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The Airbnb Pros and Cons of Cleaning it Yourself

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If you’re the host of an Airbnb, you’ll be well-versed in just how time-consuming cleaning up after your guests can be.

While some guests are a little more considerate than others, you are probably no stranger to a disaster zone left behind by certain guests, too.

But what exactly are the Airbnb pros and cons of outsourcing your cleaning or doing it yourself? Is it really worth the extra expense or back-breaking work? This article should help you decide…


The most important aspect of renting out a property on Airbnb is providing your guests with a top-class experience. This means that the standard of cleanliness in each room must be second-to-none.

This doesn’t mean a minor sweep, mop, and dust down, but a thorough clean of a professional standard. After all, it’s well-known that cleaner properties tend to get higher ratings on vacation sites.

Do you really have the time to commit to this standard of cleaning, or do you have the funds to outsource it instead? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of each option:


The Pros of DIY Cleaning

If you’ve just started out as an Airbnb host, you may prefer to do all the cleaning yourself at first. This is understandable- the cleaning is in your control, to your own set of standards. But how does this standard weigh-up against the standards of your guests?

1. Low Overheads

It’s simple – if you’re not paying someone to clean your Airbnb property, then this means more money in our pocket after each guest check-in.

2. You Remain in Control

If your Airbnb room is on the same property as where you live, the thought of having strangers on your property may be very off-putting. If you do the cleaning yourself, you have complete control over your privacy and the safety of your belongings.

3. It Satisfies OCD Tendencies

Let’s face it, if you consider yourself a complete perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness, then DIY cleaning is 100% in your control! This way you can satisfy your OCD tendencies and clean to your own standard.

The Cons of DIY Cleaning

These are just a few of the cons of DIY cleaning, not-to-mention lower back pain, and dry, chapped hands!

1. It’s a Time Waster

DIY cleaning actually boils down to simple economics. Sure, you’re saving money by cleaning it yourself. But you’re also wasting time that could be spent on making more money.

You could also be dedicating this extra time to doing something you love, spending time with children or even marketing your business a little better.

2. It Lowers Your Rate of Availability

The more time you spend on cleaning an Airbnb property, the less time its available to be booked out by a guest. You can’t very well have a guest in the room while you’re cleaning it, can you?

All-in-all, you spend a large chunk of the month on room turnover between each guest because of DIY cleaning. When a pro could be doing it a whole lot faster!

3. Less Focus on Optimizing Your Listing

The same concept as above applies. The more time you spend on scrubbing down a room, the less time is devoted to building up your listing and marketing your business.

Ultimately, this means less time is spent on planning future bookings, which could lead to a reduced rate of business.

4. A Greater Load of Responsibility

The responsibility of meeting the cleanliness standards of your guests is an immense one. It’s well-known that the number one complaint on Airbnb is about cleanliness. This is a lot of pressure, and perhaps a professional can do a better job than you realize!


The Pros of Hiring Professional Cleaners

Once you make the decision to switch over to a professional cleaning service, you may find yourself asking why you didn’t do so sooner. But running a successful Airbnb is all about trial and error. Here’s how to simplify your Airbnb management:

1. It Offers Peace-of-Mind

Once you have found the right cleaning service and set up a test run, you can be rest assured that standards will be met every time. This eliminates any amount of stress associated with time and meeting cleanliness standards.

2. Staff Reliability

Most professional cleaning services have a rotating set of staff who are always available whenever you need them. There’s no need to panic when a room needs to be cleaned and turned around at the last minute!

3. Cleanliness at Hospitality Standards

What one guest may consider clean could be nowhere near another guest’s cleanliness standards. However, hospitality standards when it comes to cleaning are generally the same the world over.

The standard cannot be beaten, so this leaves you with unquestionable faith that your Airbnb will meet all your guest’s expectations.

4. Efficient Communication

A professional cleaning service will generally offer you a single point-of-contact that communicates with their team of cleaners. This makes it easy for you to communicate what you’re looking for once and to the right person.

Essentially, this minimizes the risk of your instructions being ”lost in translation”.

5. Develop a Dependable Relationship

If you find a professional cleaning service that always goes above and beyond, it will help to form a good relationship with them. This way you can depend on them for their consistent level of service. This will bring you ultimate peace-of-mind and offers a top-quality experience for your guests.

The Cons of Hiring Professional Cleaners

While there aren’t many downsides to hiring a professional cleaning service for your Airbnb, there are obvious considerations, such as:

1. Doing Your Own Research

It may take you some time to find the perfect cleaner to suit your standards of cleanliness. You’ll have to go through a bit of trial-and-error until you find the perfect fit and a company that’s trustworthy and reliable.

2. Increased Overheads

Obviously one of the biggest considerations is the extra expense of outsourcing your cleaning. It can really dig into your earnings, but then again, you’ll need to consider what’s more important in terms of business success. Time or money?

Yes, the two tend to go hand-in-hand, but you might be surprised by how affordable professional cleaning can be!


Now that you know a little more about the Airbnb pros and cons of DIY or outsourced cleaning you can make a better-informed decision.

If you choose to outsource your cleaning, 360 Precision Cleaning is your trusted go-to! Check out our range of services for more…

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