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What Is a Digital Business Card?

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Your digital business card offers an instant opportunity to connect with clients, and colleagues. It’s your job to make it memorable and informative.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing how you can do that along with why digital business cards are necessary and how they could end up replacing the traditional business card altogether. Let’s begin!

Why Digital Business Cards Are Necessary

A digital business card fits our modern lifestyles. Particularly, it fits the mobile, smartphone-based lifestyle. It specifically helps in the following ways.

It Establishes a Web Presence

You may not have the time or patience for a website or blog, and Instagram may seem too trendy. But you still need some type of space where people can go to find out about your training and expertise, as well as what makes you tick. Digital business cards do just that without affecting your budget.

Keeps Tabs on Personal Info and Contact Information

Your card will serve as a place where you can quickly communicate relevant personal information about any topic or field of expertise you feel like sharing. It also provides a central hub where people can choose how to interact with you.

Offers Share-ability

Lastly, your digital business cards are easy to share via email or the social network of your choosing. In other words, they get you found and remembered.

3 Ways an Electronic Business Card Improves on Traditional Print

Rumors reporting the death of traditional business cards may be greatly exaggerated. But it’s also hard to see the practicality of them when you consider the ways that a virtual business card improves upon them. Consider these three.

1. A Virtual Business Card Has No Overhead

While a digital business card app may have a payment option, they usually offer free services that will take care of an individual’s needs. Weigh that against having to pay for the design and print runs of traditional business cards, and there’s no question what the better option is.

2. Electronic Business Cards Can Be More Easily Updated

Information changes on a traditional print business card, and you have to either print a new batch or write over the outdated information each time you hand out a card. Unprofessional!

Electronic business cards allow you to make updates and corrections without forcing you to pay any extra money or exert any manual labor before you can use them again. Another win!

3. No Design Skills Needed Thanks to the Digital Business Card App

Yes, it can be fun to trial-and-error your way through a business card design. It also can be invigorating to hold the finished product in your hands.

But with a digital business card app, you can get your virtual card up and running in no time. Less effort wasted!

What Will Your Digital Business Card Say?

So you’ve only got one decision left to make. What will you put on your digital business card?

Whatever you decide, make sure it shows your personality. Are you all business or do you like to have a little fun?

And also communicate your expertise, training, and all the ways to connect. Paying attention to each of these details will deliver results. And if you need any further help standing out, schedule a demo today!

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