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The Best Coding Languages to Learn

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In the past, just a few people were considered computer programmers. These were the elite few with amazing, cutting-edge coding skills.

Today, though, many positions require individuals to have a full understanding of the top programming languages. In fact, many positions require mastery of more than just one.

If you want to improve your resume and make yourself more appealing to potential jobs, it is good to learn the best coding languages to learn. Keep reading to learn what these are.


If you want to be a software developer, it is essential to know how to use JavaScript. Unlike VBA arrays, this language is a bit easier and more straightforward to learn.

In fact, JavaScript is considered one of the favorite languages for developers today. It has held this position for about eight years.

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is important for front-end web development. Most popular sites online, such as YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook use JavaScript to build interactive web pages and dynamically display the content to visitors.

While JavaScript is still used as a main front-end language that is run on a browser, it can also be used on the back end, server-side. This occurs via Node.js and helps to build more scalable network applications.

Since JavaScript provides a flexible and forgiving syntax and it will work with all the most popular browsers, it is considered one of the best programming languages for anyone who is just starting out.


Another commonly used programming language is Python. It is simple for beginners to learn because of its high level of readability.

It is an open-source, free programming language. Because of this, it has extensive community development and support modules available. It also provides easy integration with all types of web services, GUI-based apps, and user-friendly data structures.

Python is ideal for developing two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation packages, such as Autodesk, Inkscape, and Blender. It is also used for popular video games.

As a Python developer, you can expect to earn a salary of around $72,500 per year.


Are you interested in Apple products? Or mobile app development?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then starting with Swift is a good first step.

Apple launched Swift in 2014. Today, it is used for the development of macOS and iOS applications.

The programming language has been optimized and designed from the ground up to match the needs and demands of the current iOS environment.

Keep in mind that iOS runs on all iPads and iPhones; however, it is also the basis for many other products, such as tvOS and watchOS.

When it comes to Apple, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. This means that learning Swift will provide you with a long-term and useful skill.


Originally developed in 2011, the original name of Kotlin was Project Kotlin by JetBrains. The original version was released in 2016.

It can be used with Java, and it supports different functional programming languages.

If you prefer Android over Apple, then this programming language is good for you. It is used for many of the apps used with Android devices.

When Kotlin was created, the goal was to have something better than Java. Most people are convinced since most Google applications now use it.

Some of the other companies that currently use Kotlin as the preferred programming language include PostMates, Pinterest, and others.


If you have ever used Java, you may like Scala, which some people call Java’s more modern cousin. It was designed to combine all the favorite Java features with a bit of a modern twist.

Since this is a functional programming language, Scala lets users elevate their code, which looks like true math. When you use this programing, you can execute several complex procedures at the same time.

Also, this is a typed language. Engineers can use it for creating or customizing unique data types, which provides peace of mind that there are no bugs during runtime.


Microsoft created C#, and it became popular in the 2000s. The goal of this programming language was to support concepts in object-oriented programming.

For the .NET framework, this is considered one of the most powerful and useful languages. The creator of this language, Anders Hejlsberg, has stated that C# is more similar to C++ than to Java.

While it is a flexible language and can be used with many devices and operating systems, it is best suited for iOS, Android, and Windows.


One of the newest languages listed here is Elm. While it started in a thesis of a Harvard student, today, it is used by front-end developers worldwide.

Elm is designed to comply with JavaScript. This makes it perfect for creating UIs with minimal errors when run. Elm is a functional programming language and lets developers create client-side interfaces without CSS or HTML trappings.

Choosing the Best Coding Languages to Learn

If you are looking for the best coding languages to learn, the information here should give you a good idea of what to start with. Each of the languages mentioned here is designed for individuals who are ready to get their feet wet in the world of coding.

Remember that some programming languages are more challenging than others, so it is a good idea to find a beginner-level option when getting started.

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