, we’re sharing 10 of the best kids clear glasses on the market. Take a look and find your new pint-sized favorites!

1. Kids Bright Eyes Reese Jr. 38

Kids Bright Eyes has long been a customer favorite, noted for its premium quality at affordable prices. The brand began as a family endeavor, created by two parents who needed stylish but cost-effective frames for their daughter, born with a rare eye condition.

The Reese Jr. 38 plastic frames are available in a size small. The same lenses are also available in a variety of frame colors, including bright purple, pink glitter, navy, and black, among others!

These eyeglasses are unisex, lightweight, and flexible. They’re also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, to boot!

2. Converse K011

The Converse brand is synonymous with cool, laidback style. Their Chuck Taylors are the epitome of iconic fashion!

With the Converse K011 clear frames, your child can rock the same type of look in a new and exciting way.

These plastic, full-rim frames come in a small or medium-size and feature a stylish, rectangular shape. You can also find these lenses with black/red or brown/navy frames, both featuring contrasting front and side colors.

3. Kids Bright Eyes Reese 42

Our Kids Bright Eyes Reese 42 frames are perfect for any little boy or girl! The plastic, unisex frames are available in a size small and make an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

Our favorite thing about this pair is that you can go as simple or spunky as you’d like. Not only are these lenses available in clear frames, but you can also select a clear glitter option, too!

Looking to add a splash of color? You can find the same lenses in a variety of colored frames, including bright purple and blush.

4. Ray Ban RJ9063S

Who doesn’t want to own a pair of Ray Bans? For decades, the brand has defined premium, top-quality eyewear.

These Ray Ban RJ9063S plastic, full-rim frames are as fashion-forward as they are comfortable and eye-catching. They are available in a size small, with bold red side frames.

The square shape is classic and flattering, while the Grey Rose lens color adds a touch of sophistication. You can also select other lenses for these translucent frames, including a tan/pink shade or cool aqua blue!

5. Kids Bright Eyes Dallas Jr. 43

Looking for a universal pair of clear eyeglasses that your child can wear every day? The Kids Bright Eyes Dallas Jr. 43 frames fit the bill.

These small frames are available in seven different frame colors, ranging from blush to black. Yet, the clear frames are true stunners on their own. All frames feature the same quality that you’ve come to expect from this customer-favorite brand.

6. Nike Flip M EV0989

Kids need eye protection from the sun, too! These ultra-cool sunglasses are classified as an adult pair but could fit older children. They’re the perfect blend of sporty and practical and would make a great pair to keep on hand for everyday wear.

The Nike Flip M EV0989 full-rim frames are completely clear, save for the trademark Nike swoosh on the sides.

There’s even a pink clear option for the older girls in your family! The square shape is universal and ideal for a day spent outdoors.

7. Converse K003

Another favorite from Converse!

The Converse K003 clear frames are rectangular and unisex. They are available in a size small and feature a sleek, woodgrain color on the sides.

The trademark “Converse” logo is displayed discreetly on the woodgrain for the perfect touch of cool. Classic and simple enough to wear every day, these are sure to become an instant favorite.

8. Kids Bright Eyes Drew 41

The Kids Bright Eyes Drew 41 frames are just plain fun!

These small, plastic frames are available in clear glitter for anyone who wants to add a little understated sparkle. You can also purchase these lenses in pink glitter or teal frames for days when you want to add a little more color.

9. Nike 7246

Technically adult eyeglasses, the Nike 7246 frames are available in a size medium. Though they might be a little big for your smaller children, they are ideal for the older kids in your family.

These frames are clear all the way around and feature a handsome square shape that’s fashionable and always in style. You can also purchase matte black, matte anthracite, or matte tortoise frames.

10. Kids Bright Eyes Dallas 46

We’ll end our list the same way we began it: With a favorite designer pair from Kids Bright Eyes!

The Dallas 46 frames are unisex and available in a size small. They’re lightweight, flexible, and feature a slightly rectangular shape. In addition to solid clear frames, you can also purchase these lenses in clear glitter!

When you want to mix it up a little, they’re also available in a range of other colored frames, including navy blue and pink glitter.

Shop Our Selection of Kids Clear Glasses Today

It’s no secret that we love bright, bold glasses! Yet, we also adore clear frames that let the wearer’s personality shine through, along with their dazzling eyes.

These kids clear glasses are the perfect option for the first-time lens wearer. They’re also a great choice for anyone who wants to express their style in a different and unexpected way.

When you’re ready to find your next favorite pair, we’d love to help.

We offer a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for both adults and children, as well as snow goggles and moto goggles! Feel free to take a look at our options today.

Along the way, reach out to our team if you have any questions, and let’s connect!

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