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Advertising On The Road: Why Car Decals Make A Genius Marketing Tool

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Car decals have been used for advertisement long before internet days. It’s a great way to advertise for any business because once people get their hands on their sticker they are immediately thinking of all the places they can stick it.

Have you been considering car decals but aren’t sure if they will be worth the investment?

Keep reading to learn why car decals are a genius marketing tool to use even in today’s age of technology.

Why Car Decals Are a Genius Marketing Tool

Using a car decal is a great way to advertise for any business because it’s effective and economical.

Think of all the ground that your brand sticker can cover because someone slapped the sticker for your business on their vehicle.

Because most small businesses spend 1% of their sales on advertising why not allocate some of that money towards designing creative stickers that will catch peoples attention?

Using a custom care decal allows you to use creativity to make people notice your brand.

Benefits of Car Decals

Using car decals as part of your marketing strategy will increase your sales volume because of the following benefits.

Travel Great Distances

When you hand out custom decals to your customers, or as gifts they will cover ground that you might’ve never touched.

You never know if and when they will take a road trip that will travel great distances with your brand attached to their car.

The neighborhoods they visit or live in might be places people have never heard of your brand which will help you advertise in new areas.

Most advertisements are stationary they don’t leave their place of advertisement this is why car decals are a unique and great way to have a larger reach geographically.

You can be sure your message and brand will get around.

Attention Grabbers

Whether you’re at a light or driving behind a vehicle that has a custom decal how many times do you read it? It’s hard to not notice it and even harder to not read what it says.

It’s human nature to read a decal on a car if you see it. It’s like driving past an in your face billboard and not reading it. Chances are you will read it, especially if you’re stopped right in front of it.

Any vehicle that has a custom decal on it becomes a walking billboard that people will naturally notice and read when they see it.

Flexibility of Placement

A great thing about a decal is that a person can choose where they want to put it.

Depending on their vehicle some might choose a certain side of a window, the middle of their back window, passenger window. The choices are unlimited and are all up to the person placing the decal.

If you’re using it on your own vehicle to get your business out there you can choose wherever you feel it will be most noticeable.

Professional Image

With a well-designed car decal, people will perceive your business as a more established and professional business. The more professional a person believes your company is over the competition they will rather buy from you.

Seeing custom car decals driving around town will help a customer feel that they can trust your brand because others are willing to put your brand on their vehicle.

Another point to consider is if your business requires you to drive to client’s homes because of the service you offer, think about the exposure your business will have sitting in your customer’s driveway. All their neighbors will take note, possibly take a picture, and eventually ask their neighbor about your service.

Word of mouth advertisement is the best type of advertisement and even better when it comes thanks to your branded vehicle.

Brand Exposure

This is a huge deal because when people see your car decal they are becoming familiar with your brand.

When people are familiar with your brand the chances of them buying from you are higher. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers would rather buy a product from a company that they’ve heard of in the past.

When people are seeing your logo, message, brand colors, and name from your sticker they are immediately becoming familiar with your brand and business. The more they see it the more they will feel they know who your company is.


The cost of creating custom car decals are small compared to social media, television, and radio advertisements. The other factor to take into consideration is that it’s a one time cost to have it designed and then depending on how many you order that’s a one time cost until you run out.

Every time a car with your decal drives around you don’t incur any extra advertisement costs which are a huge plus compared to other advertisement costs. Although you don’t have additional costs you still continue to reap the benefits.

Get Creative and Have Fun!

Learning all of the benefits of using car decals might make you rethink on where to spend your advertising money for your business. Whether you choose to give some out or use car decals for your own vehicle, or even better both they will more than likely be a great return on your investment.

There are so many different designs you can create have fun and get creative to make sure you represent your brand correctly through your stickers.

If you’re in search of someone to make your custom car decal contact us we would love to help you.

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