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The Mayor Takes Action Against Rat Infestation in New York

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City appoints a teacher to tackle the city’s rat infestation. This action follows concerns raised by Rove Pest Control’s Associate Certified Entomologist. Learn more here.


Southborough, MA, June 15, 2023, 2023- Mayor Eric Adams has announced that he is tasking Kathleen Corradi, an Anti Rat Activist former elementary teacher, to lead the fight against the millions of rats that infest the city. This decision comes in response to concerns raised by Rove Pest Control’s Associate Certified Entomologist. The entomologist recently published an article highlighting the need for more understanding among authorities about the co-evolution of the rat species and the importance of education in tackling the problem.

Kathleen Corradi, who is considered the Rat Czar, will work with city officials to develop a comprehensive strategy for Rat Extermination. Corradi’s education and community outreach background will hopefully be crucial in addressing the issue since the problem extends beyond just pest control.

According to a recent report by Boston Pest Control, New York City is one of the top three cities in the United States with the worst rat infestations. The report cites factors such as a lack of proper sanitation and a failure to properly control the rat population as crucial reasons for the problem.

“We need to educate New Yorkers on the importance of proper sanitation and waste management. They also need to understand the role they can play in reducing the rat population,” said Rob Greer, General Manager for Rove Pest Control. “Rat infestation is not just a problem that we can solve by pest control alone. It requires a multi-faceted approach and I believe that our Kathleen Corradi has the skills and expertise to make a real difference.”

The article by Rove Pest Control’s Associate Certified Entomologist emphasized the importance of education and awareness when controlling rat populations. The entomologist suggested that traditional extermination methods, like poisons and traps, are insufficient to tackle the problem effectively and that a more comprehensive approach is needed.

Rove Pest Control’s Associate Certified Entomologist has studied the rat population in New York for several years. He is a vocal Anti Rat Activist and has called for increased education about the co-evolution of rats and humans. Therefore, Rove Pest Control is thrilled that Mayor Adams has taken the rat infestation issue seriously and has appointed Kathleen Corradi to lead the fight against rats.

The appointment of Kathleen Corradi to tackle New York City’s rat infestation is a positive step toward addressing the problem. With the help of Rove Pest Control’s expert advice and the dedication of local educators, the city can hope to see a reduction in the number of rats and a safer, cleaner environment for its residents. Her appointment is also just one of several measures being taken by the city to tackle the problem of rat infestation. Other initiatives include increased sanitation efforts, increased pest control measures, and public awareness campaigns.

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