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The History of Electric Razors

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Who was the first person to shave? A Cave Man? A Roman Gladiator?

Shaving can actually be traced all the way back to our Neanderthal ancestors. While drawings of them all depict them with big fuzzy beards, they actually started shaving.

Even back then, a big dirty beard would have been rather uncomfortable on a hot day, never mind how dirty it would have been. Having the stench of that right under your nose would drive anyone mad.

Rumor has it, cavemen started using bones, stones, or shells to either pluck or scrape the hair off their faces. Ouch. However, the road to razors started with early man.

Razors advanced over the years and men shaved their faces and heads in a way to keep clean and combat lice. Now, electric razors can not only shave, but trim, make designs, and they are a fashion accessory.

Electric Shavers

Despite the advancements in razors and how much more sophisticated they had become, men needed more. Not unlike your dad standing in front of the microwave shouting, ‘hurry up!’, they decided that their hair needed to come off faster and easier.

Perhaps it wasn’t just the speed but also the wet. If you had to shave every morning in the freezing cold, it can be quite uncomfortable. Jacob Schick, an Army Colonel, filed the first patent for an electric shaver. 

Almost 100 years on and they are still making electric razors for men and women. Of course, these razors have taken on several different stages since the first one rolled out.

Schick found a clean-shaven face to be a sign of civility, and once he was stationed in Alaska, his daily shaving routine changed. The water would freeze his face and hands, not to mention freeze right to the sink or basin.

Hair removal without water was the inspiration behind his developing a motorized razor. His first invention for the razor was one that would automatically remove a used blade and replace it with a new one.

This meant that you didn’t need to actually touch the blades at all. Schick’s first electric shaver had a tiny motor and a shaving head that was connected with a flexible shaft. His dry shaving motorized razor was a success.

Benefits of Electric Razors

Electric razors have come a long way over the past 100 years. They are also always improving all the time.


You can use your electric shaver anywhere. If you have a razor that also has a battery option, then you can easily shave any time, anywhere. Unlike a wet razor, you don’t need water, lubricant, or even a mirror.

They are also much quicker and remove hair quite rapidly. Electric razors roll up the skin, forcing the whiskers up before they are cut. That helps as you don’t need to go over the same area as many times.


Electric razors come with attachments so you can trim beards, mustaches, and sideburns. You can get a close shave or leave a trace amount of stubble. You can’t trim your beard with a wet razor.


You don’t risk cutting yourself with an electric razor. You don’t need to worry about cutting your fingers when you remove the old blades. There is no risk of cutting or nicking your face when you shave with an electric razor.

Electric razors are much easier on your skin, as well. They don’t irritate your skin and there is less chance of getting ingrown hairs.


While the initial cost of an electric razor might be a bit high, it will last a long time and pay for itself. With proper care, a quality electric razor will last for many years. You do need to replace the blades and foils, but usually about once a year.

Which is Best?

Mostly, that is a personal choice. Many people prefer to use both a blade razor and an electric one. Blade razors tend to give a closer shave, but for those with a heavy five o’clock shadow, shaving too often can irritate the skin.

There is no reason you need to give up your wet razor. Many people prefer a bit of both. The electric razor is perfect to keep at the office or carry with you if you need a quick touch-up after work or a last-minute meeting.

Now, you can find all kinds of electric razors for men and women. They come with attachments and are convenient and easy to use. Portable and no need for water, soap, or other accessories when you need a quick shave.

Unless you want to use Electric Pre-Shave Splash. Put some on before you shave to give you an electric shave that is closer, more smooth, and less irritating, with no added fragrance or colors.

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