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No Money Down Bail Bonds

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When you or a loved one has been arrested, posting bail and returning home in the fastest possible time is the most immediate goal on your agenda. Sadly, finding the funds to do this isn’t always easy. Thankfully, no money down bail bonds offer the perfect solution.

FBI stats show that over one million arrests are made in California each year, and the majority of cases are for misdemeanors like driving offenses Our no money bail bond services will help you or your loved one back home in the quickest time possible and without the stress of financing any of the bail right away.

What are no down payment bail bonds?

Following an arrest in California, the opportunity to get out of jail by posting bail is possible for an extensive range of crimes including both misdemeanors and felonies. They are detailed under Section 437 of the Code of Criminal Procedure but can cover everything from DUIs to assaults. In extreme cases, you can even post bail for serious crimes including attempted murder.

When paying a bond, there are primarily three paths to consider;

Post your bail with cash under Section 1269 of the California Penal Code.
Use a bail bond under Section 1276 of the California Penal Code.
Use property to post your bail under Section 1276.5 of the California Penal Code.

The second of those options is the most suitable for most people looking to post bail for themselves or on behalf of a loved one. Using a traditional bail bond agent (bondsman) usually requires you to make a 10% contribution, but finding that money right away can be difficult if you’re the one in jail – especially as you are limited to one family call, in addition to your bail bond call.

No down payment bail bonds allow you to enjoy the same results and serve as your instant get out of jail card. However, it offers the added benefit of not needing to pay a single dollar today. So, you can focus on returning home and then worry about paying the charge at a later date courtesy of an agreeable repayment plan.

Like standard bail bond, no down payment bail bonds are a type of surety bond that will secure your release from jail. As well as being used in criminal cases to assure your trial attendance, it is possible to use them in civil cases to guarantee the payment of the debt, interest, and costs.

Understanding bail costs

Before posting bail via a no money bail bond – or any of the other choices – it is important to understand the costs involved. The State of California Penal Code and individual jurisdictions in the Sunshine State may set the bail fee at a figure ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars.

The figure can be influenced by the type of crime, the severity of the crime, and the defendant’s past criminal history. For reference, bail for a DUI (alcohol or drugs) may carry a bail fee of $5,000 under PC violation 23152(a) while a violation of probation (PC 1203.2) or indecent exposure (PC 314) carry the same bail charge. Meanwhile, other misdemeanors like failure to register as a sex offender (PC 290 ) or exhibiting a firearm are likely to see the fee increase to $10,000.

Felonies could have bail fees set to $10,000 (e.g. inducing a minor to commit a drug offense), $20,000 (e.g. hate crime) or $50,000 (e.g theft over $100,000). In any scenario, it is understandable that you may not be able to pay the full amount – or even the 10% a standard bail bondsman would charge – which makes 0% bail an attractive prospect indeed.

However, not all crimes can be covered by no down payment bail bonds. The most common cases where it is possible are;

DUIs (both alcohol and drugs)
DUIs with accidents,
Domestic violence,
Child abuse,
Violating court orders.

Meanwhile, the list of crimes where this type of surety bond is not available includes; FTA warrants, fraud and identify theft, prostitution and pimping, out of state warrants, petty theft, or drug charges. It should also be noted that only a local bondsman operating in California may be used.

Why choose a no money bail bond service?

If your loved one has been arrested for a misdemeanor, posting bail is the first step towards overcoming this unenviable affair. At this stage, there are several options for posting bail including personal financing or using a traditional bail bond. However, no money down bail bonds are the ultimate solution for many reasons.

When connecting to a local and innovative agency like Future Bail Bonds, the no money bail bond services will;

Help get your loved one out of jail in the fastest possible time. Our experts use their local knowledge of all paperwork and formalities to move the situation along within a matter of minutes. Moreover, it avoids any issues of waiting for your 10% to clear first.
Prevent you from spending any longer than necessary in jail, which can have a telling impact on protecting your mental wellness as well as physical health. It means avoiding confrontation with other inmates or experiencing negativity from prison guards.
Give you access to expert support before posting the bond. You cannot negotiate the bond after it has been paid. So, in the unlikely case that the county jail has tried to overcharge you, it can be contested – not least because the bail bond agent guarantees your appearance at trial.
Deliver the most practical solution for your family’s cash flow as you’ll be able to repay the bond in installments over several months. The repayment plans can be tailored depending on your situation and the sum that was originally needed to post bail in California.
Ensure that you have the most time to focus on your case and, where applicable, argue your innocence. This can result in finding a better attorney to represent you in court and can protect your reputation with friends or business partners as well as law enforcement.

Above all else, securing a no money bail bond offers peace of mind as your family will know that the best option to get out of jail and prepare for trial has been taken. Likewise, this time can be spent handling other responsibilities including career, family, and personal matters.

Finding the right no money down bail bondsman

One of the most important steps to getting yourself or a loved one out of jail is to find the right bondsman. A local service is often the only available option while it should also be noted that you will get the funds ASAP while the agent can visit the jail in-person if deemed necessary. Likewise, the support will be there after bail for anyone that needs it. Again a local knowledge of local processes means that the best outcomes are achieved for the arrestee.

As a local, BBB accredited business that has helped hundreds of people like you since opening in 2017, our experts will have your best interests at heart from the moment you call. We pride ourselves on representing you.

Qualifying for no money down bail bonds

While 0% bail bonds are an attractive tool to help defendants get out of jail fast, they aren’t always an option. As well as checking that the crime committed is covered by this type of financial product, it’s equally crucial to check that the arrestee is eligible too.

Firstly, the defendant must be legal resident of California and have two indemnitors to serve as guarantors. The arrestee must also show proof of employment, proof of residency, approved credit and valid California IDs. Additional criteria points include;

The dependent must be a first-time offender and taking the bail bond for a new case that has not yet been to court,
An arrestee must be detained at a Californian jail,
The indemnitors’ annual incomes must be greater than the sum of the arrestee’s bail charge,
An arrestee must have a credit score of at least 680.

It should also be noted that bail charges in excess of $100,000 will require property or another form of collateral. In the case of real estate, assets should also be located in California.
The no down payment bail bonds process

When wanting to get your loved one out of jail, familiarizing yourself with no money down bail bonds procedures is vital. You’ve already found one of California’s best bondsman services in Future Bail Bonds.

To ensure that the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, check the following steps;

Contact our office online or via phone and answer our basic questions to confirm that will help determine whether you’re eligible for a no down payment bail bond.
Provide the necessary personal information (your name, address, age, and date of birth) as well as details on the arrest itself.
Let us complete the necessary credit score checks and other background checks to confirm the agreement.
Sign the necessary paperwork and contracts so that our agents can post the bail amount to the jail where your loved one is held.
Collect your loved one and take them home before starting the process of preparing for the court day and fighting for justice.

It does not matter whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, a bail bond allows them to escape unnecessary time spent in jail between now and the court hearings. Once the bail has been paid by us, you can arrange a repayment plan to cover the 10% surety bond costs.

The posting bail process

In addition to understanding the no down payment bails bond procedure, understanding the bail process in California is very useful for defendants and loved ones who are arranging bail on their behalf.

The following information covers the entire process from the moment the arrest is made;

Following the arrest, you are taken to jail where you will complete the booking and processing procedures. This includes fingerprints, mugshots, etc.
The bail figure is set. At this stage, you can decide whether to post this or wait for your hearing. If bail is refused, a formal bail hearing can be made after 48 hours.
You can a bail bondsman (such as a specialized no down payment bail bond service) to get the process started.
A bail contract will be drawn up at the jail while your bondsman will post the necessary fee to achieve your release.
Bail is confirmed and the arrestee will be released from jail. This can take up to 12 hours but is often gained within two hours.

From here the defendant will be required to meet the court appearance requirements. Otherwise, the bail amount will be lost. However, assuming all court hearing are met, the bail is returned, meaning that you simply need to meet the agree terms of your bond repayment.

What to do after bail?

Following the post of your bail and subsequent release from jail, it’s imperative that you take the right steps to support your case and resume normal life. Focus on the three steps below and you won’t go far wrong;

Be sure to avoid any criminal offenses – including those not linked to the charges you currently face.
Complete all court hearings and dates as requested – it will aid your case and lead to the return of your bail.
Hire the best attorney to represent you during the case – this will boost your hopes of a fair result in court.


Posting bail through a no down payment bail bond is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways for defendants of eligible crimes in California. It’s a convenient solution that enables you to bypass any concerns about finding hundreds or thousands of dollars right away. Best of all, it means that you will not be detained in jail until your court hearing.

Moreover, defendants who post their bail with Future Bail Bonds statistically have a 92% chance of having their pending criminal cases dropped and are 10x less likely to become repeat offenders.

To discover whether no money down bail bonds are available to you, get in touch today!

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