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Story Insta: The Answer to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Insta Story

Imagine if there was a way to view Instagram stories anonymously! Oh wait, there is and we’ll teach you how to use the tool Story Insta in a few easy steps.

Have you ever been browsing Instagram and noticed that you can see everyone who’s viewed your Instagram stories?

Or maybe you’ve swiped over to the “Following” notifications and saw all of your friends liked posts and followed accounts.

Then you put it together: that means everyone else can see your activity too.
Suddenly, Instagram feels less like a social media platform and a little more like Big Brother.

Luckily, there’s a new way to browse and view Instagram stories anonymously, without anyone knowing that you were on their profile.

It’s called Story Insta, and it’s the best way to browse Instagram while keeping
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View Instagram Stories Anonymously

One of the best things about Story Insta is that it’s entirely anonymous.
When you use the Instagram app, all of your activity is tracked.

Your friends can see every comment you make, every post you like, and every story you see.

On top of that, Instagram uses this data to spy on its users and sell data to marketers.

Story Insta allows you to view Instagram stories without going through your account, allowing you to stay completely anonymous and protecting your data.

About Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a recent addition to the platform, but they’ve already made a huge impact.
Stories are full-screen posts that can be spiced up with text, filters, music, and even GIFs.

The popularity of stories is undeniable. 500 million users use the story feature every day. That’s almost half of all of the active users on Instagram!

But there’s one big drawback: these stories disappear after twenty-four hours!

If your sister posts a video story of your nieces being cute, that post disappears after the day is over. She can add that story to her highlights for later viewing. But if she doesn’t, it’s gone forever.

Luckily, Story Insta allows you to save these stories to your computer.

Save Instagram Stories

To use Story Insta to save stories, follow these steps.
First, visit on your computer or smart device.
Type a username into the search bar at the top of the screen to pull up their Instagram profile.
From here, you can view the user’s public stories and any story they’ve saved as a highlight. Please note: if their profile is set to private, you will not be able to view it.
Below the story, click the “Save” button. This will open the post in a new tab.
Right-click the photo or video and save the file to your device.

Save Instagram Posts

Story Insta is for more than just stories, though. You can also save regular posts!
After searching for a user, there are a few other icons on the top: View in HD, Following, Followers, and Posts.

Click on Posts to see their entire Instagram feed.

Just like saving a story, click the “Save” button below the post, then save the file to your device.
You can also view their profile picture in a larger size. This is great for follower requests that you can’t easily identify.

Multilanguage support

Story Insta is available in more than 18 languages: English, Russian, Arabic, French, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese…

Download Story Insta Today!

If you love Instagram but worry about how your data is being used, Insta Story is the answer.
Insta Story allows you to browse posts and view Instagram stories anonymously.
Start browsing Instagram on, or download our app in the Play Store.


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