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The Five Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan, According to Statistics (2020)

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Manhattan is the most densely populated place in America—and it’s getting more residents every single day! If you’re in the city, chances are you’ll see NYC movers working hard to get people into their new abodes. In fact, some neighborhoods are absolutely brimming with new residents as they flock to highly-rated NYC neighborhoods. Take a look at five of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, according to the stats.

Murray Hill

Tell your Manhattan movers you’re headed to Murray Hill and they’ll know exactly where to go! This booming neighborhood is the upper-most area of lower Manhattan, just before midtown. Currently, it’s home to 29,000 New Yorker’s and boasts a dense urban feel, complete with great eats, nightlife and entertainment.

Murray Hill is broadly ranked as the #2 Best Neighborhood to Live in New York City because of its central location and diversity. Check out Murray Hill by the numbers:

  • The median rent is $2,685 and about 60% of residents choose to rent;
  • Property crimes are way below the national average here, along with violent crimes;
  • This neighborhood trends younger—only 10% of residents are families with children;
  • This area is up and coming quickly, with a rising median income of $124,000.

Battery Park City

Moving companies in New York know all about the flock to Battery Park City! This neighborhood has developed substantially over the last decade and today has a population of just under 16,000. It’s located on the lower east side under Tribeca, spanning the New Jersey-facing coastline.

Recently named the #1 Best Neighborhood to Raise a Family in New York City, it’s got everything you want in a neighborhood. Here’s how Battery Park City shakes out statistically:

  • The median rent is $3,084, with more than 80% of residents choosing to rent;
  • Per neighborhood capita, both violent and property crime are below the national average;
  • Residents are very well educated: 44% hold a bachelor’s degree, 43% hold a master’s;
  • The public school system serving Battery Park City is ranked an A+.

Greenwich Village

Every NYC moving company is familiar with the quiet streets and peaceful serenity of Greenwich Village. This neighborhood is its own flavor amongst the dense, bustling cityscape of Manhattan. Home to 30,000 people, it’s located on the east bank, north of Tribeca and just east of NoHo.

Recently ranked the #12 Neighborhood in New York City for Young Professionals and the #6 Best Neighborhood to Live in New York City, it’s a place with tons of diversity, opportunity and charm. Here’s what the stats for Greenwich Village look like:

  • Median rent is $2,350 and the median home value is $944,800;
  • The area skews liberal and is home to a dense LGBTQ population;
  • Theft and robbery pace the national average, but violent crime in nearly nonexistent;
  • Nearly 90% of area residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher!

Financial District

The financial district has it all! It’s a great place to live, work and raise a family, not to mention seek entertainment and enjoy the city. More than 30,000 people call the Financial District home, enjoying its central locale in lower Manhattan. It’s a dense neighborhood than many others, but well-worth it to be near the things you love.

The Financial District ranks high for both livability and for professionals. It’s the #4 Best Neighborhood to Live in New York City and the #9 Best Neighborhood for Young ProfessionalsHere’s how the Financial District breaks down:

  • 77% of residents rent, at a median rental price of $2,794 per month;
  • The median household income is higher than other NYC neighborhoods, at $1350,000;
  • 47% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, while 38% hold a master’s or higher;
  • Public transport is a chief feature of the area, with subway, train and ferry access.

Honorable mentions

There are plenty of great neighborhoods to live in New York City, even beyond these five. Don’t forget to check out Kips Bay, Nolita, SoHo, Chelsea, Tribeca and many more! Whether you’re a young professional or newlyweds looking to start a family, You’ll find a place to settle down somewhere in the diversity of Manhattan. When you do, call the Manhattan movers at Ben Hur to get you there!

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