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6 Surprising Benefits Of Advertising On Youtube

Looking for a new way to advertise your business online?

Wondering what the benefits of advertising on YouTube are?

If you’re trying to make the most of digital advertising for your business, it’s important to make use of all of the best tools and platforms. While many major social media sites and search engines offer advertising platforms these days, YouTube is one of the most effective for advertisers.

Unlike with many of the other paid advertising platforms you can use online, with YouTube, you’ll be relying on video ads to get your message across. Because of this, YouTube ads can be very engaging and incredibly effective for any business that is trying to get new customers and clients.

If you’re ready to learn more about YouTube ads, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll tell you about the best and most surprising benefits of YouTube advertising.

1. It’s a Huge Source of Traffic

One of the best things about advertising on YouTube is that the platform has a huge amount of traffic. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and 73% of adults use the site. The platform is reported to have over 1.8 billion users on a monthly basis.

Because the site is so popular, the site is one of the best places to reach adults of all demographics, backgrounds, and interests. No matter what your business revolves around and what you need to advertise you’ll likely find your audience on YouTube.

YouTube is also the best place to get a video message in front of people aged 18-49 since many people in this age group watch YouTube more than broadcast or cable television.

2. Video Converts

Out of the many types of content that can be digested on the web, video is known to be the most effective and engaging.

Few things are as effective at building brand awareness or advertising a product than a video marketing campaign is. If you market your services and products with video, you’ll likely find that it does a great job at converting viewers into clients or customers.

Using the platform for advertising can be surprisingly effective if your video is well-optimized and interests viewers right off the bat. Because video can be so engaging and because there are so many approaches you can take to creating video content, YouTube video ads have a greater potential for growing your business quickly.

3. Engagement is Key

Another reason that you should use YouTube advertising is that the site makes it easy for users to engage with your business. When using video ads with a profile page, users can easily give your video likes, comments, and shares.

Most online advertising simply sends a user from Point A to Point B and doesn’t work as much to foster immediate engagement with your business. This is what makes YouTube stand out. Your video ads can easily be discussed and shared and this can be helpful for creating brand awareness and building some buzz around your product or service.

4. Perfect For Storytelling

One of the best things about using video ads on YouTube is that it gives you more ways than ever to build your brand image and craft the perfect brand story.

Video is a creative medium and can be used in numerous ways to foster engagement and get the attention of potential customers. While text ads and banners are getting increasingly easy to ignore online, video still has the ability to captivate an audience in just a few quick seconds if an ad is done right.

With video advertising on YouTube, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing someone’s attention and telling the story of your brand or product in a way that people care about.

5. Enhanced Tracking and Analytics

Because YouTube is connected to Google AdWords, YouTube ads provide you with all of the tools you need to get the most out of your ad campaigns. You’ll get access to all of the same tracking, analytics, and targeting features that you’ll have with Google AdWords.

You’ll be able to do quite a bit targeting with your ads based on demographics including age, gender, interests, parental status, and more. You’ll be able to choose your audience to ensure your message is reaching the ideal user.

In addition to great targeting features, you’ll also have all of the best ad metrics at your fingertips including views, clicks, reach, frequency and more.

All of these targeting and analytics features can be helpful in making sure your campaign is set up well and getting results for your business.

6. Costs Are Low

Another great thing about using YouTube ads for your business is that they are very cost-effective. Just like with using Google AdWords, the costs will be easy to manage and you’ll usually only pay for the results that you actually get from your campaign.

Depending on various factors, YouTube advertising will typically cost between $0.10 and $0.30 for each view. However, if a user “skips” an ad, then you won’t have to pay for the view.

Because you’ll only pay when someone views or clicks on your ad, this means that YouTube ads can be very cost-effective for your business, especially compared to traditional advertising methods.

Understanding the Benefits of Advertising On YouTube

While there are a lot of benefits of advertising using other online ad platforms as well, few of them are as effective as YouTube ads are. Be sure that you consider the benefits above if you’re thinking about trying out the platform for yourself.

By making an effort to use YouTube ads effectively and by crafting the perfect video ad message, you may find that you’re able to gain a lot of new customers at a surprisingly cost-effective rate.

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