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C# 101: What Is It and Why Is It a Programming Language Kids Should Learn?

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Contrary to what you might think, you can help your child learn how to code at home! They don’t have to be stuck in a classroom learning boring programs.

Programming can be made fun for kids, and they can quickly learn C# right at home.

Keep reading to learn what C# is and why you should have your child learn it!

What Is C#?

C# is a programming language that was designed to be simple and easy. It was inspired by other programs like C, C++, and Java. The creators of C# took the best of each of these programs and enhanced them to make a more intuitive program.

C# is often used because you don’t need to know every aspect of the program to get started. By learning a few pieces of code, you can get up and running immediately.

Easy to Learn

C# is object-oriented programming, which many experts believe is easier to learn. The layout and functionality of C# make it perfect for helping children learn a wider understanding of programming as a whole.

C# is also typically safer than other programming languages. Programming languages like C and C++ will run any instruction it’s given, even if it damages your operating system. That means if you make a little mistake, it can cost you your whole system.

With C#, it checks to ensure that it’s not going to overload your system before executing. If there is an issue, it will spit out a warning rather than continuing to run.

Large, Supportive Online Community

It’s hard to learn new things alone. That’s what makes C# so special. There’s a large community out there dedicated to helping people learn and excel with C#. If there’s ever a question or issue you’re having, you can turn to Google and YouTube to find a solution.

Backed By Microsoft

Microsoft backs C#, and they offer a ton of resources to help people out. They offer a beginners guide to C#, as well as expert help. This programming language has been around for 20 years, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

There’s a Path for Every Child

Once a kid turns 5, there’s a programming learning path they can follow! By using our program, your child will be ready to learn C# as young as 12. C# is a flexible programming language, so your child won’t be pigeon-holed into only knowing one.

After learning C#, it will be easier to learn other programs due to the programming foundation that’s laid down.

Help Your Child Learn C# Today

Now that you know the importance of coding and how easy learning C# can be, sign your child up today! If your child is over 12, they’re a perfect candidate for our C# classes. If they’re younger than 12, we have classes for them too!

Do yourself and your child’s future a favor, and help them learn C# today.

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