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How to Get Likes on Instagram: Content Ideas and Creative Strategies

Instagram has become one of the most popular places to be on the internet. The social media platform is home to many celebrities, entrepreneurs and now a group of people that have built their impact straight from their mobile devices called influencers.

There are tons of people who are building large followings every day and navigating the digital space to reach success. Getting noticed on Instagram is one of their main strategies. One of the main ways that you can measure your attention on the platform is through likes.

Getting low engagement doesn’t have to be a permanent thing for your account. By having the right content and creative strategies, you can skyrocket your social media profile to popularity. Keep reading if you want to learn some of the top tips on how to get likes on Instagram.

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Create In-Demand Content

If you want to know how to get likes on Instagram then you need to look at the audience. You can tell what people will gravitate towards by just taking a quick glance at the most popular posts. You’ll see that there is a trend in what gets people to double tap on an image or video.

There are a few different categories that you would be able to produce content in and they typically depend on things like your personal brand, message, tone, target audience, etc. Here are some of the main types of content that people love to engage with:

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Educational/Information
  • Entertaining
  • Community-based

The right kind of content for your account may not just be one thing so feel free to mix them together to create a unique voice for yourself. Finding the best kind of content that resonates with your audience will take some trial and error but it will definitely help to boost your likes.

As long as you’re creating in-demand content and serving your audience with what they prefer, you should see a significant increase in your likes.

Write Captions for Engagement

Another great tip for how to get likes on Instagram is to make sure that you’re writing captivating captions. Sometimes you may post a photo that is personal to you or other people might not quite understand the meaning of it. Well, you don’t have to miss out on the likes if you explain what’s going on in your caption.

Writing compelling captions doesn’t have to be difficult if you come up with a system for it. Decide what needs to be said about the picture or just start storytelling. Include CTAs (call-to-action) in your captions to encourage people to engage, such as “tag a friend who inspires you” or “tell us about your favorite book below”.

Pulling people in with your words can help to get more likes on your posts because it is still a strategy for resonance. Remaining relatable and executing the type of content you post well is a huge key. Captions and imagery/video often go hand and hand in this.

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Share Relevant Photos

Sharing posts and content from various places around the internet is a part of digital culture. It shows that you are in support of something or have an opinion about something. When you constantly share similar types of content, you’re audience start to look to you for this, which makes you relevant.

Try not to post something just because you think it looks cool or nice. Sharing relevant photos (and other content) is important to maintaining your voice and persona online. People will usually love what you are posting because they already know that it will be for them (since you’ve built a following around a specific niche).

Also make sure that the information is credible if you are sharing something such as current events or world news, for instance. You don’t want your likes to decrease because of a few inaccuracies- which can’t hurt the trust between you and your audience. Do your due diligence to provide truth and honesty because people will appreciate it and stick around longer.

Leverage Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are like the lighthouses of the internet. They help people find you from far and wide. And when you use them the correct way, it becomes a great strategy for how to get likes on Instagram.

There are a few ways that you can get around to finding the best hashtags for your posts. Firstly, head over to the explore page and see which ones are already popular. If any of them pertain to you then use them but do remember that the trendier ones can change rather frequently.

You can also brainstorm a few keywords that have to do with your brand, business, etc. and start typing them in the search bar. A few relevant hashtags will begin to pop up and show you how many posts are currently using that particular tag. Choose some that most people in your audience are already searching for and clicking on.

There are also plenty of great apps that you can use to figure out which hashtags are leading in your industry. Instagram currently allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. You don’t have to use them all but you should be picking some of the most effective ones (you can find out which ones are quality by doing a few click-throughs during your research).

Remember to use hashtags responsibly and avoid abuse them or you could end up getting shadowbanned. Switch them up ever so often and keep testing and paying attention to the engagement of the best hashtag clusters. You can also make up your own hashtags and create a buzz around them to stand out from the crowd.

Post Consistently

Learning how to get likes on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult. It can actually be as simple as you posting content regularly. Literally, that’s the strategy- and a proven one at that!

Not only do your followers want to see your amazing content while scrolling down their feed, but the algorithm will also notice and favor your account as well. This can help to make sure that you are showing up often enough to give people a chance to like your content.

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Plan our your content strategy calendar and automate your posts through a social media scheduler app if you are having issues with consistency.

Curate a Cohesive Feed

Instagram is a predominantly visually-driven platform. This means that you should try to do your best to create appealing aesthetics that can capture an audience’s eye.

Some people like to make their profile polished to perfection. This preference will depend on your industry and whether or not you can handle the demand of creating something like this. But what you can do is make sure everything is cohesive.

The basics of this might look like including the same color schemes, fonts, and filters throughout your feed. Try not to bounce around and waiver in your look, such as switching from bright colors to muted colors. Think about coordinating your profile like you would a good outfit for a night on the town.

You even have the option to use helpful apps to arrange photos and look at them on a mock layout before actually posting to your feed.

Participate In/Run Contests

One thing most people won’t turn down is free stuff. Running contesting and giveaways and participating in them with other accounts is a great way of getting likes to your content.

There are a few things to include in your caption if you want people to start engaging. First of all, you’ll want to make sure that you announce what they could potentially win. This alone should get people interested in like the posting because of free stuff of course!

After that, you’ll want to set some contest guidelines out to make sure people definitely engage. Requires steps such as liking and sharing the post, tagging friends or using a certain has hashtags to show they’ve entered. The longer you keep the contest running, the more likes you’ll be able to acquire.

Since giveaways aren’t something you probably want to do every day, make sure you strategically plan them out.

Include Location Tags

Geotags are a great way of helping local people (or people looking in your area in general) to find you. You can turn on this feature by clicking “add location” to your posts.

When people search for content, businesses, services, etc. in your location, your profile will show up and help to drive more traffic. This can be a promising way to promote more likes on your posts.

Publish High-Quality Images

The internet has evolved and social media is taking a note from its book. Gone are the days of blurry, pixelated imagery. If you want to know how to get likes on Instagram then you may need to start with the actual quality of your content.

It’s important to post clear photos and videos that are easy on the eyes of your followers and page visitors. Posting low-quality visuals can start to make your feed look messy or unappealing.

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Take advantage of editing apps that allow you to add extra effects and enhancements to your photos for the best end results. Aim for the best quality photos and videos.

Use Trends/Hot Topics

Content on the internet often thrives off of what is currently taking place in the world. You can definitely use this fact to get more likes on your post.

Create content that is related to trends and current hot topics. People will already be searching for these things so that puts you in a good position to receive likes and draw them back to your page for more content.

Keep in mind that trends and hot topics change quickly so you’ll have to always stay ahead of the curve. Also remember to tread lightly with certain topics, as being offensive or insulting can get you a lot of backlash and actually lose out on the likes.

If you are posting an opposing or controversial opinion of something, try to be tasteful and respectful. People may still even like your post just because you were able to show another perspective in a considerate way.

Pay for Instagram Ads

The methods that have been mentioned so far all cost nothing to execute. However, there is a way to get a faster reach but it’ll require that you invest in your account a little.

Paid ads are not new to the internet and have been proven over time to yield some impressive results. Running Instagram ads can widen your reach for how many people your posts show up in front of. This automatically increases your chances of boosting likes.

Start small with testing to make Instagram ads work for your profile growth.

Join Engagement Pods

Groups of people have figured out how to get likes on Instagram by helping each other out. Engagement pods are groups of people that work together to give each other a hand with increasings like and comments.

Everyone in the group takes turns going around to other member’s profiles and liking and commenting on their posts to give a boost in the algorithm. This can help to attract other people and also makes the profile look more popular and credible.

Make sure to find people that are serious and trustworthy so that the relationships are mutually beneficial. It may be best to join a pod that is already rotating the support. If not, you can always start your own and have others join in.

Trying to Figure Out How to Get Likes on Instagram?

The key to how to get likes on Instagram is actually a mixture of different factors. All of these things are fairly simple to implement.

Be sure to be consistent and create good quality content. Ask for and encouraging engagement from your following can go a long way.

Don’t be hesitant about trying and testing because this is how you figure out what really makes your audience tick. Then once you’ve cracked the code, keep scaling from there.

For more assistance and strategy to help get you more likes or grow your social media in general, feel free to check our packages today.

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