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The Brief and Only Guide That Makes Installing Fence Posts Simple

The yard looks beautiful, but your fence is looking a little worse for wear. Since a good cedar fence lasts about 20 years, it’s about time to replace the damaged pieces.

You’re a pretty decent DIY home repair enthusiast and you feel confident enough to attempt to replace the fence yourself. But, you still need to do research before you start the job.

We put together a quick guide to help you out. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about removing and installing fence posts for your fence.

Removing Damaged Posts

The first step is taking out any posts you want to replace. You could opt to repair the fence and only replace the broken sections or you could replace the whole thing.

many people find that using a stake puller makes pulling up fence posts much easier for the DIY handyman. They take the majority of the load so you can save your back some of the work!

Inspect the New Posts

Once you have the old posts out, you’ll want to lay out the new posts and make sure that they’re all straight. Sometimes you’ll get a brand new fence post for your backyard project and find out that they came warped!

You can’t install a straight fence with warped posts. If you find any that aren’t arrow straight, take them back to the store and get a replacement.

Dig Out the Post Holes

The next step is to dig out the post holes a bit more. You want to have a hole at least a third of the length of the fence post deep and about 12 inches in diameter. You can use a regular shovel to do this or you can use a fence post auger to dig them out.

Installing Fence Posts and Filling With Concrete

Once you widen up the post holes, it’s time to install the fence! A smart homeowner will add gravel to the hole to act as a barrier between the post and the soil below. The gravel will also help hold the post in place while you add concrete.

Before adding concrete, use a level to make sure the post is level on all sides. You may need a second set of hands to hold the post in this position while you fill the hole with concrete. After you fill the hole, check that the post is level one more time and leave it to dry at least a few hours before adding the fence panel.

Good Fences Make Great Neighbors

Having a well-built fence ensures there are no disputes over where your yard ends and the neighbor’s starts. They also can’t catch you in your underwear when you forget to close the curtains!

Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to find this task easy as pie. You’ll feel proud knowing that you installed that new fence with your own hands!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about installing fence posts. If you’re looking for more helpful articles about home improvement, marketing, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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