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The Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2021

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Summers are the perfect time to reacquaint yourselves with the great outdoors, and lounging around on your deck, patio, poolside, or backyard garden is the ideal way to do that!

However, to do so, you need sturdy, tasteful, and sophisticated outdoor furniture. Your choice needs to be infinitely stylish, brimming with unfettered luxury, and lean slightly on the cozy side so that you can comfortably soak up the summer sun during the day and enjoy an ergonomic lean back during those lingering night gatherings.

Here’s a list of some of the latest outdoor furniture trends for summer 2021. They certainly reflect how homeowner’s tastes have evolved over the years and showcase how everyone wants to catch that innovative whimsy and fashionable spark to reimagine their outdoor spaces. Let’s take a look:

  1. Lightweight And Airy Furniture Styles

No one finds the huge old-world bulk of vintage outdoor furniture attractive anymore. Instead, homeowners opt for classy, lightweight furniture and make their outdoor spaces feel a la mode.

Clima Home’s 2021 Collections are the perfect representation of this trend. Taking the terms “sleek modernity” to a whole new level, Clima Home’s 2021 outdoor furniture collections are full of low-slung contemporary furniture that would make you want to gear up for cozy landscape retreats, poolside parties, and comfortable gatherings with your loved ones.

These collections runs the gamut of bright and airy, featuring furniture pieces that are elegant, fashionable, and shy away from the typical bulk associated with conventional outdoor furniture. These collections have undoubtedly reinvented the outdoor furniture genre from swanky coffee tables to smart benches and unrelentingly comfortable daybeds. It is perfect for homeowners who want to refurbish their homes with a modern or contemporary twist.

  1. Eclectic and Fun

Besides lightweight modernity, homeowners are also leaning towards outdoor furniture that is fun, funky, and eclectic. Yes, it should shy away from the bulk of archetypal models, but it should also focus on the form instead of being straightlaced and monotonous.

The KIDA outdoor swing by Dedon is an excellent example of this outdoor furniture being fun and sexy. It’s very minimalist in design, but it also has a particular quirk about it. Its distinguished form invites you to lounge in its comfortable cradle-like design and would look excellent hanging on a porch, on the branch of an old tree in your backyard, or even on a pergola on your outdoor patio.

The thing that adds the eclectic touch to this hanging lounge chair is the 834 meters of Dedon Special Fiber that it’s wrapped around its frame. It’s fun and eclectic with a modern flourish – definitely, something trending in this genre.


  1. Modular Designs

Modular outdoor furniture has also gained steady popularity and is one of the best ways to furnish your poolside, deck, or patio this summer. Casual, immaculate, and ergonomic, such furniture can be easily rearranged in various types of formations. The contemporary iteration of modular outdoor furniture is also sleek, modern, and airy.

Gandia Basco’s BUIT collection seamlessly falls into this category. It consists of ergonomically designed L-shaped modular sofas that are crafted from powder-coated aluminum mesh. This airy and durable combination is slated to make your outdoor lounging the epitome of stylishly comfortable. The various modules of this collection can be arranged and rearranged any way you want and anywhere you want – be it beside your pool or on top of a backyard deck.

  1. Old World Whimsy With A Modern Twist

If you’re not one for modern austerity and prefer some of the vintage outdoor furniture designs, then you’ll love the 2021 trend of reinventing that old-world whimsy with a modern flair! Bypassing the oversized forms of their predecessors, the reimagining of these designs is carried out in clean lines and breezy, symmetrical forms.

The Mistral Collection by Gloster is the perfect culmination of subtle and elegant details that have been reinvented in a modern way while still maintaining that natural, old-world charisma. With frames that mimic the vintage rattan aesthetic with a contemporary flair and sleek seats that are seamlessly upholstered to perfection, this neutral, natural, and sophisticated outdoor furniture set will become one with the surrounding landscape.


  1. Sculptural furniture shapes

Another trend that has been taking the outdoor furniture genre by storm is “sculptural” shapes. It’s all about making the overall impact of your surroundings feel interesting without breaking the uniformity or the charisma of outdoor space.  Such furniture leans on the tasteful side and features clean lines, curves, and a bold, eye-catching presence.

Tucci umbrellas are perhaps the most on-point example of this fad. Not only are they stylishly customized to each project’s specifications, but the company ensures that every single one of these umbrellas captures the essence of the project category with style, flair, and panache. From centerpost umbrellas that feature origami-style folds to dual and single cantilever pieces, you’ll feel enticed by the magnetic presence of these outdoor essentials.

So, these are some of the top trends in outdoor furniture in 2021. You’ll notice how they bypass conventionality and shoot straight for visual and functional presence. They’re perfect for making summertime easy, a la mode, and great for basking in the sun while you relax!


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