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Taking a Break from the Stress Ball Environment with Corporate Retreats

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about corporate retreats? Is it “trust-falls” and holding hands with your coworkers?

You may shudder at the thought!

In truth, team-building retreats are so much more than that. When used in the right way, they can work wonders for companies. And to individual employees too.

How so? Read on to find out some amazing benefits of taking a break from the grueling 9 to 5 work cycle.

What are Corporate Retreats?

What are team building retreats? Sometimes it’s a day of activities and sometimes it’s activities held over the course of several days. Whether it’s a huge company of 500 workers or a tiny team of 5, team building activities can help all involved.

The aim of a corporate retreat will vary depending on the company and what its main objectives are. Here are a few reasons why companies may choose to arrange a team-building retreat:

  • to help employees to feel closer to each other
  • to teach employees about the companies objectives and work culture
  • to help employees to deal with challenges
  • to celebrate successes

Some companies may decide not to arrange corporate retreats as they believe it’s a waste of “valuable office time”. But in reality, these team building activities have many benefits. Both to each individual employee AND to the company itself.

Keep reading to find out some interesting perks that may surprise you.

Create a Close-Knit Family

Team building activities do what they say on the box—build up teams!

A me-first attitude dominates in most workplaces. But while it’s great to look out for yourself, it can be extremely difficult for teams to get along. And when the team doesn’t get along, production time is slower and turn-over is high.

Bringing everyone together to a team-building retreat can help employees to see they’re part of one big family. This newfound “family feel” will help the team to enjoy:

  • better communication
  • enhanced appreciation of each other’s roles
  • and stronger bonds of trust

Knowing they’re all in it together will help them when they’re back in the office. Even during stressful times.

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Happy Worker Bees

Team building retreats are also great for company morale. Because if employees feel undervalued and overworked, they’re not going to give their best. According to a survey, employees who feel they have a positive work-life balance are more productive.

A team-building retreat will feel like a well-deserved reward for employees. This may encourage them to work harder when they get back in the office. It may also decrease turn-over, as the “worker bees” will feel more content in their position.

But whatever you do, don’t ask your employees to pay for it. That would defeat the object!

Stress Relief

Did you know 80% of workers feel their job is stressful? While 25% say they feel like screaming or shouting due to job stress. With these shocking statistics, it’s clear to see that stress is a huge issue in the workplace.

Taking time away from a stressful workplace can give employees the chance to unwind and decompress. And when they get back to work, they’ll feel calmer and ready to take on new challenges.

Planning a corporate retreat straight after a busy period of time is a great idea too. For instance, if your company is especially busy in January, arrange a corporate retreat in February. This gives the workers a goal to work towards.

Less stress means happier employees!


Many corporate team building activities give employees time to reflect on their lives and career. Reflection gives them the opportunity to take a look back and consider what they can improve in the future. It’s not about regret over mistakes, but it’s about pulling themselves out of a potential rut.

So whether it’s during a yoga and meditation session or a relaxing walk through a forest, give your employees time to think. This helps employees to improve as individuals. But it also helps to keep the company moving in the right direction.

As well as giving employees time to contemplate, they can also build up practical skills. Some activities may even teach educational skills. Such as creating strategies or planning presentations.

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Settle Conflicts

In any workplace, there are disagreements and arguments. It’s inevitable. While most last only a few days, other conflicts may fester for months or even years.

A retreat outside of the workplace may help to solve these issues. Team building activities often force people to work together, even if they don’t want to. This quality time may help to break down barriers and resolve those long-held grudges.

During the retreat, they will also learn how to better resolve conflicts in the future. This will improve the office environment in the long run.

As coworkers work together in harmony, the atmosphere will encourage a more productive workplace. All will feel more comfortable to express their opinions and ideas. Comfort breeds creativity, after all.

Break Out of the Mold

Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time. Especially if they’re doing the same thing day in and day out. Often, employees don’t get the chance to tap into their true talents.

Team building activities will reveal all of your coworker’s secret talents. While some talents may be irrelevant to your company, some may be extremely useful when you get back to work. Such as skills in leadership or logic.

Other talents you learn about each other may also help you to bond as a team. For example, you may find out a coworker you didn’t get along with has the same music taste as you. Or that your stern supervisor is actually a pretty good dancer!

The Bravest Warriors Know When to Retreat

Yes, corporate retreats can do wonders for you and your employees. So take a break, work together with your team, and go from strength to strength.

But what can you do if your company won’t arrange a corporate retreat? Take your own vacay instead. Check out the “Where to Travel” section of our blog for some ideas.

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