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The Best Jovani Evening Dresses for Mother of the Bride

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Choosing the perfect gown for your special event is exciting. However, it can quickly become overwhelming if you are not up to date with the current trends in fashion. Luckily, we specialize in maintaining the best trends for our evening gowns at Jovani. Whether you are looking for a bold and striking gown for an upcoming social event or a classic and soft look for an upcoming wedding, Jovani has the dress for you.

Jovani’s collection of evening dresses features a wide range of styles for evening gowns. We understand that everyone has a personal aesthetic and wants to fall in love with a dress that will suit them. With a wide variety of fabrics, colors, necklines, and waistlines of evening dresses, we have your perfect dress. There is a style for every woman and every occasion at Jovani.


Consider the Occasion

You want to pick evening dresses that complement your figure and will make you shine at your event. It is important to consider the event that you are dressing for before you start your search.

If you are shopping for a wedding, you may want to consider a classic style in a solid color that fits the wedding color scheme. For a banquet, you may want to try something a little more bold and in a pattern. You may even want to look for a particular style of dress that matches the theme of an event. Considering your event and how you want to present yourself is the first step in finding your perfect evening gown.

Make sure you start shopping for evening dresses early because many long evening dresses require alterations. You will certainly find a gown that fits your occasion with Jovani’s extensive collection of evening gowns and evening dresses.


Picking the Perfect Style

You want to make sure you pick a style that works for you and will make you feel confident. But the perfect style involves more than just selecting the first dress that catches your eye. You want to consider your body type, dress shape, fabric, color, and more.

Keep in mind that different styles of evening gowns are made for specific body types. The different types of evening gowns you will encounter include empire waist, A-line, off the shoulder, sweetheart neckline, and many more.

Only you can truly know what will be most flattering on your body type. That being said, it can be useful to know the general guidelines of where to start:

  • For rectangle and apple body types, A-line, empire waist, and ball gowns are very flattering.
  • Oval body types typically thrive in A-line and empire waist evening dresses.
  • Pear-shaped bodies are very well suited for A-line and ball gowns.
  • Hourglass shaped bodies tend to look great in A-line, empire waist, mermaid style, and A-line evening gowns.
  • Diamond shaped body types should start by looking at empire waist gowns.

There are no clearly defined rules for body types and dress styles. You’ll be able to find what suits you best as you begin your search, but it can be helpful to know which styles to start with.

Jovani evening gowns also come in a wide variety of fabrics with various embellishments for women of all aesthetics and tastes. Popular fabrics you may encounter include silk, lace, velvet, polyester, and more.

The guide below can help you to find the perfect evening dress or gown for your special occasion.


Overall Dress Shapes

Different dress shapes are made to flatter different body types. Regardless of your body type, we have dresses that will flatter any figure. It is important to know your body type before you begin your search for a dress and to become familiar with the different styles of dresses.

Comfort and confidence is the ultimate goal for evening gowns that you buy. More fitted dresses are perfect for a tight look to show off your body. High necked dresses with higher waistlines are perfect for a more modest look. Think about how you want to feel at your event and what style of gown will make you feel the most comfortable at your special occasion.

We carry all different styles of dresses with a variety of waistlines, necklines, dress and sleeve lengths, and overall fits:


Mermaid Gowns

For more form-fitting evening dresses, mermaid evening gowns are a great option. Mermaid gowns are sensual and timeless. They hug the body without being too revealing and feature a beautiful trumpeted bottom. Our beautiful mermaid evening gowns come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Many of our mermaid evening gowns also feature lace, sequins, and other embellishments for a more sparkly look, so you can shine at your event.


A-Line Gowns

Another classic style of evening gowns that you may consider is the A-line gown. A-line gowns have higher waistlines and a flowing skirt bottom. This style is very flattering for many body types and is extremely versatile. Our A-line evening gowns come in many different fabrics and colors. They also include a variety of necklines such as the sweetheart, off the shoulder, and more. A line style evening gowns are comfortable, elegant, and will allow you to shine with confidence.


Ball Gowns

For a regal look, the ball gown is a popular style that rarely goes wrong. Ball gowns create a dazzling spectacle for a bold statement without being too overwhelming. We have a wide variety of ball gowns for women who like to feel royal and confident.



Considering the neckline of a gown is also important. Sweetheart necklines are very flattering for a sleeveless look. Draped, cowl necklines look great on a larger bust. These are a classic and elegant style that can be found in many different styles of our dresses.


Dress and Sleeve Length

Also consider the dress and sleeve length that you desire. For a more modest look, longer evening dresses with sleeves can be an ideal option. If you are going for a bold and sensual look, a shorter dress may complement the style you are going for. It is important to envision how you want to look at your special event to find the perfect style of gown.

The length of sleeve you select may also depend on the season. You may want to consider a longer sleeve if the event is going to be occurring at a colder time of the year. Alternatively, sleeveless evening dresses are great for a summertime event.


Fabrics and Colors

Picking the right dress for any occasion can help you make a statement. There are two factors involved in this: fabric and color.


Color Palettes to Make the Perfect Statement

As previously mentioned, you may want to consider if your special event includes a color scheme. Many events have a color scheme, for instance a wedding. For these occasions, it can be useful to use these colors as a reference as you search for evening gowns.

If your event does not have a color scheme, or you are uninterested in fitting into a color scheme, consider what colors you enjoy wearing. Also consider how they complement your complexion and hair color.

You may also want to consider the season and pick seasonal colors accordingly. Springtime typically involves pastels and white. Autumn palettes incorporate warmer colors like brown, maroon, and burnt orange. Bright and bold colors can help you make a statement as soon as you walk into a room. On the other hand, toned down colors and neutrals can radiate elegance.

We carry every color of the rainbow in our collection of evening dresses. With our extensive collection, you can find a dress that helps you exude confidence no matter your preference. Jovani’s collection of evening dresses includes nudes, white dresses, black dresses, metallic dresses, and more.


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Fabrics that Flatter and Impress

Fabric can also make a great impact on the overall look of evening gowns. Like color, fabrics also play a role in the statement a dress makes. As previously stated, some of the more popular fabrics include silk, velvet, polyester, and lace:

  • Lace is a timeless, elegant option and is especially well suited for springtime events or weddings. Lace also comes in a variety of patterns, not just florals as many think.
  • Velvet is a bold and sensual fabric option that makes a bold statement. It also embodies elegance and class.
  • Silk dresses offer an elegant, smooth look without the flashiness.

The wide variety of fabrics in our collection ensures that you will find the perfect type of fabric that complements your personal aesthetic.

Our dresses also come with many embellished fabrics. Embellishments you may find on dresses include sequins, beading, and more. Embellishments can add a beautiful sparkle to the overall look of your dress. They also typically help create a beautiful monochrome look which is always classic and stunning. Sequins and beading come in more than just monochromatic colors, however. Our dresses feature many embellishments in bright colors or in blacks, golds, and silvers for a subtler sparkle on the dress.


Picking the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Finding the right shoe to complement your dress and your personal aesthetic is essential. Again, considering the event you are attending can be helpful in this case. For the perfect pair of shoes, you’ll want to consider the environment, comfort, fabric, color, and the statement you want to make.


Environment and Comfort

Outdoor occasions may render a flat shoe to be the best option, contrary to the typical heel at a formal event. A sensible flat shoe is perfectly suitable for any formal occasion. Comfort is important when considering shoe choice as well. If you are going to be on your feet a lot, find a shoe that will not hurt your feet. Every woman is different, and the perfect shoe for you exists.


Shoe Fabric and Color

Shoes come in just as many styles as dresses. Choosing a shoe with the right fabric and color to match your dress can be more difficult than you might think. That’s why it’s important to start looking as soon as you have found your dress. Picking a shoe color that complements your dress in lieu of matching the dress color completely can be a great way to add variety into your overall palette and style.


The Statement Shoes

Shoe choice can also help you make a bold statement in partnership with your dress. A statement shoe with a subtler dress can be a stunning combination. Like all accessories, you can find the perfect pair of shoes for your look at a reasonable price.


Complete Your Look with the Right Accessories

While finding the perfect dress for your special occasion is important, don’t overlook the importance of accessories. Accessories help elevate your look by complementing your dress and pulling everything together. No dress is complete without the finishing touches that accessories provide.

When searching for the right accessories to complement your dress, consider the style of your dress and how you can incorporate accessories to elevate your style. Small clutches are typically a necessity. Many dresses lack pockets, and you will likely need a place to keep your personal items. Be sure to find a clutch that complements your dress color and fabric type.

Jewelry is a necessity for any formal event. Depending on the type of dress you have chosen, you may want to pick more understated pieces of jewelry or statement pieces. For bolder evening gowns, simple and elegant jewelry options are ideal. If the dress is more muted or modest, a bold necklace or pair of earrings may add some dazzle and sparkle to your look. Breaking the bank on your accessory choices is unnecessary. You can easily find the perfect accessory to complement your dress in any metal, color, or style for your budget.


Check Out the Jovani Evening Dress Page

Jovani has a broad collection of evening dresses for any woman and any event. Whether you are looking for a glamorous statement dress or a dress radiating with classic elegance, we have a style for you. Our collection offers numerous combination of colors, fabrics, lengths, necklines, waistlines, and more. The wide variety offered ensures that any woman can find their dream dress they need to feel comfortable and confident.

Jovani also offers alterations and customizations on almost any Jovani dress, just ask us. Our ultimate goal is helping to find the perfect dress for you. No matter what your personal style or taste is, you can find the right dress at Jovani. Browse our collection of evening gowns now and find the perfect dress for your special event!

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