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5 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

The holiday season is approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas.

It’s difficult enough finding gifts for the men in our lives who insist they don’t want anything. But, coming up with gift ideas for coworkers can be even harder, especially if you’ve been given the task of buying a Secret Santa gift for a colleague you barely know.

However, no matter who you have to buy for this holiday season, here are some great gift ideas that your colleagues are sure to love.

1. Monogrammed Treat Mug

Mugs are always hard to find at work, especially when you’re in desperate need of a coffee first thing on a Monday, so they make perfect gift ideas for coworkers.

And, what better way to ensure that no one steals your colleague’s mug than by making it monogrammed?

If you’re expected to give gifts to lots of colleagues then you can keep the costs down by making monogrammed mugs yourself. Just pick up some plain white mugs from a thrift store and decorate them with a porcelain pen by following this guide.

For an extra special holiday treat, fill the mugs with candy, cookies, coffee beans or cocoa and marshmallows, depending on your coworkers’ favorites.

2. Cell Phone Stand

We’ve all got phones these days so a cell phone stand is one of the best gift ideas for coworkers, even if you don’t know your colleague that well.

And, if you’ve ever accidentally spilled coffee over a phone lying on your desk you’ll know that a phone stand is very useful for keeping your phone out of harm’s way!

3. Gift Basket

If you want to give your coworker an extra special present this holiday season then a gift basket is perfect for showing your colleague how much they mean to you.

The gift baskets at include a varied selection of boutique foods, drinks and bath and body products, and they even offer a range of gluten free hampers.

You can also build your own hamper by choosing from a wide range of over 200 unique treats to create a personalized gift basket for your coworker.

4. Books and Guides

Books and guides always make thoughtful gifts, especially if you choose a book on a subject personal to your coworker.

Think about their hobbies and what might interest them. If they’re into crafts, a book on origami paper folding could be a good present. Or if your coworker has a holiday booked, they’re sure to appreciate a travel guide for that destination.

Similarly, novelty books can make good presents for colleagues you don’t know very well. You could try a book of jokes, famous quotations or interesting facts.

5. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Homemade gift ideas for coworkers are often popular for adding a personal touch.

But, while homemade cookies always go down well, if your coworker is dieting or has food allergies then this homemade body scrub could be better suited to them.

All you need is shower gel, sugar and a body oil such as baby oil. The shower gel can be any scent, although cinnamon, orange, and spiced apple are all popular choices for holiday-themed bath products.

To make the scrub, mix a quarter of a cup of shower gel, a quarter of a cup of baby oil, and two and a half cups of sugar. Add the scrub mixture to a jar and decorate it with ribbons and a name tag.

Be Inspired By These Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Whether you’ve been entrusted to buy a gift for a coworker you hardly know, or you’re trying to think of something special to give your favorite colleague, these holiday gift ideas should get you inspired to start planning.

Have you got any tips or ideas for gifts to give to coworkers? Let us know by commenting below.

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