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The Mitsubishi Outlander – New Zealand’s Favourite Medium Sized SUV


Auckland, New Zealand, 12 February 2021 – As 2020 draws to a close, we look ahead with bated breath at the prospects 2021 will bring. Peaking over the horizon is the new 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander, the next stage in evolution for the iconic SUV that has proven itself a permanent fixture in the New Zealand market. While we could take the time to speculate what this evolution may entail, with expectations, it will follow previous improvements in the vehicle by going bigger and bolder, there is still a lot to be said about the current range of Mitsubishi Outlanders.

The original Mitsubishi Outlander hit the New Zealand market 16 years ago, making its debut in 2004 to unanimous praise. It set the new gold standard for medium sized SUVs due to a few key factors. Mitsubishi had kept their finger on the pulse, and provided them with a vehicle exactly what they wanted – an SUV that drove like a car, was appointed like a car, whilst still being a genuine 4WD and a versatile 7-seater that encompassed the features New Zealanders were after in an UTE. These considerations to the design of the original Outlander helped catapult it into being the number 1 seller on the New Zealand market. Since its debut, Mitsubishi has gone on to sell over 25,000 Outlanders and this figure has shown just how receptive New Zealanders are to these fantastic SUVs. This is because Mitsubishi’s Outlander was first to market to provide an SUV centred on the family unit, a five door SUV that is capable of accommodating anything a whanau may need it for. This is partly why, to date, the Outlander holds its own in a now very competitive and saturated market, holding a 16% market share.

But Mitsubishi didn’t just listen to customer demands for the first successful iteration of the Outlander. They continued to listen to driver feedback, and used this feedback to continue and refine its features before releasing the second iteration of the Outlander in 2013. This new model continued the trend that made the original crossover between sedan, hatch and 4WD so successful, while simultaneously incorporating a range of quality of life improvements to align it with customer expectations of modern day vehicles. With this ongoing development cycle of using consumer feedback to enhance every variance of the Outlander, 2015 would bring one of the biggest innovations to the Outlander yet – the introduction of the world’s first 4WD plug-in electric hybrid, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Just like the Outlanders that preceded it, Mitsubishi’s attention to detail and practical application of technology made the Outlander PHEV the world’s highest selling plug-in hybrid since December 2018.

While the new Outlander may be just around the corner, the impact of the current models cannot be disputed. It is still a powerhouse in its segment of the market, a segment that it helped to create, mould and continues to innovate in. With this being said, taking advantage of the runout sales of the current models is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. The Outlander is backed by the best new car warranty in the industry – the Diamond Advantage Warranty – a 10 year (or 160,000km) Powertrain and 5 year (or 130,000km) new vehicle warranty. This gives you peace of mind that your high quality vehicle will continue to be looked after well after you drive it off the lot. With such an incredible opportunity to score a new Outlander, it’s no wonder that Simon Lucas Mitsubishi customers stay loyal to the Outlander, loving it on delivery, and loving it even more after owning it.

Alex, a customer from Auckland’s North Shore remarked on their satisfaction with the Outlander saying “” We bought a new Outlander VRX last year and we are really impressed with the driving experience. We were lucky enough to go on a few road trips and we enjoyed the roomy interior and luggage space where we could fit all our camping gear. The technology inside is very advanced, it features plenty of safety features which give you peace of mind when driving in different road conditions. We haven’t had a single problem with the car, so far it has been very reliable. We really enjoy the heated seats, especially in winter mornings, when it is very cold. Having 7 seats is particularly useful when the kids have friends over, or when relatives visit from overseas. We have really enjoyed our Outlander and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great value SUV. ”

So keep an eye out for the Mitsubishi Outlander runout specials for great Outlander deals at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi.

Simon Lucas, managing director of Simon Lucas Mitsubishi said: “We bid a fond farewell to the current Outlander, and are looking forward to the new one. The competition on the New Zealand market in this particular segment is very strong and I am certain that in 2021 Mitsubishi will introduce a high quality, value for money and technology advanced vehicle to the kiwi consumers as the brand has done it before with Triton, ASX and Eclipse Cross.”

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