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7 SEO Strategies for Promoting Your Virtual Calculator

The number one thing that makes SEO the king of marketing is the fact you can use it to promote any and everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re opening up a new bakery or selling spiritual readings — you can optimize your content to draw in your target audience.

There’s no industry not suitable for search engine optimization. And for this reason, we highly recommend using it for advertising your virtual calculator.

Now, there are many ways you can make SEO work to promote your app. Let’s take a look at seven methods you can start using today.

1. Make Sure You’re Adding Value

There goes an unintended pun — create a calculator that adds value. And yet, it’s very true — you need to ensure your calculator is actually useful to your audience.

For instance, with the CalcuNation app, users can calculate all sorts of things. This includes GPA scores, scientific formulas, heart rates and a lot more.

It appeals to all sorts of people – workout enthusiasts, math students, scientists, businesspeople and the layperson. There’s plenty of value add with this app. If you’re considering creating a virtual calculator, then make sure in-depth and appeals to one or more groups of people.

2. Teach People How to Use Your Virtual Calculator

Content is very important for driving forth your SEO strategy. After all, it’s what you need to optimize for search engines.

In the content you create, you should focus on developing pieces that educate your audience. For instance, you can show them different ways to make use of your virtual calculator.

For example, if it helps determine mortgage payments based on real-time APR rates, then you can walk them through the steps. Give examples of how to use the calculator, whether it’s to finance or refinance a home, condo or commercial property.

The same goes for whatever other ways your calculator app can be used. Maybe folks don’t see all the options and end up overlooking it as a helpful tool.

If the content is valuable, it’s more likely to be shared, which will help your SEO.

3. Create Video Tutorials

Trying to explain how an app works in words is possible, but definitely a lot easier in video format. People are consuming hours upon hours of video each day on YouTube and social media platforms like Facebook.

Creating video tutorials for your virtual calculator not only helps your audience but also boosts your SEO. Google owns YouTube, which gives some weight to your video content. Make sure to optimize the video title, tags, and description, so it shows up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Build a Landing Page

Before you begin advertising your valuable virtual calculator, it’s a good idea to craft a special landing page. And on this landing page, there should be a lot of great details about the benefits (not features) of the app.

This will give users all the info they need to make the decision to download your calculator. You can use this landing page in conjunction with your pay-per-click ad campaigns, as well as your blog posts.

The content you create surrounding your app should include a link pointing to the landing page where readers can download it.

If you have more than one calculator, then each one should have its own landing page. And, of course, ensure you optimize the landing pages with keywords, calls to action and imagery.

Speaking of images…

5. Ensure All of Your Images Are Optimized

It’s good to include photos, graphs and other images inside of all your content. But rather than simply using it for visual appeal, it’s also helpful for optimizing your site.

All of the visuals you have on your website and blog should have Alt text that includes relevant keywords. Say you have a post about using your calculator for solving complex fractions. You can include an image of a fraction problem and include Alt text like: solve complex fractions with a virtual calculator.

Or maybe you decide to create an infographic. You should optimize it so that it appears in image search results in Google. In this case, it can help draw more traffic to your site.

6. Get Real Testimonials and Reviews

Maybe you’re starting to see success with your virtual calculator. If so, start soliciting users for online reviews. These can be in the form of text or video.

When people research your app, they will find these positive reviews. And that’ll help them decide whether to download it as well.

But the best way to get more of these testimonials is to ask for them. Don’t expect your users to do it on their own. You can include a pop up in your app that asks them for a rating and written review. When they click it, it should take them to the site, so they can complete the review.

Make it as easy as possible for them to create reviews.

7. Find Problems and Resolve Them

As you continue to craft content and improve your app, you want to ensure you’re addressing pressing problems your audience has. One way to learn more about this is to engage in conversations with them.

Head to social media platforms they use to ask questions. Or simply sit back and read through the conversations they’re already having. See if your current or upcoming calculator app can help resolve it.

If so, you can promote your app through your content, social media comments and video content.

Get Help Crafting Your Content

You’re great at building useful virtual calculators, not writing content. That’s where professional writers come into play. If you thought you couldn’t afford one — think again.

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This way, you can continue on creating and improving your apps, while still moving forward with your SEO. Browse around our selection of writers to see if you can find a match for your campaign!

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