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The Best Way to Elope in Australia in 2019

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Elope has historically meant, “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent”. Recently and thankfully, the way people use the words elope and elopement has altered somewhat to take on a more fanciful notion. Elope appears to have become shorthand for “bespoke ceremonies”, “weddings that are not insanely financially prohibitive” or “a wedding devoid of excessive planning and fuss”.



Before you rush into elopement plans on a whim 48 hours after you meet each other, remember, there are legal requirements you should be aware of.  You will also need to complete some important paperwork (NOIM).  I’m here to make sure you get it right, so get in touch.

If you fancy marrying overseas, there are a few things you must also know before you take the plunge.




The excitement that follows hearing your beloved say the words “Marry Me” can fast become an exasperating emotional roller coaster. Reception seating-plan-politics will challenge the patience of the most diplomatic wedding planners.

The cast of thousands your family guest list demands may just have you wishing you’d instead arranged a quiet affair!

Then there’s the delicate subject of your betrothed’s family expectation that you’ll wear twice removed aunt Nelly’s (or was it uncle Neil’s?) brooch that seriously resembles a battle scene prop from an episode of Game Of Thrones. Now there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from your favorite Netflix series for your big day. However, if that’s not quite how both of you envisaged planning and enjoying one the most important and romantic times of your lives, reduce the excessive planning and fuss!  I’m sure that even the most experienced wedding planners may at times be tempted to encourage their couples to retain their sanity and ditch the hoo-ha.


Similar to a traditional wedding ceremony, your elopement can be as extravagant or minimalist as you desire the main difference being a super exclusive guest list. Choosing to do away with a big production reception and the pricy fanfare that accompanies it, can also be a smart investment in your future together.  Rather than committing your nest egg, maxing out the credit cards or saving endlessly, you can set the date sooner without breaking the bank.


When you exchange your marriage vows you are pledging your commitment and making meaningful promises to each other with the intent of upholding those promises for the remainder of your lives. It’s an intimate exchange of words and that should be remembered along with the feelings they evoke.  Without distraction, you can immerse yourselves completely and appreciate the moment.


Whether you’re into art or serious about your coffee, let a common love or interest you share inspire your choice of elopement location.

Significant places such as a family member’s picture-perfect farm or the café where you first met can be meaningful and provide the ideal surroundings for bespoke ceremonies.

A private cocktail lounge affords the ambience of a more sophisticated setting but save the bubbles for your post ceremony festivities. I can’t legally marry you if you are inebriated!

I love a good elopement! So if you can’t decide the how or where, get in touch and let’s chat about your ideas.  I can steer you in the right direction and help make the entire process an enjoyable experience for you. Remember, that’s one of the benefits of eloping!

I can also introduce you to other lovely professionals who can assist with your elopement venue, photography, flowers and pretty much everything else your hearts desire for the occasion.


Whether you choose a short & sweet legals only ceremony or a sophisticated elopement, I can’t wait to hear all about it.  Get in touch and let’s get started!


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