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The Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundations

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The foundation of a home is an underrated support system for you and your property. The ground may shift or your property might flood, but your foundation is still there. It is holding your house together.

What if there was a type of foundation you could install in your home that would protect against flooding? What if it could give you easy access to any electrical and plumbing repairs?

This is where pier and beam foundations come in. While there are various foundation types, pier and beam foundations offer an array of benefits that could give you a sense of comfort in your home.

Would you like to find out more about pier and beam foundations? Keep on reading to find out all there is to know about the types of foundations that exist today and the benefits of using a pier and beam foundation.

Types of Foundations

When it comes to building a home, there are different types of foundations you can choose for your property. These foundations offer their own protections for your home, and are usually chosen for a home based on location, climate, and budget.

Here are the five foundations that you can use to construct homes today:

1. Basement Foundation

A basement foundation is constructed at least 8 feet below the home. This foundation consists of foundation walls on concrete footings. A cement slab would then be poured in the foundation walls after beams are poured.

2. Crawlspace Stem Walls

Houses that have crawlspaces underneath the property are constructed with short foundation walls with concrete footings. This foundation creates a space underneath the home for storage or a furnace.

3. Concrete Slab Foundations

A slab foundation is a flat piece of concrete that is poured in one large single piece. This method is a cheaper option for some homeowners since it is quicker to construct.

4. Wood Foundations

When homeowners use a wood foundation, they use wood that is not prone to decay and is easy to install. This is also an inexpensive option that is quick to install.

5. Pier and Beam Foundations

Pear and beam foundations are constructed by using concrete piers that connect the foundation to the house and wooden beams that support the weight of the house. Posts then go between the piers and beams to tie it all together.

Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundations

When choosing pier and beam foundations for your home, you are choosing a foundation that offers multiple benefits that ensure your home’s safety and longevity.

Here are a few benefits of using a pier and beam foundation for your home:

  • Protection from flooding
  • Easier access to electrical and plumbing wiring
  • Pier and beam foundation repair costs can be lower than concrete slab repair
  • Pier and beam foundation works better with uneven ground sites
  • Excavation costs are less with pier and beam foundations

Repair Your Foundation Today!

Now that you know more about what kind of foundations are out there and the benefits of using pier and beam foundations, you can make the right choice for your home!

Are you needing repairs on your current foundation, or have more questions about pier and beam foundations? Click here to find out about our foundation repair services, and what we can offer you.

At FCS Foundation Repair, we work with you to meet your budget, and our goal is to stabilize your foundation. Whether you have a pier and beam foundation, or something different, we can work with you today!

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